Self-Care Routine during Quarantine

As the quarantine progresses and days turn into months, you may start to feel incredibly bored, anxious, or even scared. While we are of course worried about the impact of the coronavirus, we are also worried about the new changes impacting our lives. With the loss of our daily structures and schedules, we are forced to adapt to a new kind of routine. We constantly ask ourselves, what can we do in order to stay sane? Our team has compiled a list of things to add to your daily self-care routine in order to improve your mental and physical state.

Drink Fruit or Vegetable Juice First thing in the Morning

Self-Care Routine

Fruit and vegetable juices improve your immune systems, removes toxins, and provides us with necessary vitamins and minerals. A great option is this celery juice recipe that consists of celery, cucumber, green apple, lemon, and ginger. Celery juice is beneficial for our bodies as it can reduce bloating, lower cholesterol, and decrease inflammation. It’s the perfect start to the morning!

Sit Outside

Self-Care Routine

Despite being locked in our homes, it’s important to enjoy the fresh air every day along with the sounds and ambiance of nature. Spending time outside can ultimately improve our overall mood and reduce our feelings of stress and anxiety. We also feel calm and collected when focusing our energy on the nature around us. Try reading a book, sending some emails, or working out outside in order to improve your overall happiness. Take it one step further, and sit outside for at least 10 minutes with no other distractions while calmly meditating to alleviate any unwanted stress.


Self-Care Routine

Sometimes when we’re feeling most anxious, cooking becomes an effective way to relieve stress. In fact, cooking has been known to have the ability to activate pleasurable memories through the engagement of our senses. There are endless opportunities to be creative with thousands of different recipes at our fingertips, while also being able to provide your own unique touches. Our favorite recipes include  Parisian crepes, Jamaican jerk chicken, and Spanish Paella. Cooking these creative recipes not only pleases our stomachs, but also reduces stress, while keeping our mood and minds positive. We have also been mastering the art of cocktails. From delicious mojitos that remind us of Cuba to Sangrias that take us back to Spain, we are trying it all.


Self-Care Routine

When times are chaotic, it’s best to release all the emotions that have been bottled up inside by alleviating them through yoga routines. Most workout studios are offering online courses, however we recommend this yoga routine targeted for stress and anxiety relief as well as this morning yoga routine to give yourself an additional energy boost!Take time to listen to your body and figure out the specific routines you’re most comfortable with. You may also try meditation. Learn what are benefits of breathwork and meditation and how it can help you relive your stress

Skincare Routine

Self-Care Routine

As we spend most of our time indoors in self-isolation, it’s easy to forget about our skincare routine. You can start your skincare routine by using natural products like soaps, lotions, and moisturizers. Thus, natural soaps have a very varied line so finding the best soap for your skin will be an easy task. For instance, if you have dry skin try to use natural goat milk soap which will not only clean your skin but also keep it hydrated and moisturized all day. In contrast, those who have oily skin might use soaps that contain aloe vera or cucumber for cleansing skin pores and refreshing them. Be sure to cleanse morning and night, while exfoliating and using masks once or twice a week depending on your skin’s makeup. We also recommend wearing a high-quality SPF, even when you’re indoors. One SPF we recommend is the Supergoop Glowscreen SPF 40. Skincare also applies to the rest of your body, particularly your hands. Putting hand sanitizer on constantly dries out your skin, so make sure to incorporate hand creams and lotions while thoroughly moisturizing both your hands and body. Lotions we recommend are both from Glossier, the Hand Cream, and the Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream.

At Chloe Johnston Experiences, we understand that this is a stressful and difficult time. However, we aim to alleviate some of that anxiety by keeping you as entertained and relaxed as possible through our wellness blogs. Write to us, and tell us your personal self-care routine during this quarantine at