Tour: Greece & France, September 2022

Since project management is all I do for a living, usually I will wing it when I’m on vacation. I am so glad I didn’t do that on my recent trip to Europe! Chloe’s team made the trip 1,000 times better! They found incredible, memorable local experiences I would never have found on my own. Plus, they get an A+ in planning and communication, which helped me get excited about the trip before and not worry during the trip. Everything went smoothly, and I’m already looking forward to working with them to curate my next adventure. Highly recommend!

~ Dawn Mahan, PMP, International Speaker, and Award-winning Consultant in Project Management

Tour: Aruba, November 2020

Chloe and her team could NOT have planned a more perfect vacation for the two of us. Never having been to Aruba, we wanted to experience it all. It wasn’t easy during Covid, but they made it happen. The staff at the RIU were all so accommodating and attentive. The scuba diving tour they selected for us, was with the most amazing company!! (Definitely going back and becoming certified through them!!) And I would absolutely recommend the UTV tour to anyone going to Aruba. Everyone we interacted with throughout the entire process was absolutely amazing.
Thank you Chloe, Suchana and Erin for the best trip of our lives!  What made it more amazing is that everything was done for us so all we had to do was show up and enjoy ourselves. We had some rainy weather, and of course it was a pandemic, but we’ve made memories we surely will never forget.

Tour: The Finger lakes, NY, July 2020

” Honestly, It was one of the most amazing trips we have gone on.  In addition to your expertise, all of the stars lined up for us everywhere we went.  So thank you very much!  (And I have been to many places but, this one was a keeper). Eric the fishing boat guy was knowledgeable for sure, set everything up for us, and performed well by getting us 7 fish which we have already eaten because they were so tasty.  And he filleted them to perfection.  (So fun reeling them in!)

The Kayak bar tour was one I was worried about because we had kayaks at our place too but, it may have been my favorite. Our tour guide Andrew was over the top awesome. We had a bad rain storm while at the restaurant and he was so cool and calm about it, funny as hell, got us back safe and was willing to stay a few extra hours until the storm passed.
The horseback riding people were over the top.  So welcoming and nice.  Just cool and down to earth.  We went on a fabulous ride through a pond, and trotted a little.  They showed us how they trained their horses and seem to really love each animal.  (And they take volunteers in either kids, exchanged students etc to help with the barn and in return they get to ride and learn about horses etc. ) I have had 4 exchange students live in my home and I am a big fan of that type of scenario.
Lastly, we rented a boat at North End Marina on the lake next to us.  OMG! I have rented a ton of boats for tubing and this place was about an hour away but so worth it.  They were so chill about there boats, they were in great condition and were able to blow our tube up for us which we brought our own.
The cabin was so clean, new and had everything we needed for real.  Including a wine opener! A must have, LOL!
All my best, and looking forward to the next one!
P.S I recently told someone you booked my trip and they said “Oh I thought it had to be an expensive trip in order to use her”  I was pleasantly  surprised when you came under my budget and very thankful. It allowed us freedom to do the extra stuff like the wakeboarding and boat rental.  – Andrea Farefera

Tour: Paris Experience, August 2019

“Chloe, My husband Gabe and I thoroughly enjoyed our bike tour. At all times we felt that our safety was paramount to you, and we loved your vast amount of interesting knowledge of Paris, it’s rich history, and of everyday Parisian life. Thank you so much for being willing to take us to the Jewish quarter so we could try the fallafel! We are also grateful for your encouragement for us to try the electric bike – what fun!

You were a delightful tour guide,Susannah, and we enjoyed your friendly and enthusiastic personality.

Thanks again for a marvelous experience. You did a great job coordinating and recommending everything. I am recommending you to my nephew, Christian Mandrakos who will be in Paris beginning tomorrow.”-Deacon Deb Cavacchioli

Tour: Paris Experience, July 2019

“The trip it was the trip of a lifetime for everyone. We all had a great time, and for such a large group you guys made it seamless. We appreciate your time, patience and understanding as we did have a few hiccups. Nevertheless, it was a great trip. All of our guides and chauffeurs were great, we all enjoyed the tours. The highlight of the trip for us all was the sit down dinner with the private chef!
I would definitely recommend you ladies to my friends and family! Thank you for everything.” – Karima Renee Barge

