Do you have a group of motivated, passionate students   who are eager to gain experience in the fashion world? Chloe Johnston can provide what you’re seeking. Our customized Paris and New York City fashion tours give schools the gift of exclusive access, opening doors to a behind-the-scenes look at the fashion industry. Students are given the chance to visualize real-world opportunities in their field through the connections that Chloe Johnston provides. Your tour will be uniquely tailored to your school’s individual preferences, ensuring an authentic, meaningful experience for students.

   Through the help of our dedicated team of lifestyle experts, students and advisers are immersed in the world of fashion. Our knowledgeable staff will give your school a first-hand look at emerging designers and will also provide invaluable insight into fashion trends and forecasting. Chloe Johnston’s uncompromising standards of customer service eliminate the stress of foreign travel and guarantee that each tour is flawless.

Tour with Tips & Ideas from Professional Consultant

Visual Merchandising
It is no surprise to retail business owners that visual merchandising is of paramount importance in the industry. Whether you’re passing by a local boutique or a retail chain, store displays can be an effective tool to attract customers and ultimately maximize sales. At Chloe Johnston, we strive to collaborate with local businesses and provide them with invaluable connections. Our knowledgeable staff will pair your business with a trend forecaster who will provide you with the inside track on industry trends.

Chloe Johnston can organize a tour for you and a visual merchandising consultant to visit a city together. We will still provide you with a mood board and presentation, but with  the added benefit of traveling to a beautiful city. As a business owner, you can see these trends for yourself—an experience truly beyond expectation.

Get tips and ideas tailored to your business.  Our visual merchandiser will research a city and analyze the display techniques and designs for that location. This information is then used to create a mood board, which will feature the trendiest store displays and samples of the colors and textures being used. In addition to the mood board, we will provide you with a presentation providing extensive insight into the seasonal trends of that city. Having these exclusive tools at your disposal will give you the power to influence your own brand and become a leader in visual merchandising.

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