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How to Breakfast Like a Parisian

Parisian breakfast

When it comes to breakfast, like many other things in their culture, the French keep it simple. Here are a few ideas to get you eating breakfast like a Parisian.

Get Picked Last : How to Avoid Pickpockets and Scam Artists in Paris

pickpocket in paris

As wondrous as Paris is, there is a dark side to counter its rosy appearance. Non, this is not about the intermittent periods of grey weather or the sometimes serious lack of decent customer service. It’s about one of the most dangerous groups of people in Paris : the Pickpockets.

It’s All in the Bread Part II : A Guide to the Top Parisian Boulangeries

Boulangeries in Paris

Last month, we educated you a bit on the different types of French breads and how to navigate your local boulangerie. However, in the land of liberty, equality and fraternity, not all Parisian baguettes are created equal. 

Slim Down in H20 : Water Biking in Paris

water biking in Paris

Fitness in Paris used to be anything but à la mode. American fitness enthusiasts inspired the traditional ‘Pff, ça se fait pas’ (It just isn’t done) reaction. However, there is good news for those who weren’t blessed with the coveted skinny gene that so many of these Français seem to possess: ‘sport’ is now IN.

Top Five Non-Beach Vacations for Summer that aren’t Boring

non-beach vacations

With the official start of summer just a few weeks away, we can’t stop daydreaming about the places we would love to go on vacation. However, sandy feet and salt-filled hair isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Here are some of our favorite non-beach vacations for all of the inland adventurers, from all over the globe.

Designers We Love: Michel Perry

Michel Perry

When we think of shoes and Paris, Michel Perry instantly comes to mind. Known as the “King of Heels” in Paris, we have been drooling over the designer’s creations since our guide, Ellie, came across his shop a few years ago.

Meringues Good Enough to Marry at Aux Merveilleux de Fred

Meringues Good Enough to Marry

Picking pastries in Paris can be a daunting task. There is so much choice and simply not enough room for all the delectable delicacies to fit into our stomachs. If we allowed ourselves a taste of everything all the time, we’d be as doughy as the desserts going into our mouths!

Travel Fashion Girl

Travel Fashion Girl

Chloe runs a travel company featuring shopping tours in Paris – perfect for a fashionista! Originally from the US, she’s been visiting yearly since she was 12 years old and has now launched CJ Shopping Tours that has her traveling to Paris at least 5-6 times per year!

5 of the Best Luxury Hotels in Paris

Best Luxury Hotels in Paris

With Paris Fashion Week underway, the city is flooded with fashionistas and tourists and a multitude of luxury hotels await them! The following list of five luxury hotels are some of my favorites and stand out because they are rich in character and never short on luxury or five-star service.