Tour: Paris Fashion Experience, June 2018

“Such an amazing time! Many many thanks to you and Erin! I thought the itinierary you put together was so well organized. We appreciated the maps. I was glad we opted for a self-guided shopping tour because we mostly just sprinkled some of that in between our dress appointments and enjoying the incredible weather we had sitting at outdoor cafes. I would guess I tried on about 15 total gowns over the two days. Was great to see many different styles as I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. Really enjoyed meeting Suzanne and the experience of seeing her creative vision come together. Ultimately, I got a gown at Pronovias! This designer wasn’t even on my list until you suggested it. I can’t thank you enough. Our bridal consultant, Emmanuel, was incredible. I appreciated the time she spent with us and the way she reminded me of the words I used to describe my style when I was selecting between two gowns at the end. She even arranged to have the dress and veil shipped to London so I can pick them up there when we are in town for the Eagles game in October. Couldn’t have been easier. I’ve shared my experience with CJE with many friends and colleagues. Like me, they were so impressed with the level of detail you provided, the out of the box thinking you imparted on our itinerary and the seamless organization you put forth. Even down to Erin arriving with macarons, my Mom and I felt so cared for during the entire experience. Thank you for your dedication to making our mother/daughter trip one that we will never forget!” -Elizabeth Convery

Tour: Italy Experience, June 2018

“Our family Italy experience was a trip of a lifetime. Chloe Johnston and team crafted a unique experience as we traveled from Venice to Florence to the Amalfi Coast and finally Rome. They worked with us from day, helping us develop a personal plan that worked for the entire family. Their attention to detail was evident throughout the entire process. If you’re looking for a stress-free and memorable experience, they are your team.” -Jim and Kathy Riviello

Tour: Napa Wine Experience, Napa Valley, 2017

” If you are as eager as we were to experience California’s Napa Valley, Chloe Johnston Experiences has the trip for you! A one-of-a-kind, personal wine-tasting experience, hosted by founder, Chloe Johnston. From planning our trip, to personally involving herself in every stop along the way, Chloe made sure our experience was hassle-free, and thoroughly enjoyable.” – Jim and Eileen Devine

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Tour: Guided Afternoon/Solo Exploration, Paris, 2017

” My afternoon with Erin was one of the highlights of my Paris trip. The afternoon was well organized and exceeded all of my expectations. Erin was a delightful guide and companion. We walked/toured through Paris and I visited many unique places. I felt very comfortable with her choices and they definitely matched up with what I was looking for. After having spent the afternoon with Erin, I experienced a sense of confidence when I explored Paris on my own. This was quite unexpected and I attribute this to my afternoon spent with her too. She is a wonderful person and I am happy that I was able to see Paris with her assistance. What a great introduction to Paris for me. I am so glad that I splurged on this adventure. It gave me so much more than I had EVER had anticipated. It was the best thing I could have done in Paris.
– Diane, USA

Tour: Mother – Daughter Paris Getaway, 2016

” I would like to thank you for all you did for our wonderful, fantastic, awesome trip to Paris. Our guide Erin was awesome. The Hidden Hotel was beautiful and the staff were friendly, professional and just plain nice. During our 5-day personalized tour of Paris, we saw and experienced many things we would have never done had it not been for you and your staff. The facials, the shopping, and intimate dinner and most of all our trip to Lourdes (the most beautiful and spiritual place I have ever been to). I will be in touch as my friends and I are going to plan a Paris trip in September of 2017. Again I cannot thank you enough. Anyone who is planning a trip to Paris, Chloe Johnston Experiences is the way to go.
– Rose, USA

Tour: Fashion, Food, Art & Wine, 2015

” For my 30th birthday I planned a trip to Paris with my best friend. He pulled out of the trip 5 weeks prior to our departure. As one could imagine, I was not too happy and decided to cancel the trip. It dawned on me that my client’s daughter, Chloe Johnston, had a personal tour service in Paris. I called Chloe and in a matter of 3 days she planned an experience that changed my life. The expression, “things happen for a reason,” took precedence in my situation. Chloe and her team planned two amazing days full of everything that interests me—fashion, food, art and wine. There’s so much to share, but my top experience was at the leather maker. I had two custom pieces made. Needless to say, they are fashion statements! There is no way I could have planned such an experience on my own. Thank you Team CJ Tours! “
– Ty’ Whitaker, USA

