Terms and Conditions of Travel


Chloe Johnston Experiences is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We will not sell, share or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement. We are committed to strictly controlling the use of any information you provide to Chloe Johnston Experiences. Find out how by reading the following:

Your participation in this program is accepted only in accordance with, and expressly conditioned upon, your (and your parent or legal guardian if you are a minor) acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Travel and the Booking Conditions as evidenced by your electronic acceptance via click and accept and/or some other similar mode/manner or your participation in this program. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions of Travel or the Booking Conditions, you may not enroll or participate in the program.

We reserve the right, at our discretion, without notice to you, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions of Travel or the Booking Conditions at any time. Please check these Terms and Conditions of Travel periodically for any changes. These Terms and Conditions of Travel supersede any other warranties, representations, or terms or conditions, unless they are expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions of Travel.


Chloe Johnston Experiences, its employees, officers, directors, successors, and agents does not own or operate any entity which is to or does provide goods or services for your trip including, for example, lodging facilities, airline, vessel, motorcoach, or other transportation companies, guides or guide services, local ground operators, providers or organizers of optional excursions, food service providers, etc. All such persons and entities are independent contractors. As a result, Chloe Johnston Experiences is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such person or entity or of any third party.

In addition and without limitation, Chloe Johnston Experiences is not responsible for any injury, loss, death, inconvenience, delay or damage to person or property in connection with the provision of any goods or services whether resulting from, but not limited to, acts of God or force majeure, illness, disease, acts of war or civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, animals, strikes or otherlabor activities, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, mechanical or other failure of any means of transportation, or for the failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time. Also be advised that foreign aircondition systems in public places, hotels and motorcoaches are not up to U.S. standards.

If due to weather, flight schedules or other uncontrollable factors you are required to spend an additional night(s), you will be responsible for your own hotel, transfers and meal costs. Baggage is entirely at owner’s risk. The right is reserved to decline or accept or retain any person as a member of these trips at any time. In any such event, Chloe Johnston Experiences’ sole obligation is to refund for any unused accommodations or other trip features. Traveler certifies not to have any mental, physical or other condition or disability that would create a hazard for himself/herself or other travelers.

Chloe Johnston Experiences reserves the right to change the itinerary or trip features at any time and for any reason, with or without notice and/or substitute hotels of a similar category for those listed on our website and sample itinerary, and Chloe Johnston Experiences shall not be liable for any such changes. From time to time a tour departure may be cancelled for lack of participation. In such a case, the operator’s sole responsibility is to provide a refund without any other liability whatsoever.

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