You highlight specific destinations; can we work with you and choose another city or country?

Yes, as you will see mentioned throughout the site, the locations shown are a sampling of our offerings and showcase destinations where we have established networks and a variety of industry experts. However, we are constantly researching and visiting cities all over the world, and expanding our network of global partners. Our highly personalized, tailored travel planning enables you to craft any type of getaway you’d like, no matter how long or short.


Are your trips & experiences expensive?

The final cost of your trip or experience will depend upon the time of year/season you’re traveling and the amount of activities and destinations you are aiming to include. We strive to offer good value, but we have no interest in being the “cheapest.” There are many variables in the cost of a trip and we are always happy to adjust the details to meet your budget. We work with a full range of 4 and 5-star properties, however, we also work with AirBnb, VRBO and HomeAway.


Who is a typical CJE client?

The only thing “typical” about our clients is a passion for travel. We’ve worked with couples, families, and group of friends, and have helped plan multi-generational family trips as well as assisted with milestone birthday or anniversary getaways. Clients are diverse in their interests, but most want a blend of history and culture, adventure, food and wine, romance, or relaxation. Some are focused on luxury and others not as much. One of the advantages of having an expertise that is deep and broad is that we can serve all of them well.


Why is it better to book through CJE than via an online travel agent?

People use OTAs for a range of reasons, but the primary one seems to be deal seeking. However, consumers should never assume that they’re getting the best rate through an online travel agency. With that said, we would never dissuade anyone from trying to save money. After all, that’s more spending power once you reach your destination. Other advantages are:

  • We’re trained to take a critical look at each piece of your trip puzzle to make sure your needs are met and that you are happy with your spending decisions. And, we know the details you seek: passports, visas, best season to go, what to pack,
  • We are your on-the-ground advocate should any transportation or accommodation issues arise, or if you are interested in seeking upgrades, special invitations or itinerary changes during your travels.
  • We get to know you and your family’s preferences. We can tell you where to shop, where to dine, what exhibits to attend, and more.


What fees are associated with your services?

We charge a $50 consultation fee based on the time involved to plan and schedule your vacation.


What happens if we are not able to make our trip or in-destination experience?

We understand that things come up and you might not be able to make the tour. All cancellations made 72 hours prior to the time of your trip are fully refundable. Any cancellations made after that are non-refundable. All third party agreements such as those pertaining to lodging and transportation are subject to cancellation fees and policies dependent on their respective company policies. All refunds exclude the non-refundable deposit. Please see our Terms & Conditions for detailed information.

*All initial deposits are non-refundable*


What’s next?

We are happy to work through email if that is your preferred method, but we always like to start off with a phone call so we can get to know your likes and dislikes, your passions, your pace, and your style. So give us a ring, or submit your contact information via this form, and one of our travel designers will get back to you shortly.


Where are your experiences offered?

Currently, we offer in-destination experiences in Bali, China, Cuba, the French Riviera, Italy, London, Napa, NYC, Paris and Scotland, but because of our vast network, we are also able to create once-in-a-lifetime, behind-the-scenes experiences in many other international cities and countries by special request.


How will inclement weather impact our in-destination experiences?

As beautiful as each our destinations is, the weather is out of our control. However we will make arrangements to use cars instead of walking, if preferred.


How do we meet our guide?

Prior to your experience you will be given a designated meeting spot where your guide will be waiting for you.


Are tips included?

No, but our guides appreciate them!


What is the mode of transportation during experiences?

Many of our shopping experiences are done on foot, which allow you to truly experience each city like a local. However, we also rely upon the use of metro, taxi and/or car service. This depends on your wants and needs as well as the route that we have planned for you.


Are personal security services/escorts available?

We understand that ensured personal safety is a personal choice, and we can provide those services when requested.


When should we make a reservation?

It is best to book your travel plans or in-destination experience/s once you are 100% positive of your dates. We always begin planning with your desired port of arrival and work out an itinerary from there that best suits your travel style and trip duration.


Is there a limit to the number of people who can participate in an in-destination experience?

As most of our experiences are built around exclusivity and behind-the-scenes opportunities not available to the public, we strive to keep our groups small, typically 6-8 people. For larger groups please contact us so that we can discuss comfortable options and accommodations with you.


How do in-destination experiences work?

Once we have finalized your overall itinerary, we can begin crafting unique experiences for you and your companions. After our conversation and the trip is chosen you will then submit your deposit and complete your payment. We will be in touch throughout your travels to ensure your expectations are being met. On the day before your in-destination experience, you will receive your designated meeting location, the day’s itinerary, as well as all contact information for your tour guide. On the day of your experience please make sure to arrive at the designated meeting spot 10 minutes before the start time – if you get lost or are running late please call your guide to let them know.


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