A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else.

London Vacations 2018

Vast, diverse, fashionable, innovative, historical, trendsetting, fast-paced, smart, inspired, global, culturally abundant, proper, yet rebellious… these are just some of the ways travelers describe our London Vacations in 2018. Exciting in nearly every single way, you could spend days exploring each and every nook and cranny of this expansive city and still have miles to cover. The energy rivals that of the world’s most kinetic cities, yet there is always a palpable undercurrent of quaint charm, and well, more than a few visual and lifestyle contrasts.

Travel on our London Vacations 2018 trip with us and you will see the best of each neighborhood as well as some of the city’s best shopping, dining and cultural events. Whatever mood you’re in, London has something to satiate you.

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You want a London Vacation!

London quickly became one of our favorite cities with the seemingly endless cultural attractions, amazing cuisines, posh little hidden boutiques, friendly people, cheeky humor  and loads of history. It is easy to get lost in the wonders of London, which is why we will create a personally designed itinerary that will guide you through the hidden gems of the city. We’ll customize your London vacation to your ideal vision of luxury, sparing no detail. Take a look at our DIYs for some inspiration as a jumping off point and then leave the planning  for those magical touches to us, as you experience London in a way you never thought possible. London is calling. Contact us!

*consultation fee is applied to package


Chloe Johnston Experiences will turn your travel dreams into memorable realities. Sometimes, however, despite those special experiences we create, we understand that you don’t always need a travel concierge. We can still totally spin some magic on those DIYs, but with just a list to start, you can begin the journey on your own and leave the tough part to us!

Here’s some suggested DIYs!!
1. Tower of London
2. The Egyptian escalators at Harrods
3. Buckingham Palace
4. Hyde Park
5. London Eye
6. Tower Bridge
7. Westminster Abbey
8. Trafalgar Square
9. River Thames
10. Natural History Museum
11. Victoria & Albert Museum
12. Shakespeares Globe


What to wear in London?

  • Dress comfortably chic, in shoes that you can walk in. Leave the running shoes at home and opt for a trendy pair of leather boots to stand out from the crowds.
  • Don’t forget your rain gear. When the weather forecast tells you to expect clear skies all week, be prepared for rain anyway.
  • When in doubt, choose dressy over casual to avoid looking like a tourist. We suggest slim or skinny jeans with a chic trench coat to keep up with London’s fashion trends. Have fun with your outfit by adding a scarf or hat!
  • Bring along your favorite pair of sunglasses to compliment your outfit.
  • You can’t go wrong with a leather jacket to transition your look from day to night seamlessly.
  • If traveling in the summer, don’t be afraid to channel your inner fashionista with a summer dress or skirt. Bring along a cardigan or blazer to keep you warm with the London summer breeze!
  • While walking around the city, bring a practical and chic purse. This will allow you to have easy access to your belongings while adding a fun element to any outfit.
  • London is known for its amazing shopping from small boutiques to large retail chains. Don’t be afraid to pack light and don’t fret if you forget something as you can purchase almost anything during your stay!

Phone plan?

  • For Verizon users, call Verizon to activate your travel pass. It’s $10/day and your phone functions the same way abroad as it does at home. Most phone services now have similar options but be sure to call your service to be sure.

Exchanging money?

  • We suggest going to your bank before you leave to exchange your money. Exchanging money at the airport can be more expensive than doing so with your bank. The other option would be to use your ATM card and taking out money directly once in your destination. You will need to call your bank ahead of time to let them know you will be traveling and find out any withdraw maximums to avoid freezing your bank cards.

Do my credit cards work there?

  • Credit cards are in fact the preferred method of payment! Make sure you call your credit cards before you leave to let them know you will be traveling.
  • Find out from your credit card if there are any international fees

Should I tip?

  • Tipping in Bali is considered to be a foreign concept.
  • For any experiences, tips are more than welcome.
  • Be aware however that by law, all bars and restaurants must charge an additional 21% on their food and drink prices.

How do I not look like a tourist?

  • If you need a map use the one on your phone.
  • Pay attention to your volume level when in public places. Americans tend to be louder than most.
  • It’s better to be safe in the weather, than worried about fashion. Trust us!
  • Be conscious of nature and respect your surroundings. Iceland is beautiful and in order to keep it preserved, please be respectful of where you are.
  • Our best advice, don’t worry. Focus on having a good time!

How do I get around?

  • Unless you’re traveling in a large group, moto-taxis can be significantly cheaper than renting a car. If you are doing a DIY, make sure you ask your hotel or the host of your accommodation which taxis to us and which to avoid. Just be aware that not all drivers drive safely and accidents are common. If your driver is making you uncomfortable be sure to let him know!
  • Renting a scooter is a great way to get around and a popular practice in Bali. Rentals start from Rp. 30,000 to 50,000 per day.
  • Make sure you have travel insurance before handing over the deposit. Traffic accidents are very common and if this happens, you need good insurance!

Can I drink the water?

  • It’s best to avoid drinking the tap water in Bali, as it can make you sick.
  • Bottled water is available throughout the city. We suggest bringing your own bottled water to less touristy attractions.
  • You can also travel with a reusable water bottle as some stores and restaurants offer free filtered water.

Bathrooms in Bali?

  • We suggest bringing your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Some bathrooms in Bali do not have either.

Cultural differences?

