Tips for Traveling in Rainy Weather

Many people think that rainy weather can and will ruin a vacation. We’re here to tell you it won’t. Rain might not be your idea of optimal weather, but there are still plenty of activities to be enjoyed in the rain. It’s time to change your mindset and enjoy these tips to help get you through rainy weather blues!

Look for Deals

With rainy weather sometimes comes wonderful deals. Hotels, activities, flights, and restaurants often have cheaper options during the rainy season because not as many people will be traveling to the destination during that time. We encourage you to check for free upgrades as well.

Tip! Don’t be afraid to ask! Even if there isn’t one listed, sometimes companies are still willing to give a discount if asked.

Know the Weather Patterns of the Place You’re Going To

Always be sure to look up the weather at the time during which you will be traveling. Keeping in mind that most destinations will have occasional rain (like New York), you will want to take note of places that rain all the time (like London), and places that have specific rainy seasons. The rainy season can be in the spring, summer, fall or winter. A few examples of diverse rainy seasons include: Kenya’s rainy season that lasts from March to May and from October to December, Japan from June to July, and Hawaii from October to March. Be sure to look into this before you book your trip so you know what to expect!

Pack Appropriate Rain Gear

Raincoats or ponchos are a must. Also, make sure you have the right footwear. Canvas shoes will get soaked and your favorite pair aren’t going to make it without a little mud. Opt for some rain boots or even just a pair of old sneakers you don’t mind getting dirtied up a bit. Don’t forget extra socks!

Pack Other Rain Items

While clothes are the most important, your other items will most likely get wet too. Switch out your phone case for a waterproof one and bring waterproof bags or sandwich bags for little things such as chargers and batteries. Perhaps pack a small flashlight just in case blackouts occur. Waterproof backpacks can be expensive but if you’re an avid hiker these are essential. If you know you’ll be standing outside in the rain for hours on end, we’d suggest grabbing a waterproof bag.

You don’t need an umbrella. Yes, you read that right. Unless you have a tiny, retractable travel umbrella, it will just waste precious space in your luggage. It’s much better to buy a cheap one off the streets, in a convenience store once you’re at your destination, or borrow one from your hotel. 

Prepare for Travel Delays

Be it by bus, train, plane, car, or even foot, rain brings delays of every kind. Be sure to leave some extra time during your commute. If you know there’s rainy weather coming, getting travel insurance is essential. If your mentally prepared and covered by your insurance, it will save a lot of stress.

Look for Indoor Activities

If it’s not thundering, if there’s no lightning, and you don’t mind getting a little wet, don’t let us keep you at bay! Get outside and explore. However, for those who want to stay dry, look up some indoor activities. You probably already had some in mind, so go crazy on that rainy day. Some ideas to get you started are: going to a museum, treating yourself to a spa day, going on a restaurant/bar crawl, going to the movies, going shopping, wine tasting, food tour, and so much more.

Take Lots of Pictures

Sure, you were already planning to do that. Though, contrary to popular belief, rainy weather is just as amazing for photos as that sunny blue sky. Sometimes the sunshine will lead to overexposed, blown-out pictures, but clouds will give you the perfect amount of shade and shadow. Not to mention, there will be smaller crowds getting in the way of your perfect shot.

Accept That Weather is Unpredictable

We’ve all been there. Your birthday party or barbeque that was all set up outside and an unexpected thunderstorm forced you into your not so perfect setting. The news does its best but in the end, nature does as she pleases. The reverse is true as well, you could be prepared for rain and end up with a perfectly sunny week. It’s best to accept that rainy weather is a possibility and to just embrace it. A little rain never hurt anyone.


We’re all in the mindset to avoid rain, it’s natural. We hope that these tips gave you the confidence to travel in rainy weather and enjoy yourself while doing it.