Design Tips and Tricks To Elevate a Home’s Functionality

Multifunctional interior design is one of the latest style trends in our contemporary era. You’ve heard of the popular concept: form meets function and transforms the space beyond. When you’re at home after your travels, how do you like your living spaces? Is there a cohesive feel and design that presents functionality and style all the same?

If not, never fear. You can create multi-purpose rooms of one’s own that feel lusciously comfortable and effortlessly suitable for your desires and lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look at a few design tips and tricks to elevate a home’s functionality. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Cleverly Use Your Vertical Space

Does your home have an ample amount of blank wall space? If so, how can you maximize the space to its fullest potential? Storage is key for multifunctional interiors. Don’t let unappealing clutter cramp your style or eat up your corners. Consider devoting some walls to storage instead of mere decorative art. You can create levels that add delightful depth and distinction that draw the eye in.
Floor-to-ceiling shelving, tall cabinets, chests of drawers, built-in wardrobes, etc., are versatile options that use the maximum height of the room. Another idea for vertical space includes creating a mezzanine level. Even in a relatively large room, augmented open surface space enhances a cushier, upscale feel.

The Principle of Contrast: Focus On the Details

Many interior designers agree that even the smallest details can save a design scheme. Implementing contrast with details is another one of the design tips and tricks to elevate a home’s functionality. How can you accentuate home decor with practicality?
Ponder over a room’s paint choice, textures, fabric textiles, embellishments, and finishing materials. These selective differences influence visual interest and make a space satisfyingly stylish. When incorporating key accessories into a specific area—such as lamps, frames, mirrors, planters, and small furniture—always aim for higher-quality products that add value and a bit of luxury.

Size Up Your Furniture: Appeal and Flexibility

Furniture choice is the secret weapon of functional spaces. You should always evaluate the furniture pieces you have in each area for not only design but purpose. Think about scale and the size of the room for the best arrangement. Efficiently-planned layouts maximize every aspect of the space. Generally, an appealing living space contains a balance of large and small pieces that work well together. Focus on the largest statement piece first for composition.

For example, consider the use of sectional sofas to ground a living room’s layout. Perfect for hosting and entertaining, sectionals create a cohesive flow that allows for as much storage or open living space as you’d like. Then, you can include complimentary add-on pieces to elevate the luxe aesthetic of the room. At the end of the day, grand design schemes cannot exist without the ability to be functional.