Paris is always a good idea.

Paris Vacations

The darling of Europe, Paris getaways never fail to incite wide-eyed romanticism among both repeat visitors and those still longing to fulfill their City of Light dreams. Yes, there are the must-sees: the Eiffel Tower, Sacre-Coeur, Notre Dame, l’Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Versailles… but, there are so many hidden, magical bookstores, cafes, boutiques, art galleries, and wine shops tucked into each arrondissement, you could spend a year on a Paris vacation and still have a long list of places to discover.

There are so many reasons to love this picturesque city; we’ve stopped keeping count. Simultaneously peaceful and bustling depending upon which arrondissement you happen to be exploring, Paris is an urban metropolis overflowing with culture and nightlife. And, some of the most delicious cuisine in the world, from sweet and savory crepes to decadent, multi-course Michelin-starred dishes served in stylish environs. Of course, subsisting on wine, champagne, oysters, baguettes, cheese, and pain au chocolat is quite popular as well. On our Paris Vacations in 2018, take in this beautiful city as you are winding your way through the endless stalls at the historic and eclectic Paris Flea Market, strolling along the Seine, café, and museum hopping. There simply is no one right way to do vacations in Paris.

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Dreaming of a Paris Vacation?

Paris was our very first destination.  We know, love, and do Paris like no other.

We’ll curate your Paris vacation with attention to every detail.  From the*initial consultation * to your bon voyage send-off, nothing is off-limits and nothing is left to chance unless of course, that is what you want. A private chef dinner in the home of a celebrated chef and our favorite couple, personalized shopping, visiting couturier’s ateliers,  French cooking classes, wine tasting in a private chateau or in a special spot selected for and/or chosen by you,  not your everyday spa experience, meeting a  French designer, cognac tastings in a castle…should we go on?  We can!

Your Paris Vacation, it’s all at the touch of your fingers, contact us!

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Chloe Johnston Experiences will turn your travel dreams into memorable realities. Despite the special experiences we create, we understand that you don’t always need a travel concierge. We can still spin some magic on those DIYs, but with just a list to start, you can begin the journey on your own and leave the tough part to us!

Here’s some suggested DIYs:

  1. Eiffel Tower
  2. Notre Dame
  3. Champs-Élysées
  4. Jardin des Tuileries
  5. The Louvre
  6. Palais Royale
  7. Sacré-cœur
  8. Grand Palais
  9. Sainte Chapelle
  10. Arc de Triomphe
  11. Catacombs of Paris
  12. Place de la Concorde
  13. Jardin du Luxembourg


What to wear during your vacation to Paris?

  • Be sure to pack comfortable yet chic shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits, and be ready to walk everywhere.
  • Black is always a safe option. If you are like us and love pops of color, then opt for a stylish scarf to add to your outfit.
  • Weather maps in Paris have a mind of their own, it may say you will have a sunny day but don’t be surprised if it starts to rain. We suggest being prepared and making sure you have a waterproof jacket and umbrella.
  • A leather jacket is a staple piece in Paris. Perfect for any day or night look.

Phone plan?

  • For Verizon users, call Verizon to activate your travel pass. It’s $10/day and your phone functions the same way abroad as it does at home. Most phone services now have similar options but be sure to call your service.

Exchanging money?

  • We suggest going to your bank before you leave to exchange your money. Exchanging money at the airport can be more expensive than doing so with your bank. The other option would be to use your ATM card and take out money directly once in your destination. You will need to call your bank ahead of time to let them know you will be traveling and find out any withdraw maximums to avoid freezing your bank cards.

Do my credit cards work there?

  • Make sure you call your credit cards before you leave to let them know you will be traveling.
  • Find out from your credit card if there are any international fees

Should I tip?

  • In Paris tipping is not mandatory, leaving some change in a cafe is perfectly acceptable if the service is good. If you are enjoying fine dining again tipping is not mandatory, however, if you choose to tip 10% is more than appropriate.
  • For any experiences, tips are more than welcome.

How do I not look like a tourist?

  • Try to avoid wearing workout sneakers or workout pants.
  • If you need a map use the one on your phone.
  • Pay attention to your volume level when in public places. Americans tend to be louder than most.
  • Parisians tend not to wear more than three colors at once if you want to mix in with the crowd, try to stick to three colors or less.

Do people speak English?

  • As is the case with most countries nowadays, people in Paris do speak English. However, you want to be conscious of their culture and that you are a visitor in their country. When you walk into a public place like a boutique or restaurant be sure you say “Bonjour Madame”, “Bonjour Monsieur” and ask if they speak English: “parlez vous Anglais”.

Do I need to buy an adaptor?

