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New Year, New You

New Year, New You

The holiday season is upon us and if you are anything like us then you are probably already stressing about the extra holiday weight.

New Year, New You

Perhaps you have started preparing for your yearly ‘New Year, New Me’ resolutions. Yes, the unrealistic idea of working out for three hours a day, stuck in a gym is not fun nor ideal for us either. Vacation and holidays are normally an opportunity to relax, take a break from your routine and essentially do nothing if you so, please. This “nothing” for some, may include abandoning their workout routine in order to fully relax. Sounds fine at first, why go to an exotic location just to keep up with your exercise regimen? Vacation is the chance to do everything opposite of your typical routine. That should include throwing away your resolve for daily exercise, right?

New Year, New You

We’re starting to think otherwise! The downsides of this practice are fatigue, a weakened immune system and trouble getting back into the workout groove once you return to your regular schedule. Maintaining some type of physical activity, even at a lower intensity, does wonders for your energy and health while vacationing.

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Allow us to suggest a healthier alternative, you can thoroughly enjoy a vacation without simultaneously abandoning your wellness goals. Say you’re used to three or four days of high-intensity physical activity each week. There are ways to mirror that same level of activity without sacrificing the relaxation you wish to achieve. Some ideas include opting to walk or bike to places you wouldn’t usually do so. For instance, in just two days we walked eighteen miles throughout Casablanca sightseeing. This may seem a bit extreme. However, think about how fun it would be to bike through a new city and explore.

 New Year, New You

Another opportunity would be to utilize your surroundings. Say you’ll be hanging out at the beach for a week. Swimming, water sports and running through sand burns more calories on average than a typical workout session. The benefit to these activities can include participation from your travel mates and doesn’t require hours at a time in order to burn a significant amount of calories, forty-five minutes to an hour should suffice. Another favorite go-to is an early morning hike, which is always a great option because it creates a full-body workout, as trekking up an incline requires using all major muscle groups. Plus, the views will be well worth the burn.

Staying Healthy While Traveling

New Year, New You

New Year, New you 2

Lastly, if you prefer to stick to a routine as closely as possible you can always break out simple exercise moves in your hotel. Jumping jacks, planks and squats are our favorites, as you hit all the major muscle groups, don’t need any bulky weights nor huge amounts of space. We love that you can efficiently get your heart rate up through a continuous cycle of these moves and once finished, get back to what’s most important, enjoying your vacation. There are several apps out there, with quick 20 minute workouts that can provide inspiration if you have trouble coming up with ideas on your own, such as Sworkit, Freeletics, BoothCamp, Classpass, Peloton, or Sweat.

In addition to getting a workout, we’d love to cover some wellness tips for the best ways to remain healthy when traveling. During our most recent experience traveling through Morocco we found that large group travel, eating on the go and being in an entirely new environment can wreak havoc on one’s immune system. We managed to bypass getting sick- one of the lucky few in a group of sixteen that didn’t fall ill. We remained healthy for the entire two weeks using these practical strategies.

First thing’s first, your body is much more capable of fighting off illness when it’s strong and healthy. Meaning prep that body with regular exercise as soon as you have your tickets. Stay ahead of illness and boosting your immune system with regular exercise, vitamins, and diet. This can act as your added layer of protection when traveling.

New Year, New You

Establish A Routine

First, establish your exercise routine. The next thing to consider is what over the counter medicines you can toss in your bag before takeoff. This will be your strongest weapon of defense if you do catch a bug. We suggest activated charcoal pills, day and night cold medicine in pill or powder form, an activated charcoal log for your water bottle and vitamins (our go-to is B-12 for extra energy). Trust us, we also go through the dilemma of choosing between medicinal items and Instagram worthy accessories.

The last thing you want to do is pause your vacation in search of a hard-to-find, foreign pharmacy. It may be hard to overcome a language barrier and find the right medicine while abroad. Not to mention different countries have different regulations on OTC medication and it may not be an easy task to get what you need. Take the time before you leave to find the right items for your own little travel pharmacy.

 Once you have your items packed and you’ve reached your destination, fluid and food intake will be THE one thing you want to remain strict with. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting avoiding the local delicacies, just cautioning you to be mindful of what and where you eat. In Morocco, it was actually quite interesting to witness so many travelers opting for bottled water, as it’s widely suggested, but they didn’t think twice about having ice in their drinks. The only safe way to kill germs is boiling water so avoid adding ice to your beverages. 

Additionally, while you can normally find us in line at an NY food truck, this is not something we suggest doing in another country that may not have the same stringent health codes. We recommend avoiding street food. Unless it’s recommended by a local guide. Even then be cautious because their tolerance for local germs is probably much higher than your own. Be smart and try to stick to recommended restaurants that look clean, orderly and within main areas. Please note we recommend these precautions for developing countries. It may be annoying to have to think twice before you drink or eat anything. Because it seems to be the opposite of enjoying your vacation. But if it means being able to head out every day and discover your surroundings without one day of sickness, it’s well worth it in our opinion.

So to recap 

Exercise before, during and after your planned vacation

Pack a few medicinal items before you go

Be mindful of what you eat and drink while discovering your surroundings

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to have a happy and healthy trip! If you need us to help you plan your getaway, reach out to us at 

New Year, New You