Tour: Girlfriend Getaway, 2015

” I am a mother of many children and decided to go to Paris through CJTours just myself. I fully trusted Chloe before I went after only meeting her once. After I arrived in Paris, I was over the moon!  Not just with the site of Paris but, also with each and everyone of the tour guides. They felt like old friends instantly. So nice, welcoming, caring, know their way around, and even helped me speak a little more French! I couldn’t have asked for more. I loved all of the places and surprises along the way. I waited to see if the rest of the week lived up to the first day and sure enough it did! At the end of the week I honestly was hoping the snow storm back home would be big enough to cancel our flight from Paris. Thank you CJ Paris Tours! “
– Andrea F., USA

Tour: Little Bit of Everything, 2014

” For my first trip to Paris, I really wanted to do something special for myself, and since I was traveling alone, I could choose whatever my heart desired. Number one on that list was shopping! Of course, Paris is known for its shopping, but I needed an expert, and after much research, I stumbled across Chloe Johnston. It was exactly what I was looking for! They tailored my trip based on my likes, and my style, which I thought was super clever. No going in shops that I had absolutely zero interest in. Setting up the appointment with Amanda online was very easy, and quick, as we decided on a time and date, and everything was locked in. Also, going in, I thought the price point was very reasonable, and after experiencing the day, thought more so.I met my personal shopper, Ines on a beautiful Saturday afternoon near a metro stop.

Amanda was nice enough to send me her photo which helped immensely. Amanda was friendly, interesting and informative. She planned out the entire day, asked about my preferences, and off we went. The day was spent in a wide variety of stores that fit my style and what I wanted perfectly. I absolutely fell in love with three of the stores, and was able to purchase some really great buys including shoes, French lingerie, and dresses for upcoming holiday parties. I liked that Ines popped in places not on the original itinerary, and really gave me a history lesson along the way. She was nice enough to carry my bags, help me in the dressing room if needed, and communicate in French with store keepers.
The entire experience made me feel like Queen for the day, and it was one of the main highlights of my time spent in Paris! I would highly recommend Chloe Johnston and Ines to anyone looking for a unique shopping experience in Paris. “
– Sonia T., USA

Tour: Private, 2013

” Spectacular, friendly, intimate and fabulous!—all come immediately to mind when I think about the wonderful trip my wife and I took to Paris this summer with the expert assistance of CJ Shopping Tours. Everything, from the trip planning process to our drop-off at the airport at the conclusion of the trip was delightful. We were so well taken care of in all respects. Our hotel bedroom had a lovely view of the Eiffel Tower, we ate marvelous meals, visited a quaint and charming vineyard in Paris complete with a private tour by the owner and his wife, and felt especially privileged when we took our special guided tour of the Eiffel Tower. My wife and I could not have asked for more. We have told many of our friends about our extra special experience, and we highly recommend that anyone contemplating a trip to Paris contact Chloe and her team for a truly unforgettable trip to the magical city of Paris! “
– Jim B., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tour: Fifty and Fabulous, 2013

” My friend Donna & I had a super fabulous vacation with CJ Tours. In our short visit to Paris, CJ Tours was able to schedule every little detail. It felt like a whirlwind of wonderful. There were so many sights to see, wonderful dining experiences and hidden treasures. We truly would not have had half the experience if we went on our own. I especially loved the intimate dining experience in a French home and the boutique tour. Our tour guide Ellie was fantastic and super sweet, she easily adapted our schedule if needed and made sure we were happy with everything. As a designer, Paris rejuvenated my creative juices—until I arrive again, hopefully sometime soon! Thank you CJ Tours! “
– Carmelita G., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tour: Private Tour, 2012

” I have had the pleasure of working with CJ Tours as a shopping tour guide. I am originally from Paris, however have lived in the United States as well as other European countries. I have been responsible for taking some clients on tours and could not have imagined a better outcome. The selected shops have been a hit with the women, the quick café stops a real treat, and the compliments just keep coming. I am so glad that I can keep going on these tours and it was not just a one-time thing. I definitely recommend these tours whether you are an avid shopper or just looking for some great keepsakes. “
– Claude R., Paris, France

Tour: Private Tour, 2012

” I love shopping and I love imagining getting just the perfect piece of jewelry, but I am not very good at planning how to do that. CJ Tours was just the answer for me. I don’t know Paris and I would never have known how to just stumble upon that perfect something that goes with everything.
– Kate R., San Diego, California

