Top 9 Golf Courses Around the Globe

Top 9 Golf Courses Around the Globe
Do you love to golf? Below is a carefully curated list of the Top 9 Golf Courses Around the Globe. Enjoy!

Fore! Whether you’re Rory McIlroy or just a pro mini golfer, listen up. You’ve been on countless family vacations and romantic getaways, but it’s time to talk golf. Did that get your attention? Despite the fact that good old USA has some of the best golf courses in the world, it’s time to take a tour of top 9 golf courses around the globe. We covered everything, from brilliant layouts in China to breathtaking views in New Zealand, to the historic courses in Scotland. Whether you’re looking to play a round of golf, participate in a tournament, or just discover the history and beauty of the game, we put together the top nine golfing destinations around the globe that will be sure to top your bucket list. After all, it takes a lot of balls to narrow it down to just nine (pun intended).

The Old Course

1. The Old Course

St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland / 7,279 yards, Par 72

First off, it’s no surprise that we begin our countdown in the very place where the essence of golf was originally conceived. Any golf enthusiast would consider this piece of land a home away from home, and for good reason. The Old Course in St. Andrews Scotland can be tied to the sport of golf tracing back to the 15th century when it was played with wooden balls and clubs. In addition, the course consists of massive rolling greens and vast bunkers, not to mention the infamous blind shots. It’s no wonder the layout and history of this ancient golf course hosted the Open Championships a record 29 times, but hey, who’s counting?

Royal County Down

2. Royal County Down

Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland / 7,186 yards, Par 71

If you’re looking for a golf course with a view, Royal County Down is the place to go. This course is located on one of the world’s most naturally beautiful settings against the breathtaking backdrop of the Mountains of Mourne and Dundrum Bay. Though the greens are surprisingly flat, the course consists of rugged terrains, arched bunkers, and numerous blind shots. This natural masterpiece will take you through a zigzagging journey between each hole that, as a result, provides a different view from every angle. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner Jimmy Bruen or just practice your backswing in style, Royal County Down will be sure to top your bucket list.

Pebble Beach Golf

3. Pebble Beach Golf Links

Pebble Beach, California, USA / 6,524 yards, Par 72

Host to five U.S. Opens and additionally 70 Tour events, it’s no wonder the legendary Pebble Beach Golf Links is next on the list. No golf course in the world offers what Pebble Beach has, from its curving coastline to its cliff-top setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Although this course is known for being a bit pricey, the unbelievable views and challenging holes are worth every penny and whiff. Small greens, lush rough framing, and deep bunkers make for a difficult journey from the tee box to the cup. The constant coastal breezes won’t help you make that birdie either. Whether you conquer the course or swing and a miss, you’ll be sure to put your golf skills to the ultimate test at Pebble Beach.  

Royal Melbourne (West)

4. Royal Melbourne (West)

Melbourne, Victory, Australia / 6,643 yards, Par 72

Have you ever wanted to golf with kangaroos? Turn your dreams into a reality and head over to Australia! Okay, so you won’t actually be able to golf with a kangaroo (sorry for getting your hopes up), but you can golf at the famous Royal Melbourne (West), which is equally as amazing! Royal Melbourne has been the preferred venue in Australia for big tournaments ranging from the Australian Open and the World Cup to the Bicentennial Classic and also the Presidents Cup. This course is full of bold bunkering, sandy soil, and native grasses that naturally frame each hole and additionally make for the perfect degree of difficulty. Furthermore, the greens are simply stunning and have consistently provided the finest putting surface in Australia for decades, causing some say it was a gift from the golfing gods. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself and thank the gods later.

