In Bali, Art (and Nature) is Life.

Bali Vacations

Handmade art is everywhere you turn when visiting this extraordinarily beautiful corner of the world. Along with breathtaking canyons, waterfalls, sea temples and caves; both plush and rustic accommodations, including cliff-side villas, bamboo treehouses, and safari lodges; and some of the world’s most spellbinding infinity pools, our Bali Vacations is rich with undiscovered geological sights accessed only by those daring enough to wander off the well-worn tourist trail. There are also plenty of extreme sports for those who can’t sit still, as well as hiking paths and long stretches of beach for those who like their nature, and holiday, a little less physically adventurous.

Our Bali Vacations indigenous, sweet and savory street food is also not to be missed. Exotic spices, succulent meats, fried concoctions with bananas or rice, and our favorite on-the-go grab, satay—are all made with local ingredients and undeniably mouthwatering. Everything in Bali will arouse each one of your senses; it’s just that pretty. For a sneak peek, take a look at the fun video Chloe made after her trip to Bali.

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You want a Bali Vacation!

Bali was on the bucket list for us.  We imagined an exotic paradise full of beauty, culture, delicious food,  and mystery. Bali did not disappoint and gave us a whole lot more. So much to take in for all of the senses; fresh delicious food in luxury accommodations or a tiny village eatery, textiles to make you swoon, rice fields for miles that lead to waterfalls to swim under,  rivers for rafting. We could go on. Talk to us about a Bali Vacation Package,  customized to your wishes;  adventure, relaxation, spiritual awakening, food extravaganza, remote retreat.  We’ll curate our Bali vacation packages with attention to every detail, start to finish!  We dive far beyond the beaten path of tourist sites to create an individualized experience that leaves you with exceptional memories to take home.

*consultation fee is applied to package


Chloe Johnston Experiences will turn your travel dreams into memorable realities. Sometimes, however, despite those special experiences we create, we understand that you don’t always need a travel concierge for your Vacation to Bali. We can still totally spin some magic on those DIYs, but with just a list to start, you can begin the journey on your own and leave the tough part to us!

Here are some suggested DIYs!!
1. Pura Tanah Lot
2. Temples and more Temples
3. Tegallalang Rice Terraces
4. Ubud Monkey Forest
5. Kintamani and Mount Batur
6. Ubud Art Market
7. Goa Gajah
8. Mount Batur
9. Sekumpul Waterfall


What to wear on our Bali Vacation Package?

  • Dress comfortably chic, in shoes that you can walk in. Don’t forget your favorite pair of flip-flops as some temples and local restaurants may ask you to remove your shoes.
  • Bring rain gear for those pesky passing storms.
  • Lightweight, natural fabrics work best in the Bali heat.
  • A chic maxi dress or cover-up will keep you cool and conservative while visiting Bali’s sacred Hindu temples.
  • When in doubt, dress conservatively or cover your shoulders with a lightweight scarf or wrap
  • Don’t forget your bathing suit

Phone plan during your vacation to Bali?

  • For Verizon users, call Verizon to activate your travel pass. It’s $10/day and your phone functions the same way abroad as it does at home. Most phone services now have similar options but be sure to call your service to be sure.

Exchanging money in Bali?

  • We suggest going to your bank before you leave to exchange your money. Exchanging money at the airport can be more expensive than doing so with your bank. The other option would be to use your ATM card and taking out money directly once in your destination. You will need to call your bank ahead of time to let them know you will be traveling and find out any withdraw maximums to avoid freezing your bank cards.

Do my credit cards work in Bali?

  • Credit cards are in fact the preferred method of payment! Make sure you call your credit cards before you leave to let them know you will be traveling.
  • Find out from your credit card if there are any international fees

Tipping in Bali?

  • Tipping in Bali is considered to be a foreign concept.
  • For any experiences, tips are more than welcome.
  • Be aware however that by law, all bars and restaurants must charge an additional 21% on their food and drink prices.

How do I not look like a tourist?

  • If you need a map use the one on your phone.
  • Pay attention to your volume level when in public places. Americans tend to be louder than most.
  • It’s better to be safe in the weather, than worried about fashion. Trust us!
  • Be conscious of nature and respect your surroundings. Iceland is beautiful and in order to keep it preserved, please be respectful of where you are.
  • Our best advice, don’t worry. Focus on having a good time!

How do I get around in Bali?

  • Unless you’re traveling in a large group, moto-taxis can be significantly cheaper than renting a car. If you are doing a DIY, make sure you ask your hotel or the host of your accommodation which taxis to us and which to avoid. Just be aware that not all drivers drive safely and accidents are common. If your driver is making you uncomfortable be sure to let him know!
  • Renting a scooter is a great way to get around and a popular practice in Bali. Rentals start from Rp. 30,000 to 50,000 per day.
  • Make sure you have travel insurance before handing over the deposit. Traffic accidents are very common and if this happens, you need good insurance!

