Travel in the Time of Social Distancing

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This year, it has been nearly impossible to travel. Social distancing has been especially tough since traveling is our first love. And if you have been following us long enough, you know that staying indoors is as difficult as not smiling at puppies and baby videos. Yes, Barked and Dodo videos have crowded our Instagram feed more than once.

However, as we grapple with the outbreak of Coronavirus, we can’t emphasize enough how integral social distancing is as our world takes time to breathe and heal. The stress on our healthcare system and the tireless efforts of all the doctors and nurses throughout this ordeal have made us, as individuals, responsible for taking steps that are within our capacity to provide support.

In times like these, the spirit of support and solidarity is the foundation of human resilience.

We know you’re itching to step out, but we have some exciting travel opportunities for you right in your own home. After all, travel was never about physically going somewhere, but it was about going deeper within you wherever you may be.

Travel through Virtual tours of some fantastic museums, safaris, theme parks and aquariums


The coronavirus pandemic has led to mass closures of major sites such as the Louvre, The MET, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and many more. But that hasn’t stopped them from making sure they continue sharing their beautiful offerings all over the world.

Sure penguins are free to roam the Chicago zoo with the shutdown, but we too can continue exploring these through some truly remarkable virtual tours.

Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, and NASA’s Houston Space Center all offer free virtual exhibits and several organizations offer virtual safaris and live feeds to the hidden corners of the jungles.

Travel through 20 days of live meditation and fitness classes


The unnerving news of the situation outside can be disturbing if cabin fever hasn’t already gotten to you.  Finding your balance can be tough. However, with online fitness classes on the peloton app and virtual meditation for 20 days with Jay Shetty, there’s plenty of ways to stay fit and centered.

Travel through Online Concerts


Music is one way to share connection with others during this time., and it’s not all blues. With Coldplay, John Legend, Miley Cyrus, and many more stepping up to give us the concert experience without us having to step out of our homes, we couldn’t more grateful for the internet! Here is a curated list of all the concerts that are happening online.

Travel through podcasts


Sure, we can’t get out but that doesn’t mean we are going to stop exploring! Check out these amazing travel podcasts to let your mind wander to your next dream destination.

Travel through virtual Happy Hours

Social distance travel 7

That’s right, there is no way we can’t enjoy happy hour just because we can’t get out. After Silent Discos, Virtual Happy Hours are now our favorite thing to do. Sure, being at a bar with your best friends, enjoying some fruity cocktails and live music is an ideal Friday evening, but what if we said that you could do all of that in the comfort of your own home, without having to wait in line for drinks or yell over the loud music, oops have we just dated ourselves?!

Travel through books

Social distance travel 6

Catch up on the books you said you would read…last Summer. Take this down time to read and host your book club meeting virtually. We bet that more people will show up and you can have a meeting right in your PJ’s.

Detox your social media

Social distance travel 5

We all know about social media detox but this time, you can actually do it. Create a vision board. Clean up any negative energy or subscribe to that youtube channel or podcast that you always wanted to.

Check in with loved ones

Social distance travel 4

As social distancing and isolation becomes our new reality for the next few weeks, reach out to your friends and families who are apart and share your window views with each other! If we have learned anything from the heartwarming videos from the balconies of Italy, it’s all about community and connection.

Clean up and reorganize

Social distance travel 3

This one needs no explanation. But a de-cluttered room is reflection of a de-cluttered mind and soul. Go ahead and fold that laundry or organize the spice rack that you have been putting off. And then opt for a quick meditation session.

Travel through hobbies

Social distance travel 2

Cook your favorite meal that you discovered from your latest travels, take up gardening, indulge in arts and crafts or, unlike Ellen DeGeneres, solve that jigsaw puzzle!

Get to your taxes and put your papers in order

Social distance travel

WFH and beyond, you have no excuse to not have your budget, strategy, taxes and admin work out of order. Use this downtime to go over the essentials and get your ducks in a row.

Staying put can be tough, but as experts of remote travel and having been on the road more often than not, we will keep you as entertained as possible for the next few weeks.

Write to us and share how you are keeping yourself busy while keeping those fears at bay, whether it’s a new activity or recipe at