Shinnecock Hills

5. Shinnecock Hills

Southampton, New York, USA / 7,041 yards, Par 70

If you don’t quite have it in the budget to fly across an ocean to play a round of golf, we have you covered! To all you east coasters out there, did you know one of the world’s best golf courses lie right in New York? Considered one of the earliest links in America, the course is famous for its strong prevailing winds of the Atlantic, sandy and rough terrain, and thick grasses that border the area. As a result, this magnificent course was selected as the site of the 2018 U.S Open Championship by the United States Golf Association. As if the course wasn’t spectacular enough, it has also been expanded by nearly 500 yards in length in anticipation of the 2018 event held in June. Booking a round might be a little tough in June, but what better way to see the course than with your favorite pro golfers on it?

Cape Kidnappers

6. Cape Kidnappers

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand / 7,119 yards, Par 71

Despite being known for the sport of rugby, New Zealand is home to one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world. Cape Kidnappers was designed by legendary golf architect Tom Doak and certainly will challenge golfers of all skill levels. If the course itself isn’t enough to make even the biggest golf enthusiast stop and stare, the ridge-and-valley landscape will surely do the trick. Cape Kidnappers plays high above the ocean atop dramatic cliffs and deep ravines. This spectacular seaside course includes a world-class practice range, putting and chipping greens, a club house, and a top of the art golf shop. Channel your inner daredevil by playing along deep cliff top bunkers and sheer drops, making it easy to add to the collection of golf balls on the ocean floor. Just don’t stand too close to the edge!

Cabot Cliffs

7. Cabot Cliffs

Iverness, Nova Scotia, Canada / 6,785 yards, Par 72

Some people go to Canada to experience Niagara Falls, while others go to experience golfing the world renounced Cabot Cliffs. Let’s be honest, we both know why you’re going (we won’t tell). Sitting atop rugged cliffs overlooking the Gulf of St Lawrence lies Cabot Cliffs golf course, with fairways transitioning seamlessly between woodland, wetland, and also meadowland areas. The course consists of six par 5s, including three in the space of four holes, and also six par 3s, plus an additional one-shot bye-hole aside the fourth. With postcard-worthy panoramic views and rich, rolling fairways waiting to reward your creativity, Cabot Cliffs are golf at its finest.

Shanqin Bay

8. Shanqin Bay

Hainan Island, China / 6,894 yards, par 71

China came relatively late to golf, but it has made up for lost time with Shanquin Bay golf course. With 400 courses and counting, China’s golf market is now the fastest growing in the world. The intensely private course sits on the southeast coast of Hainan Island, the epicenter of the Chinese golfing boom. Its quirky design overlooks the South China Sea, making for a windy but mostly breathtaking experience. Furthermore, the layout of the course is a bit unorthodox, moving seamlessly from big par fives, to drivable par fours, to short panoramic par threes. Although a round on this private course is a pretty penny, it will exceed expectations by providing an intimate golfing excursion unmatched by other courses. Not to mention, there won’t be another golfer in sight. After all, what better way to experience China than with your own private golf course?

Sunningdale (Old)

9. Sunningdale (Old)

Sunningdale, Berkshire, England / 6,627 yards, par 70

We’ve all heard of the crown jewels. However, the real jewel in England is the Old Course at Sunningdale Golf Club, west of London. This course is universally recognized as the finest inland golf course in all the U.K and certainly for good reason. Sunningdale is the ultimate example of the “heathland” style courses and is additionally known for its picturesque setting. The highlights are known to be the approach shots to the 7th green and tee shot at the 10th, a sure test to your legendary golf skills. This course is a regular host to amateur and professional golfing events such as the News of the World Professional Match Play Championship, numerous European Open Championships, many Ladies Open Championships, and the Walker Cup. There’s no better way to feel like a royal than to play golf on an English jewel.

Well, there you have it. Whether you’re a hole in one or a 100 + kind of person, your golfing dreams are just a flight away. Don’t get us wrong, there are hundreds of breathtaking golf courses around the world. However, these nine will be sure to leave you loving the game even more than before. So grab your putter, driver, sand wedge, 5-iron, 3-hybrid (you get the point) and get ready to embark on the game of a lifetime. And if you must bring the kids, you could certainly use a caddy, right?

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