  • Bali is very accustomed to Western culture, especially in touristy areas.
  • However, if visiting a temple or small town be sure to dress accordingly and cover your knees and shoulders.


  • Bali offers a unique shopping experience with homemade goods from local shops and markets.
  • Be aware that the price you are quoted is rarely the actual price, so don’t be afraid to barter.
  • Learning a few local words such as “please” and “thank you” can go a long way when bartering.

Do I need a Visa?

  • In 2015, Indonesia waved its standard 30-day tourist visa-on-arrival (VOA) system
  • Visitors must purchase the VOA before their departure.

Do I need to buy an adaptor?

  • Yes, you will need to buy an adaptor. If you forget an adaptor, airports will definitely have one. Here is a link to an option that can be used in multiple countries.

Will my hair dryer or straightener work?

  • Most of the hotels or Airbnb’s will have hair dryers. If you bring your own straightener they will not work. You can either buy a cheap one while you are there or go with natural hair during your stay.
  • PS. If you are worried about your hair, wear a great hat; your hair is going to be blown, sprayed with water from some source and generally fabulously messy!

How do I get around?

  • London black cabs and double-decker buses are readily available in all popular cities. However, if you are in central London for more than a few days it is cheaper to get an Oyster Card. This will grant you access to all the buses and subways, tubes in the vernacular, with the swipe of a card.
  • Trains in London are also easy to use if traveling to the countryside.

Cultural differences?

  • As you may know, in the UK they drive on the left side of the road. They also walk and stand on the left so do your best to follow the flow and avoid congestion and accidents.
  • When eating at restaurants, putting your fork and knife together in the middle of the plate is the only way to acknowledge that you are finished eating.

Can I drink the water?

  • London tap water is completely safe but bottled water is readily available in restaurants and throughout the city.

Physical Demands

  • Dress comfortably chic, in shoes that you can walk in.
  • Bring rain gear as London weather can be very unpredictable. Don’t forget your umbrella and rain boots!
  • Wear layers year round to combat the winter cold and summer breeze.

Before You Go

  • Call credit cards
  • Stop mail
  • Create a new music playlist
  • Talk to your neighbors/local friends and family to inform them that you’ll be away
  • Call phone company and set up an international plan
  • Check that your passport is up to date (must not expire within 6 months of travel) and take a copy with you
  • Check to see if you need a visa
  • Wash your clothes/laundry  and bring a bag for dirty clothes
  • Check outlet compatibility
  • Charge your electronics
  • Pick out a favorite book, movie
  • Download a favorite show, movie, book or game
  • Organize pet sitters if needed
  • Prepare a carry on according to airline demands considering size, weight and liquids
  • Arrange transportation to the airport
  • Check map of transportation in London
  • Confirm hotel or lodging arrangements, if not booked with CJE
  • Check in on your flight 24 hours in advance
  • Confirm transportation after arriving in destination; print details, if not booked with CJE
  • Buy tickets ahead of time to travel to neighboring cities, if not booked with CJE
  • Pack medicine and vitamins you made need
  • Pack chargers

Things to do

Everybody’s Talking about Jamie: London Vacations 2018
Nov. 6, 2017 – April 21, 2018

Inspired by the BBC documentary, Jamie: Drag Queen at 16, this coming-of-age musical shines a light on an unlikely hero who beats the bullies and overcomes prejudice to follow his dreams. Seemingly one of the best shows in Europe. Directed by Jonathan Butterell, this “show for everybody” features a catchy soundtrack by The Feeling’s Dan Gillespie Sells and writer Tom MacRae. Trust us: everyone IS talking about Jamie. Opening night is scheduled for November 22.

London Vacations 2018: Wimbledon
July 2 – 15, 2018

The world’s oldest and most famous tennis tournament, Wimbledon is also arguably it’s single most logistically challenging sporting event. And, worth every ounce of effort for those who are passionate about tennis. For the U.S. and other citizens, information on how to apply for the Overseas Ballot will be announced in October. To find out information on Ballot dates first.

Boundary Rooftop Bar

Entrance in Redchurch St.

2-4 Boundary St.

Shoreditch, London e2 7dd

Tel: 020 7729 1051

Located in one of the city’s most exciting luxury hotels, this trendy rooftop bar exudes continental chic and provides a fabulous panoramic view of East London, stunning panoramic views of the London skyline in the heart of Shoreditch, to be exact. The all-day menu offers fruits de mer, chargrilled steaks, fish, and bars finger food. During the winter season, the menu also includes raclette and fondue, and there are plenty of soothing libations, both warm and cool. Get there early for the coziest seats.

Laxeiro Tapas Bar

93 Columbia Rd.

London E2 7RG, UK

020 7729 1147

This petite, family-run restaurant has been passionately preparing northeastern Spanish cuisine and hearty tapas-style dishes in cozy digs since 1982 under the direction of Isabel and Eduardo Rios. While holding onto traditional cooking techniques are taken from their homeland of Galicia, the mother-son led kitchen also upholds sustainable practices and works with local farmers, butchers, and fishmongers to maintain a creative menu inspired by the seasons. This is a wonderful spot for understated, authentic homestyle that is bursting with flavor—as are the seasonal wines.

Weather In London


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” There is so much to do in London! Chloe helped us relax and enjoy our trip to England by making sure our hotels, plane tickets, and events were booked well in advance. We would not have been able to do as much without Chloe’s help! She is the best!! We highly recommend her! “
– Corey and Merideth, New York, New York

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