Just because you (and WE) are older now doesn’t mean we can’t get our festival on. In fact, working with our travel planners, you can enjoy a laid-back experience wrapped up in a bit of luxe. After all, age doesn’t diminish a love of rock ‘n roll, folk, singer-songwriter, classical, jazz or any other genre of music; or an appreciation for fringe arts, cutting-edge cinema and, of course, food and drink of all flavors, from down-home BBQ to high-brow 5-star, champagne-on-the-side gastronomic celebrations. We say, do it all, and do it in style with private transportation, luxurious accommodations, and your own personal fashion flair. Whether it’s a repeat visit to your favorite festival or you’re seeking to expand your horizons, we can help you sort out logistics, get you the best seats or tickets possible, and make it all flow seamlessly so all you need to do is focus on enjoying yourself.

India, Nepal, Sri Lanka
Holi is also known as the Festival of Colors during which they celebrate the end of winter and the start of spring. It is a fun, colorful, safe, and free gathering. Bring your own dye to get fully covered in bright colors.

Snow and Ice Festivals
Harbin, China
This snow and ice festival is the largest of its kind in the world. Everything is made of snow and ice! It features carvings that are over 20 feet in height and some are the size of buildings.

Venice, Italy
This festival known as Carnevale has been a tradition in Venice since the 13th century.  Carnevale, also known as carnival or mardi gras, is celebrated in Italy and many places around the world during the 40 days before Easter, and a final party before Ash Wednesday and Lent. Carnevale is one of Italy’s biggest winter festivals and events often last for two to three weeks before the actual carnival day. People from all over the world come to Italy to participate in the celebration making it one of the best parties on the Earth.

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival
Lerwick, Scotland
Europe’s largest fire festival. It is complete with the burning of a full-sized Viking Ship.

Mardi Gras
New Orleans
Also known as ‘Fat Tuesday,’ is a celebration of Christian feasts on the day before Ash Wednesday. Celebrate with parades and parties.

Albuquerque International Balloon Festival
Albuquerque, New Mexico
This festival is known as the largest gathering of hot air balloons in the world. Fun for families and kids of all ages. The first week in October brings bright colors, moving balloons, and magical moments.

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