Protective Styles for Black Women: The Best Way to Save Your Hair on Vacation

Doing your hair during vacation should be quick, fun, and low-maintenance. If you are like us, you want to focus on relaxing and activities and not dedicate hours to hair maintenance. Whether you’re out on the town or catching rays on the beach, the last thing you want to worry about is washing, detangling, and restyling your hair every day. Now is the time for cute protective styles for your hair during the vacation season.


            (Havana Twist)

From left to right, Passion twist and Havana twist

Twists are an exciting alternative to braids or faux locs. Depending on how big or distressed of a look you want, there are various types of twists you can have. The most famous examples are passion twists, Havana twists, goddess Cuban twists, and Senegalese twists. This style is perfect for extended periods because the longer they are in, the better they look! They are easy to maintain while you are out and about, and if they start to unravel, you only need mousse to retwist and hold them together.


Feed ins            Box Braids

From left to right, Feed ins and Box braids

Braids are a classic go-to style before heading out on a trip. Braids can be the individual box, micros, knotless, bohemian, or feed-in into the scalp. The hairstyle is versatile with the options of different sizes, lengths, colors, or designs if they are braided to the scalp. Once the style is complete, you also can style it in various ways, like in a ponytail, bun, half-up, half-down, etc. It is effortless to maintain if you desire a low-maintenance hairstyle that only needs to be tied down at night and is ready to go for the next day. Braids are also safe for unpredictable weather or events like sudden storms or swimming.


Butterfly Locs          Butterfly Locs

Examples of Butterfly locs can be seen above

Faux locs or locs are another alternative, and they have the same level of braids maintenance. Locs are similar to braids, but they can be made into your natural hair and grown over time, often referred to as dreads, or they can be installed and later removed, which are called faux locs. Like braids, locs can be of different lengths and colors and can be styled once installed or retwisted. This is another style that looks better the longer you keep them in!


Wig           Wig

This hairstyle is suitable for any weather condition or simply wants to choose to switch hairstyles more frequently. Wigs don’t have to be sewed or glued down if the person wants to be able to remove the wig at night or have various wigs they want to wear daily. The weave for the style comes in different lengths, colors, textures, and densities. It may come pre-styled like straight, waved, curled, etc. or it can be styled differently once it is installed. The style is very popular because of its versatility and its likeness of it looking as if the hair is coming from the scalp. Wigs protect the hair and scalp from harsh conditions and activities.