U.S. East Coast Road Trips 2020

Being stuck in our homes has made many of us itch to travel once again. While of course we should all follow social distancing guidelines and wear masks while in public areas, the thought of exploring has never been more enticing. Since air travel is predicted to be back to normal by midway next year, many have opted towards a classic American road trip this summer. According to a survey conducted by Travel Intentions Pulse, the study found that around 67% of people are more likely to travel through their own personal cars rather than air during the next six months. A classic road trip with our close friends and family is definitely something that we can look forward to during this daunting time. Here is a list of our top U.S. East Coast Road Trips to check out on your next personal road trip!


U.S. East Coast Road Trips: Cape Elizabeth, Maine

U.S. East Coast Road Trips 2

Located 8 miles from Portland, Cape Elizabeth is a relaxed, leafy town that lies beside the rocky shores of Casco Bay. The cape is also home to the oldest lighthouse in Maine, known as the Portland Head Light that was constructed during the early years of the United States, around 1791. The light is automated and lights once the sun sets, so make sure to visit during sunset when the light reflects on the water and casts a rosy shade of pink onto the lighthouse. For day activities, visit Two Lights State Park and explore the rocky shores, and visit Crescent Beach State Park and lay out on one of the nicest beaches within the Portland area. 


U.S. East Coast Road Trips: Letchworth State Park, New York

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Nicknamed as the “Grand Canyon of the East,” Letchworth State Park, located in upstate New York, is an underrated, but beautiful park to visit on your road trip. The Genesee River strips through the park and offers three lush waterfalls – the Upper, Middle, and Lower Falls. The waterfalls flows within a deep gorge that encompasses the whole park, with rock walls that are more than 500 feet and giving Letchworth State Park its nickname. We recommend hiking across 66 miles of trails, biking across the scenic bridges, and picnic in the green open fields.


U.S. East Coast Road Trips: Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

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If you want to experience a unique drive on a parkway known for its scenic beauty, look no further than the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. The parkway runs between Virginia and North Carolina counties while maneuvering through the Blue Ridge, which is a mountain chain part of the Appalachian Mountains. The parkway has a rich history as it was administered during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt under his New Deal policies. It is also home to over 50 different bird species (fun fact)! Open your windows, blast some music, and enjoy your drive down the 469 mile-long picturesque highway!


U.S. East Coast Road Trips: Florida Keys, Florida

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Want more of a tropical version of an American road trip? The islands of the Florida Keys serve as the perfect prime location. Located in the southeastern coast of Florida, you’ll experience gorgeous white beaches, ocean views, and even lighthouses while road-tripping around the 126-mile area. Here you can also snorkel and dive in paradise waters amongst an array of fish, or simply go fishing in any remote spot of your choosing. While the journey will be quite a ride, it will be well worth it!


U.S. East Coast Road Trips: Lake Champlain, Vermont

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One of America’s largest lakes, Lake Champlain offers a seacoast type of environment for those road-tripping in the northeast. Enjoy driving around the luscious bodies of water, featuring Instagramable views of the lake. You can also island-hop with your vehicle across bridges and experience more panoramic views. If you are interested in swimming, we recommend hitting Sand Bar State Park, a natural sandbar overlooking the entirety of the lake. Lay back, relax, and enjoy the 120 miles of this beautiful lake!

We understand that during this uncertain time, embarking on a road trip is not a feasible option for many people, nor is it something that is recommended. We don’t encourage you to check out all these locations immediately, but we believe that by visiting some of these places while practicing social and physical distancing, you’ll support local businesses and ease your mind during this pandemic. We hope this list inspires you for your future adventures! Have a location in mind that we didn’t mention? Visit us at chloejohnston.com and email us at info@chloejohnston.com.