Ways To Add a Bohemian Style to Your Home


Bohemian refers to a carefree individual who cares more for the arts than material things. The boho lifestyle is socially unconventional, which is ironic considering the growing popularity of its values and appearance. Many people enjoy decking their houses out with nods to vagabond living, extending their spiritual selves in their living spaces. Check out these easy ways to add bohemian style to your home.

More Greenery

During the pandemic, many individuals got into the indoor plant community, posting their vibrant flora collections on social media for everyone to see. If you have a green thumb yourself, you’ve already incorporated a huge aspect of boho into your home. To truly capture this style, you’ll need many plants—every room should feel one with nature. Get creative with hanging plants that perfectly spruce up any living situation. Indoor greenery can boost your mental health, and different plants can adapt to inside environments.

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Bohemian style is a direct slap in the face to modern design. Monotone mixtures of a few colors and conformed materials are not a part of boho living. Instead, décor should be colorful, have different textures, and feature complex patterns. This shows your appreciation for the beautiful chaos of life, as you’re not afraid to express yourself and your interests. So fill your home up with colors and patterns in the form of pillows, blankets, drapes, tapestries, and rugs.

Low Seating

Boho life is all about being present and relaxed, unfazed by the stresses of conventional society. Your house’s seating should reflect this aspect. Lower your couches and chairs by purchasing short furniture, and consider items such as ottomans and bean-bag chairs. Or opt for floor pillows and comfortable rugs that double as décor—make sure you clean the rugs to increase their longevity and keep them clean for guests.
With these ways to add bohemian style to your home, you can prominently embrace your wild-child personality. Remember that the values of boho living are all about personal freedom, so find the décor options that you love the most!