Unique Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Partner

If you’re looking for gifts to give to your significant other for the holidays, a birthday, or just because, you may want to spoil them! If it seems like they have everything, or are interested in changing their style, here are some unique jewelry gift ideas for your partner.


Whether it’s the newest fitness watch or a designer, they’ll love having a piece of aesthetically pleasing pieces on their wrists that isn’t a bracelet.

A fitness watch can assist them in understanding their daily activity levels; you can choose between Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, or any brand that will enable them to track their steps, workouts, calories, and more.

A designer watch would be a great addition to their outfits as well. Try to get them a color that will match most colors, like silver or gold. Additionally, you may purchase a specialty watch band, like leather or link, to coordinate with their style.

Crystal Ring

Is your partner spiritual or interested in more natural jewelry? A crystal ring made of Brazil gems paired with earrings from adinasjewels.com may surprise your loved one because it’s a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry they can wear with almost anything!  If you’re unsure of what crystal to buy, you may benefit from a guide to giving crystals as a gift.

Rings made of amethyst may also provide them healing, transcendence, and improved intuition. There’s no better gift than the gift of spiritual enlightenment.


Cufflinks make for a wonderful and dynamic gift for your partner. No matter what kind of suit they wear, everyone needs a good pair of cufflinks. You can get them one pair or a whole set, so they have various styles to choose from.

To make it extra special, you may consider pairing this gift with a surprise trip, so they have somewhere to wear their best suits! Talk to an organized, luxury travel specialist like Chloe Johnston to help you set up your upcoming trip.

The unique jewelry gift ideas for your partner above will make them feel appreciated and loved—and it will look good on them, too!