Best Travel Magazines of 2019

You’re scrolling through instagram, and suddenly you get this little itch in your body. Your feet start tingling, and you get a little jumpy. That feeling right there, that’s your travel itch. We all have it, and sometimes it’s a little bit more activated than others, but how do we get rid of it? We plan a trip. However, trip planning can be extremely strenuous. Sometimes you have no idea where to start, where to go, or where to even look to start planning. Well wait no more, we have compiled a top ten list of the best travel magazines.

Budget Travel

Budget Travel is the best resource for the worlds savviest travelers to educate themselves on how to get every penny’s worth out of each dollar spent. It gives smart consumers time efficient and practical tips and tools to build their own journey. The travel magazine is known for highlighting the best under-the-radar places in each destination. They show travelers just how accessible any destination can be. The travel magazine specializes in U.S domestic travel, but also has tips about designations all around the world. The magazine comes out with a new issue six times a year.


Travel and Leisure

Known as the worlds #1 Travel magazine and topping the list of most best travel magazines lists, Travel and Leisure is a travel magazine that specializes in leisure travel. They focus on beautiful photography and detailed articles of places around the world. Their articles often touch on local cultures and feature novelists, poets, artists, designers, and non-travel journalists. The travel magazine centers around the experiences of locals filled with stories from their culture.  It also includes tips and reviews on many travel destinations for their readers. They are renowned for their exquisite travel photography and upscale brand preserved over the years.They run 12 issues every year and have 4.8 million readers according to their corporate media kit.

National Geographic Traveler

National Geographic Traveler is a spin off of the well known National Geographic. They are known for capturing people and cultures in incredible high-resolution photos. They feature beautiful places all around the world, and have articles filled with photography advice, tips, tools, and even the best ways to see local wildlife in different countries. The travel magazine has lively stories, beautiful photography, and everything else you need to help you plan the perfect trip.  Each issue also has a list of recommendations for hotels and other lodgings, detailed maps, fascinating stories about vacations in the U.S. and abroad, and other travel advice.




Newer on the market, AFAR is a multi-platform travel media brand. They guide and inspire people to travel and connect with others from around the world. The travel magazine emphasizes travel through exploring different cultures, and understanding varying perspectives with a focus on what makes them unique and special. They also have a non profit foundation that provides scholarships for student educational journeys. The magazine received several awards within the travel writing industry, as well as been featured on the Martha Stewart Show. Their headquarters is in San Francisco, but they have an office in New York.


Conde Nast Traveler

Conde Nast Traveler is very well known and has won 25 national magazine awards. Their writers travel with their own money, and give their readers their honest impression of traveling, connecting with their readers on a different level. The magazine provides real photography from a travelers perspective, and gives readers a look into what they can expect. The travel magazine has secured itself as one of the leading voices of the luxury travel world. They are known for their yearly Reader’s Choice awards and various essays and guides which have become a go-to for travellers around the globe.



Destinations is a digital magazine geared toward the curious global citizen. The digital travel magazine is known for displaying photography, written articles, and videos in a transparent voice to connect authentically and create a connection with the readers. The brand considers traveling as an important part of living a more meaningful life. They aim to be a place of inspiration where readers get inspired to explore new lands and find life’s true luxuries. They have a loyal readership of about 120,000 subscribers per month, and targets 20-45 year olds.


Launched in 2018, this travel magazine truly encompasses the wanderlust nature. They are the UK’s leading travel magazine, and have made a name for themselves all over the world. They have a very helpful forum with a wide variety of information to help plan a trip to any country in the world. The travel magazine also has a digital scrapbook that helps you store your planning information, and a Trip Finder function that helps you find trips.


Cruise World


Cruise World is the perfect travel magazine for our boat lovers. It is the go to magazine for readers looking for advice in the oceanic travel world. They have information for both cruising enthusiasts, experienced sea travelers, and everything in between. The travel magazine even has sailboat reviews, sailing practices, GPS recommendations, and in depth articles about life by the sea. The travel magazine also has destination recommendations, as well as videos on sailboat maintenance.


Boat Magazine

Boat Magazine is an independent travel magazine that centers their focus on one city per issue. For each issue the team moves to the designated city for a few weeks to set up their studio. They work with locals so they can create real authentic content. Their unique approach gives readers raw and surprising content.


Despite all the wonderful options out there, travel magazines can often be overwhelming. It’s a plethora of information, albeit interesting, that can get very confusing, and can deter you from planning a vacation– that’s where we step in. We like to use travel magazines as inspiration, almost like a mood board for our travels. Having an idea of where you want to go, is the first step. Our expert teams put together travel experiences based on our own personal preferences, and are all personally vetted by the team.  We offer packages from corporate travel, fashion education tours, bachelorette parties, birthday trips, festival packages, anniversary packages, etc including destinations from Bali to New York.