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Why Fitness Retreats are the Future of Health and Wellness

Why Fitness Retreat is the Future of Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are having a moment all across the globe, and we are 100% here for it! Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation to relax after your vacation? If so, you will love the rapidly growing trend of health and wellness retreats. From famous model Naomi Campbell to yogi Tara Stiles, everyone […]

Romantic Getaways Near Philadelphia

Romantic Getaways Near Philadelphia 1

Have a Romantic Getaway near Philadelphia Every once in a while, a couple needs a romantic getaway near Philadelphia. The hustle and bustle of the city in combination with work and your personal life can be extremely taxing. Sometimes all you need to recharge your batteries is to unwind with your significant other. If you […]

Must See in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy

Must See in Uffizi Gallery

Must See in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy What you must see in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, is extensive, and a with not to be missed art collection, it can be overwhelming. With such a wide array of art pieces, it’s hard to know what you should spend your time viewing. The […]

Best Haunted Attractions in Philadelphia

Best Haunted Attractions in Philadelphia 10

Our Favorite haunted attractions in Philadelphia The change of season brings along stunning colors, pumpkin everything, cooler temperatures and our favorite Haunted Attractions in  Philadelphia. Halloween is still top of mind, and this time of year puts everyone in the mood to hunt down some ghosts or visit spooky places. Here’s a list of some of our […]

10 Best Ghost Tours in America

10 Best Ghost Tours in America

 10 Best Ghost Tours in America that will give you spine-chilling shivers! Ready for a good scare this Halloween season? Skip the classic haunted house and opt for the real deal with a ghost tour in a city near you. From coast to coast, America is crawling with haunted locations and stories of spirits, murder, […]

Storming of The Bastille: Bastille Day 2019

Bastille day

As July 14th quickly approaches, all eyes are looking towards France and their 2018 celebration of the storming of the Bastille. Similar to the American Fourth of July, Bastille Day- in French “Fete Nationale” or “le quatorze Juillet”- is a publicly celebrated holiday in France marked by fireworks, parades, and parties. Storming of The Bastille: […]

Navigating The London Streets Like A Local

Navigate london like a local

You are ready for a flawless London holiday. The flights, hotel, and experiences are all booked! But how are you going to get around once on the ground?Renting a car in a big, foreign city can be daunting. However, the London streets are home to arguably the best network of public and private transportation in […]

Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler

Some delightful and amazing journeys are about to unfold for solo travelers. Where will your wanderlust take you?   Traveling alone is a bit intimidating, we know. However, no one should miss out on an amazing travel memory. Sure, as a solo traveler, things may feel different, but think of all the amazing people you […]

5 Things you Won’t Find in a French Grocery Store


When visiting Paris, you likely won’t have to cross the threshold of a French supermarché, unless you’re staying in an Air BnB and want to save some money by cooking a few meals at home or you’re just going to pick up some snacks and wine for a picnic. 

10 Things You Should Know about Paris France Before Visiting


Guidebooks, Hollywood films and starry-eyed stories from friends who visited Paris once or twice are all great ways to get some ideas about France, but there are some important things they might be leaving out. So we took the liberty to provide 10 things you should know about Paris France before visiting! If you’ve never […]

Pizza Paradiso: Where to Satisfy your Pizza Cravings in Paris

Pizza Paradiso

When it comes to comparing pizzas throughout the world, all I can say is “to each their own.” I don’t claim to be a pizza expert nor am I one of those die-hard fans who needs to get my cheesy pie fix more than once a week.