Winter Essentials You Need in Your Wardrobe

As you walk out the front door, you immediately get hit with a cold breeze. You know what that means: winter is on its way. Unfortunately, you haven’t prepared for the uncomfortable winds and blinding snowstorms, so you get ready to whip out your winter wardrobe.
But what if you don’t quite have everything you need to keep warm? Luckily, you should be able to gather the must-haves quickly and with little effort. Here are some winter essentials you need in your wardrobe—you’ll thank yourself later during the next outbreak of negative temperatures.

Outerwear and Tops

Sweaters, jackets, down winter coats—all are essential for keeping you warm in the cold wind. Coats need to be able to keep out excess moisture and drafts, so materials such as wool, waterproof synthetic, and polyester are what you should look out for. Additionally, your long sleeves should have wicking fabric to prevent sweat absorption.

If you need an idea of how to layer up, try layering a sweater or hoodie over a T-shirt or long-sleeved and then topping it with a coat to keep you optimally warm and comfortable. From there, you can play around with colors and textures that you enjoy, making the ensemble truly your own.

Bottoms and Shoes

You also shouldn’t ignore your lower body. Wearing the proper clothing to stay warm and prevent frostbite is vital. Some of the winter essentials you need in your wardrobe are denim jeans, thick socks, winter boots and shoes, and insulated tights. As for your shoes, boots and snowshoes are optimal for getting through a chilly day. You might come across some icy puddles and snow piles that you have no choice but to trudge through, so having the proper leg protection to prevent skin contact is essential. Just make sure you carry travel-friendly slip-on shoes if you’re heading to work.

Cozy Accessories

Lastly, you must protect any other exposed areas. Your hands, face, ears, and neck are prime areas that people often neglect and that frequently succumb to frostbite and other skin problems. So make sure you outfit yourself with comfortable tech gloves so that you can not only warm but also answer phone calls while you’re out. Beanies, scarves, and earmuffs are just as important, keeping the heat closer to your body while allowing you to look put together. They’re helpful for keeping you toasty, and they also look fabulous with any winter outfit. Keep an eye out for fun colors and patterns to add to your wardrobe.

Winter can be a person’s favorite season—especially if they’re a fashionista. Staying warm while feeling good is essential for winning winter this year.