Tour: Private Tour, 2012

” I am an experienced shopper and wasn’t sure about the tour until I went on it. Setting up our Private tour was so easy; the guide was knowledgeable not just about the stores, but some great historical and fun facts to make the day altogether delightful. A real break from all the must-sees.
– Karin P., Boston, Massachusetts

Tour: Private Tour, 2012

Our Private tour with CJ Tours was great! Although we have been to Paris many times, we were able to go to places we would have never known about and get special ‘deals’ that wouldn’t have been possible on our own; especially my hubby’s new vintage tie and not to mention his new custom fitted suit!! And I wear my custom made bracelet almost everywhere!! I seriously love it!!!
– Francis Z., Boulder, Colorado

Tour: Lil’ Bit of Everything, 2012

” What can I say about CJ Tours in Paris… Absolument merveilleux! A must do when in Paris. A bunch of my sorority sisters decided to take a girls’ trip to Paris for a long weekend. I was in charge of planning our sightseeing and what we would do in those few short days. I stumbled upon CJ Shopping Tours on the internet, and scheduled a Private tour. It was the highlight of our trip! We had so much fun shopping chic designs and Parisian/European styles that one cannot find in the United States. Our personal guide helped us to offset our current American wardrobe with accessories such as scarves, shoes and bags to match. What an experience…sure beats the mall! We all felt like we were back in college again, shopping to go out to a fraternity social on a Friday evening, but with a French translator and a culture that can’t be beat! Félicitations to our tour guide who showed us the personal side of Paris, quaint areas and historic places we would have never known to experience! I have always wanted a “croque-monsieur” on the Champs-Elysees since I took high school French, and she knew the perfect place to go! (That’s basically a fancy grilled ham and cheese sandwich, Parisian style!) We saw a side of Paris we never expected and had the time of our lives! I felt like a real “Parisian” when we left and a bit more chic and cultured. Thank you CJ Tours. “
– Jaqui M., Columbus, Ohio

Tour: Private Tour, 2012

” I’m always on the hunt for unique accessories and CJ Tours fulfilled my need. I knew how to sort out the good and the bad during my 7 months living in Florence, Italy; however, my two-week trip to Paris was a whole different ballgame which is why I sought out a guide to help us navigate through all there was to offer! The walking tour blew us away; while I picked up a few pieces from brands I already knew, the majority of my purchases were from unique boutiques making all of my friends back home jealous! I even nabbed the sweetest silver hairbrush & hand-mirror set for my soon-to-be-born new niece. The private tour was extremely easy to setup and we left with more than we ever expected! Thank you CJ Tours for making my wallet lighter! “
– Nevin M., Charleston, South Carolina

Tour: Boutique’n It, 2011

” Ever since I was at the age of discovering shopping, I have always loved to seek out the cute and different boutiques in the little towns along the Main Line and in Chestnut Hill. My tastes have varied from classic to bohemian, and almost everything in-between. When I had the opportunity to go to Paris on business, I had a day off from work and wanted to experience boutiques in Paris. I found a tour through CJ Shopping Tours of Paris, that was perfect, “Boutiqu’n It.” I knew this was for me. Not only did I have a great day off from work, but I was taken to the unique French boutiques in out of the way places and side streets that I would never have found on my own wandering around the city for days on my own. I found the perfect pair of shoes to offset an outfit I found difficult to accessorize, and I even created my own perfume scent that I am giving to my Mom, Grandmother and sister for Christmas. I thought it beat putting my own label on a bottle of wine, when I could bottle my own perfume!! I was thrilled with my day and the discoveries I made “Boutiquin’ It” with CJ Shopping Tours. “
– Adrienne F., Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania

Tour: Get Your Vintage On, 2011

” I frequent the vintage shops and flea markets in NYC, so when I was planning my trip to Paris knew that I wanted to explore what it had to offer. My problem was that I would never have been able to find all the tucked away, special places in Paris, that appeal to my tastes the most. CJ Tours had the perfect tour for me, and was happy to listen to what I was looking for and offer custom recommendations. The tour helped me find exactly what I wanted; not only did I find the 70s style vintage shades that I had been searching for, but also copper cookware that my mom had been requesting. It was overall a great experience and one that I have already recommended to my friends, and would recommend to anyone!
– Laura S., New York, New York