Why Fitness Retreats are the Future of Health and Wellness

Why Fitness Retreat is the Future of Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are having a moment all across the globe, and we are 100% here for it! Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation to relax after your vacation? If so, you will love the rapidly growing trend of health and wellness retreats. From famous model Naomi Campbell to yogi Tara Stiles, everyone is discovering the healing, life-changing powers of going on a fitness retreat. It’s much more fun to get fit and stay healthy while hiking a scenic nature trail or doing sunrise salutations on the beach in an exotic location. We’re here to clue you in on the fitness retreat experience and provide insider tips on the new exclusive CJE Wellness Retreat.

What is a Fitness/ Wellness Retreat?

Bringing the worlds of travel and health together, fitness or wellness retreats aim to teach healthy lifestyle practices and improve one’s overall health and wellness while on an amazing getaway. Popular locations for these getaways include Hawaii, Bali, Mallorca, and California, however there are numerous local and international fitness retreats depending on your interests and desires. For example, Yoga For Bad People is a fitness retreat centered around beginners yoga hosted in Colombia. In Zion National Park, there is a mountain sport fitness retreat that boasts a wide range of activities including hiking, mountain climbing, biking, yoga, swimming, etc.

The main goal of any wellness retreat is to have you leaving feeling better than when you arrived. Through exercise classes, nutrition information sessions, meditation, and other health related activities, fitness retreats provide you with the time to focus solely on your mental and physical health and wellness. It’s the best way to jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle or simply relax and hone in on your well developed routine. No matter where you are on your health and wellness journey, or how you choose to stay healthy, there is a fitness retreat out there for you!

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What’s So Appealing About Health and Wellness Retreats?

With everyone buzzing about fitness retreats, you’re sure to wonder: what’s all the hype? When we get busy, our health and wellness gets away from us. You get caught up with work, family and social events, and the next thing you know you haven’t hit the gym in an entire week. Fitness retreats are the best way to get back on track and create a healthier lifestyle. The health and wellness travel industry is currently thriving. This is due to the desire to bring fitness back into our lives; while also staying healthy even while on vacation.

There are so many health benefits to a fitness retreat. Some people are in it for the community and networking involved in fitness retreats. Most retreats have successful trainers that use fitness software and work with pro athletes, models, and other influencers. love to spend time around like-minded individuals, especially while traveling. We can’t think of a better way to meet new people and boost your current lifestyle than spending a weekend getaway learning the newest health and wellness trends; interacting with other like-minded individuals while working out. There are even fitness retreats for singles who are looking to meet new people and improve their health. On a fitness retreat, you work out together, dine together, and share group meetings. Health and wellness activities can truly help bond a group of people whether they knew each other beforehand, or just met.

Looking for a way to spice up your corporate travel and bring your staff together? Book a fitness retreat. Employees with good health and wellbeing will perform significantly better in the workplace.

How Can You Improve Your Health and Wellness with a Fitness Retreat?

Are you are a bit apprehensive about signing up for a fitness retreat? Think back to your first organized fitness class. Everyone feels the half excited half anxious nerves of trying something new for the first time. But keep in mind fitness retreats are one hundred percent focused on you. Don’t be intimidated by stories of strict diets and intense workout regimens. While these types of retreats do exist, they are not the majority. The best wellness retreats remind you to enjoy yourself while working on your own health and wellness.

The first step for a successful fitness retreat is to recognize what you want to get out of your retreat. Are you seeking meditation based wellness? Do you want to try new exercises? Looking to learn how to stay fit on vacations of your own? No matter your desires, there is a fitness retreat for you. Do some research online to find a wellness retreat that looks appealing and prepare for a life-changing trip. But wait, aren’t wellness retreats really expensive?

At face value, some fitness retreats may seem out of reach. But when you compare the value to cost, health and wellness retreats are worth it. Travel, meals, spa treatments, fitness classes, cooking courses, accommodations, trainers, exclusive gifts, and so much more are all wrapped up in the cost of your fitness retreat. Some retreats offer once in a lifetime experiences, and for that they are priceless.

Why Fitness Retreats are the future of Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness by CJE

For all the aforementioned reasons, Chloe Johnston Experiences is thrilled to announce our very own 2019 Wellness Retreat! Getaway with Chloe herself and dive into a world of wine and wellness. This retreat is held in the lustrous vineyards of California’s Napa Valley, where you will enjoy group workouts, cooking classes, and the best wines of the region. Complete with private excursions and the most luxurious accommodations, this is a Chloe Johnston Experience you can’t miss! The perfect fusion of travel, health and wellness, and even indulgence will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. Check out the itinerary for yourself here before signing up!  

For more information about the CJE 2019 Wellness Retreat, or any of our other luxury lifestyle experiences, contact us at info@chloejohnston.com. Come away with us!