Top Work Abroad Destinations 2020

top work abroad destinations 7If you wake up, consistently dreading your everyday tasks, it sounds like working abroad in a foreign country could be the perfect solution. Not only can you work in a dream destination, but you can further advance your career by learning new skills, meeting and networking with individuals from different cultures, while even becoming proficient in a new language at top work abroad destinations.  

If you’ve got your eye on working abroad for a short period or even long-term, here is a list we compiled of our recommendations of the best destinations to work abroad.

Top Work Abroad Destinations: The Netherlands

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Not only does the Netherlands offer some of the most beautiful views in all of Europe, but companies here strive to offer their employees a fair balance between work and life. According to the World Happiness Report 2020, the Netherlands was ranked the 6th happiest country in the world. The country offers relaxed, scenic views while also being liberal in nature. It was one of the first countries to legalize same-sex marriage, and the majority of people commute every day on bikes rather than mass transit, which is very favorable towards the climate. The top jobs within the Netherlands include engineering, pharmaceuticals, finance, agriculture, and healthcare. The country also has one of the shortest working weeks in the world, averaging at around 29 hours per week, allowing time for people to enjoy the culture and wonders of the Netherlands. With the quality of life being clean, relaxed, and efficient, the country is definitely one of our top recommendations.

Top Work Abroad Destinations: New Zealand

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Within Oceania, New Zealand is one of the best places to work abroad for those who seek a high quality of life, incredible views of landscapes, as well as interacting with very friendly locals. The people of New Zealand, otherwise known as “Kiwis,” are extremely laid-back individuals and overall friendly to foreigners, which makes the adaptation to life in New Zealand fairly easier. The jobs that are in-demand in the country include agriculture, education, engineering, science, hospitality, and tourism. A combination of both the beautiful landscapes mixed with the generous nature of the “kiwis” makes this country a favorable place to work!

Top Work Abroad Destinations: South Korea

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South Korea is easily one of the best places to work abroad on the continent of Asia. Not only is South Korea Asia’s third-largest economy, but it is also an incredibly unique destination to both work and live. The country offers an exquisite cuisine featuring classic Korean bbq dishes, while also showcasing world famous cherry blossom trees. Oh, and if you’re a skincare fanatic, Korean skincare is top-of-the-line and easily accessible. All jobs are within reach, but there is a strong demand for those working as teachers or professors in the English language. The country encourages its citizens to learn the English language as the government aims at improving the levels of English proficiency. The government even adds further benefits and funding for those who are English teachers and professors, making it the best country to work abroad for those involved in language education. Be prepared for longer working hours as the country is known for them, but also better work benefits.

Top Work Abroad Destinations: Germany

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Germany is a country that offers both a modernized and structured society while also being relaxed in nature. They have one of the best work-life balances as people on average work around 27 hours per week, thereby enjoying the everyday charms that Germany has to offer.  Added bonuses include undisputed paid-leave, high-quality health care, welcoming population, and a hub for traveling throughout Europe. The most frequently sought after jobs in Germany include software development, healthcare, IT, electrical engineering, and architecture. Work hours are not crazy and the quality of life is high. Around 5 weeks of vacation is the standard, as well as actual lazy Sundays, where nothing is open for the public and people can’t help but relax. The combination of a relaxed quality of life mixed with a work metropolis makes Germany a favorable destination for working abroad.

Top Work Abroad Destinations: Italy

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Italy is not only a beautiful country to visit for holiday, but it is also a popular work destination for foreigners. The thought of enjoying the exquisite Italian food spanning from handmade pastas to delicious pizzas as well as access to flavorful wines on an everyday basis sounds too good to be true. While you consistently enjoy authentic Italian food, you are also immersed in rich culture and history such as the Colosseum and Tower of Pisa, as well as Renaissance pieces from Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. If you are unable to speak fluent Italian, jobs consisting of teaching English language or being a part of the tourism industry are the most favorable. However, we challenge you to practice Italian and learn to speak the Italian language if you’re interested in working in Italy, as you will have more access to jobs related to business and luxury fashion. Italy is a destination where you not only can set your resume apart from others for years to come, but it is a place where you feel like you are on vacation everyday. 

Top Work Abroad Destinations: Canada

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If you want to work abroad, but not necessarily thousands of miles away, look no further than Canada! The country boasts an increasing employment market, affordable and high quality healthcare, natural scenery from mountains to tundras, from small lakes to oceans, and a strong melting pot. The standard of living is high, as well as the cost of living being relatively affordable for the average person. If you’re involved in the media industry, jobs in Toronto are currently thriving due to the mass telecommunication industries. If you love the mix between warm, vibrant summers and cold, ski-related winters, Canada is for you!

Throughout our lifetimes, sometimes we need a pivotal change from our everyday lives. There’s a whole world for us to explore at our fingertips where we can broaden our perspectives, become fluent in a completely different language, and create more business networks. However, working abroad is not just about earning a paycheck overseas, it’s for those who seek the ultimate adventure. Confused about where to work abroad and want more clarification on our picks? Visit us and feel free to email us at!