  • Yes, you will need to buy an adaptor. If you forget an adaptor, airports will definitely have one. Here is a link to an option that can be used in multiple countries.

Will my hairdryer or straightener work?

  • Most of the hotels or apartments will have hair dryers. If you bring your own straightener they will not work without an adaptor. You can either buy a cheap one while you are there, Sephora has some good options, or just do like the French and go with natural hair during your stay.

Do I need trip insurance for your Paris Vacation Packages?

  • Chloe Johnston Experiences STRONGLY recommends all participants purchase trip cancellation insurance for protection against trip cancellation, modification, unforeseen circumstances, delayed flights, additional costs incurred due to events that may happen as part of travel, medical or family emergencies, lost baggage situations, full medical coverage abroad, and more. Chloe Johnston Experiences is NOT an insurance provider.
  • Chloe Johnston Experiences is not responsible for costs incurred by participants preparing for a trip that is altered or canceled. We are not responsible for airfare purchased for a trip that is altered or canceled. These are items that should be covered by the insurance policy. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to determine the extent to which the chosen policy covers any event.

Physical Demands

  • Dress comfortably, in shoes that you can walk in.
  • Some hotels do not have elevators so be prepared to carry your bag.
  • Elevators in Paris are small.
  • Bring rain gear.
  • Most places in Paris prefer open windows to air conditioning.
  • Things move at a slower pace in Paris, it’s called the joie de vivre, try to enjoy it.

Before You Go

  • Call credit cards
  • Stop mail
  • Create a new music playlist
  • Talk to your neighbors/local friends and family to inform them that you’ll be away
  • Call your phone company and set up an international plan
  • Check that your passport is up to date (must not expire within 6 months of travel) and take a copy with you
  • Check to see if you need a visa
  • Wash your clothes/laundry  and bring a bag for dirty clothes
  • Check outlet compatibility
  • Charge your electronics
  • Pick out a favorite book, movie
  • Download a favorite show, movie, book, or game
  • Organize pet sitters if needed
  • Prepare a carry on according to airline demands considering size, weight, and liquids
  • Arrange transportation to the airport
  • Check the map of transportation in Paris
  • Confirm hotel or lodging arrangements, if not booked with CJE
  • Check-in on your flight 24 hours in advance
  • Confirm transportation after arriving in the destination; print details, if not booked with CJE
  • Buy tickets ahead of time to travel to neighboring cities, if not booked with CJE
  • Pack medicine and vitamins you made need
  • Pack chargers
  • Learn basic French (or maybe learn the basics of the language—like hello, goodbye, thank you)

Things to do

Carnaval Des Femmes: Paris Vacations 

The color festival dates back to the 18th century. Everyone is welcome to enter the parade (yes, everyone!) so make sure you have your best costume on and join in on the festivities.

Paris Fashion Week: Paris Vacations 

One of the big four international fashion shows in the world, Paris Fashion Week is always full of intrigue. Each season brings incredible fashion and talent to the City of Lights, along with star-spotting and to-die-for shopping experiences, making this one of the most exciting times to visit. We can help with tickets and VIP services for both the Spring and Fall shows on our Paris Tour Packages.

Monsieur Mouche: Paris Vacations

Port de la Conférence
Pont de l’Alma, Rive Droite
75008 Paris

Honestly, we can’t do justice to the vibe and backstory of this soon-to-be-launched insanely fabulous, decadent, and surely debaucherous—and delicious!—haunt. A gift to Parisians from Benjamin Roussel (Cocktails Paris, Le Blaine Bar), Monsieur Mouche pays tribute to Alphonse Gaston Mouche, a fanatic explorer of elixirs and the human inspiration for Peter Pan’s cult pirate.

Bambou: Paris Vacations 

Set in an old textile workshop of massive proportions, this fun, and funky Thai restaurant is full of surprises well beyond its incredible food. Included in the multi-theme decor are cushy sofas, a heated terrace, towering mirrors, an opium den, and a billiards hall.

Weather In Paris


Tour: Guided Afternoon/Solo Exploration, Paris, 2017

” My afternoon with Erin was one of the highlights of my Paris trip. The afternoon was well organized and exceeded all of my expectations. Erin was a delightful guide and companion. We walked/toured through Paris and I visited many unique places. I felt very comfortable with her choices and they definitely matched up with what I was looking for. After having spent the afternoon with Erin, I experienced a sense of confidence when I explored Paris on my own. This was quite unexpected and I attribute this to my afternoon spent with her too. She is a wonderful person and I am happy that I was able to see Paris with her assistance. What a great introduction to Paris for me. I am so glad that I splurged on this adventure. It gave me so much more than I had EVER had anticipated. It was the best thing I could have done in Paris.
– Diane, USA

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