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Beyond the Fireworks: Quirky Fourth of July Traditions You Need to See

Are you averse to big fireworks shows or simply looking to see how else Fourth of July can be celebrated? We’ve compiled a list of cities that go beyond elaborate fireworks displays and have creatively come up with unique ways to celebrate our nation’s independence. From historical reenactments to quirky local traditions, these cities offer […]

Activities To Do on Your Next Tropical Vacation

Everyone wants to go on a vacation—whether it’s to the coldest place on earth or just to a local town nearby. It’s the perfect time to decompress and reward oneself for all the hard work they put in at home. So, you decide to book a trip to the tropical paradise of your dreams. The […]

Travel the World of Food in Philly at Stephen Starr’s Restaurants

If you have a travel bug and live locally in Philadelphia, you can travel the world of food at several of Stephen Starr’s restaurants!

The Best Camera for Every One of Your Travel Occasions

The Best Camera for Every Travel Occasion

Looking for a travel camera can be quite an overwhelming and costly experience. You must look for a camera that combines both portability and versatility. Size is a crucial factor that a traveler must consider when purchasing a camera because there’s nothing worse than hauling heavy camera equipment during your traveling. We’ve created a list […]

Black-Owned Hotels Around the World You Need to Know About

Black-Owned Hotels Around the World

When planning a vacation, there are many things to consider, and with the hundreds of options of hotels, finding a place to stay can seem overwhelming. Are you seeking a grand resort or a charming bed & breakfast? Do you prefer a city or beach destination? With all of these different options, let’s support Black-owned […]

Travel Shows to Cure Your Wanderlust From Your Own Home

Travel Shows to Cure Your Wanderlust Immediately

Whether you’ve been quarantined in your home or you’ve been social distancing amongst others, it’s easy to say that we’ve all been going through an interesting change. It’s been especially difficult for those, like myself, who have the travel bug 24/7. Even though we can’t jet set to Europe or even visit relatives a few […]

Summer Solstice Celebrations Around the World

Summer Solstice 1

One of the best parts about summer is getting to watch the sunset later in the day. In many northern countries on the summer solstice, the sun doesn’t set at all! Traditionally, the summer solstice was looked at as a time of light and potential for a good year. The long days allowed for more […]

Quarantine Cocktails around the World

Quarantine Cocktails

Creating cocktails seems to be one of America’s favorite pastimes now that we are quarantined. While having time on our hands, why not use it to our drinking advantage and create a few of these quarantine cocktails? Cocktails are a great summer treat when you are looking for something other than your classic glass of […]


3 wine-growing regions in the wine country, 28,000 wineries, 52 varieties of grapevine, 2 million people, one, incredible wine tour   Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or someone who enjoys the odd droplet with their meal, a visit to Slovenia’s wine country may quickly transform you from the latter into the former. Why? Because wine […]

Around the World in a Beat: Transport Yourself Through Music

Music brings people together. Music is celebration. Music is healing. Music is self expression. If there’s one thing that can change the vibe during self isolation it’s music. If you’re starting to get restless inside, here’s a sampling to take you on an adventure around the world. All you need to do is sit back, […]