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Weekend getaways are perfect mini-vacations that give you respite after a jam-packed week. This year we are looking within to focus on domestic destinations.  Lonely Planet describes the USA as a watercolor masterpiece and for good reason. The authentic experience here is brimming with diverse landscapes: balmy beaches, overarching mountains, bluegrass, snow-capped peaks, open skies, […]

Top 10: Most Ravishingly Romantic Places In France

Top 10: Most Ravishingly Romantic Places In France

If you get the chance to visit France with your significant other, keep an open mind. You’d be doing yourself a disservice to put the Eiffel Tower at the top of your list when this country is filled with romantic places to visit. From coastal terraces to medieval fairytale towns, France is home to endless […]

Our Favorite Christmas Markets in the World

Christmas market

The spirit of Christmas is unforgivingly intoxicating. You can’t help but sit back, relax, and revel in the holiday joy. Being surrounded by swells of Christmas decorations, swathes of snow, fervent Christmas carols, and twinkling lights from bustling Christmas markets. Christmas shopping doesn’t always have to be stressful. Below are some of our favorite Christmas markets […]

Aprés Ski

Apres Ski

It’s finally that time of year when the holidays are in sight and the weather is getting colder.  It’s the perfect time to be thinking about booking a chalet for an Alpine escape.   Aprés Ski is the french term for all the activities that happen after a day on the slopes, although we have confirmed […]

God Save the Champagne From Climate Change!


Change is not something the French take lightly. Americans know that from our love affair with their traditional culture, an experience so foreign from our own.  But like it or not, there is one change happening quickly that they have no control over. Climate change.   There has been more and more information coming out about […]

5 Best Tea Rooms In Philadelphia

5 Best Tea Rooms in Philadelphia

Before diving into the best tea rooms in Philadelphia, we want to talk a look at the history. When tea rooms became popular in turn-of-the-century America, they were mostly owned and operated by women. As hosting and serving were an expected part of a woman’s work, this was an exceptional way for them to enter […]

Halloween Celebrations Around the World

Halloween Celebrations Around the World

Halloween is upon us, and we are all set to watch Hocus Pocus and Addam’s Family, carve pumpkins, and sip cocktails in our costume. But have you ever wondered about the origins of Halloween? Rumor says that the Celtic holiday of Samhain was the original Halloween. Locals celebrated the shift from summer to autumn, and […]

Etiquettes to Maintain During Wine-tasting

wine etiquette8

One of the most exciting off-the-beaten-path experiences that we offer at Chloe Johnston Experiences is wine-tasting. We find unique, hidden vineyards that pair intimate experiences with award-winning vintners in the trade. Albeit enthralling, such experiences can be overwhelming, especially for your first time. Additionally, wine tasting in different cultures and countries comes with their own […]

How To: Solo Travel

Traveling is an amazing, fun, and rewarding activity. Whether it be with friends, family, work, or even solo travel, it always opens the mind to new experiences. Some of you may love to travel alone, whereas others are simply terrified. Hey we get it! However, we are here to assure you it’s nothing to be […]

How to ACTUALLY Have a Relaxing Vacation!

It’s time for Summer vacation! It’s finally YOUR time to take a break from life. The point of a vacation is to feel less stressed and exhausted from the reality of life and just RELAX.  However, sometimes our thrilling getaways begin to mirror the stress and exhaustion that we experience during our daily lives. In […]

10 Best Bubble Tea Flavors

Bubble tea, or boba tea, is a Taiwanese drink that has exploded in popularity around the world in recent years. It’s a delicious beverage usually made from tea, milk, sugar, and of course… tapioca pearls! Occasionally various types of jellies and puddings can also be added for a little something extra.  With flavors ranging from […]

Top Vegan Restaurants in NYC

When most people think of a vegan diet, the common answer is veggie burgers and nuts. While that may be the strict diet for some vegans, today there are plenty of restaurants that curate savory meatless and plant-based dishes that emulate the flavors of non-vegan foods. Some of the best vegan restaurants are based right […]