Can I drink the water?

  • It’s best to avoid drinking the tap water in Bali, as it can make you sick.
  • Bottled water is available throughout the city. We suggest bringing your own bottled water to less touristy attractions.
  • You can also travel with a reusable water bottle as some stores and restaurants offer free filtered water.

Bathrooms in Bali?

  • We suggest bringing your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Some bathrooms in Bali do not have either.

Cultural differences?

  • Bali is very accustomed to Western culture, especially in touristy areas.
  • However, if visiting a temple or small town be sure to dress accordingly and cover your knees and shoulders.

Shopping in Bali?

  • Bali offers a unique shopping experience with homemade goods from local shops and markets.
  • Be aware that the price you are quoted is rarely the actual price, so don’t be afraid to barter.
  • Learning a few local words such as “please” and “thank you” can go a long way when bartering.

Do I need a Visa?

  • In 2015, Indonesia waived its standard 30-day tourist visa-on-arrival (VOA) system
  • Visitors must purchase the VOA before their departure.

Do I need to buy an adaptor?

  • Yes, you will need to buy an adaptor. If you forget an adaptor, airports will definitely have one. Here is a link to an option that can be used in multiple countries.

Will my hairdryer or straightener work?

  • Most of the hotels or Airbnb’s will have hair dryers. If you bring your own straightener they will not work. You can either buy a cheap one while you are there or go with natural hair during your stay.
  • PS. If you are worried about your hair, wear a great hat; your hair is going to be blown, sprayed with water from some source, and generally fabulously messy!

Do I need trip insurance for my vacation to Bali?

  • Chloe Johnston Experiences STRONGLY recommends all participants purchase trip cancellation insurance for protection against trip cancellation, modification, unforeseen circumstances, delayed flights, additional costs incurred due to events that may happen as part of travel, medical or family emergencies, lost baggage situations, full medical coverage abroad, and more. Chloe Johnston Experiences is NOT an insurance provider.                        
  • Chloe Johnston Experiences is not responsible for costs incurred by participants preparing for a trip that is altered or canceled. We are not responsible for airfare purchased for a trip that is altered or canceled. These are items that should be covered by the insurance policy. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to determine the extent to which the chosen policy covers any event.

Physical Demands

  • Dress comfortably chic, in shoes that you can walk in.
  • Bring rain gear, especially if visiting between October and April.
  • Wear light, airy clothes to accommodate the heat and humidity.
  • Be prepared for a relaxing and stress-free environment on your Bali Vacation.

Before You Go

  • Call credit cards
  • Stop mail
  • Create a new music playlist for your upcoming Bali Vacation
  • Talk to your neighbors/local friends and family to inform them that you’ll be away
  • Call your phone provider and set up an international plan
  • Check that your passport is up to date (must not expire within 6 months of travel) and take a copy with you
  • Check to see if you need a visa
  • Wash your clothes/laundry  and bring a bag for dirty clothes
  • Check outlet compatibility
  • Charge your electronics
  • Pick out a favorite book, movie
  • Download a favorite show, movie, book, or game
  • Organize pet sitters if needed
  • Prepare a carry on according to airline demands considering size, weight, and liquids
  • Arrange transportation to the airport
  • Check the map of transportation in Bali
  • Confirm hotel or lodging arrangements, if not booked with CJE
  • Check-in on your flight 24 hours in advance
  • Confirm transportation after arriving at the destination; print details, if not booked with CJE
  • Buy tickets ahead of time to travel to neighboring cities, if not booked with CJE
  • Pack medicine and vitamins you made need
  • Pack chargers

Things to do

Bali Vacations: Tumpek Wayan

Tumpek Wayang is a special day dedicated to performing traditional arts in Bali. There is usually an emphasis on traditional Balinese shadow puppetry which is known as wayang. This Tumpek Wayang is one part of a series of Tempek days.

Bali Vacations: Resto Apung

Located on the shore of Lake Batur in Kintamani, Resto Apung offers beautiful views, a serene ambiance, and Indonesian cuisine that’s simple, healthy, and ridiculously affordable. The only right choice is to eat on the gazebo, which is built on a platform that skims the lake’s surface, connected to the restaurant by a walkway.

Weather In Bali


Tour: Bali, Vacation 2017

“Bali was so much fun!! This was one of the best trips my wife and I have ever taken! Thanks so much Chloe!!! Totally recommend it!”
– Greg and Megan, Washington DC

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