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China Tours 2018

Traveling to and through China can be daunting, primarily due to the lengthy journey as well as the language barrier, both of which are a bit harder to overcome than in other countries. But as Chloe can tell you, once you get your feet on terra firma, it’s also one of the most rewarding adventures you’ll ever experience. First, plan big – traveling across this huge country takes some time. Second, be realistic – you just won’t be able to do everything. Third, be ready to eat, drink and explore some of the most interesting and beautiful regions in the world, both urban and rural. Our China Tours itineraries never neglect the most special and iconic sights, such as The Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Great Wall, but we also strive to get you off the beaten path and away from the masses as often as we can. One of our favorite provinces is Hunan, and the peaceful towns of Fenghuang, Zhangjiajie (the backdrop for some of the scenes in Avatar), and Bian Cheng an authentic and picturesque ancient town known for its hospitable locals, colorful boats and picturesque scenery of Bing Cheng River—a terrific spot for those who enjoy mountain biking or hiking. For a bit more luxurious and therapeutic experience, the pristine waterfalls, lakes and hot springs in Huangshan’s Yellow Mountains are simply magical for the mind and body. There is so much to do and see in China it can be overwhelming. Travel our China Tours in 2018, and we will ensure an itinerary that has your ideal version of personal luxury in mind. Or maybe there is another place you would like to visit in Asia

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The Far East
Centuries of rich history and traditional culture weave effortlessly through modern wonders creating a feast for all the senses. A China vacation has something for everyone.  A dip in Jiuzhaigou, textiles to change the way you look and live, a chef’s  dinner with breathtaking city views of Shanghai. Nothing is off limits and stress is eliminated when exploring the world with us. Whether it be indulging in authentic cuisines of all eight districts, or melting away in luxurious nature-made hot springs, your China vacation will provide a spiritual connection between body and soul or the escape you so desperately needed, and so different from the last one you contemplated.  Shall we say more? It  Don’t  stop there. Let us turn your China vacation dreams into reality, contact us!

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Chloe Johnston Experiences will turn your travel dreams into memorable realities. Sometimes, however, despite those special experiences we create, we understand that you don’t always need a travel concierge. We can still totally spin some magic on those DIYs, but with just a list to start, you can begin the journey on your own and leave the tough part to us!

Here’s some suggested DIYs!!
1. The Great Wall of China
2. The Terracotta Army
3. Forbidden City and Imperial Palace
4. Li River in Guilin
5. The Classical Gardens of Suzhou
6. The Potala Palace, Tibet
7. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
8. Shanghai’s Promenade: The Bund
9. Hangzhou’s Historic West Lake
10. The Mausoleum of Light: The Northern Imperial Tomb


What to wear in China?

  • Bring rain gear, especially in the spring and summer months.
  • Wear bright colors to keep up with the hottest Chinese fashion trends. A brightly colored coat is always in style, especially red which is a symbol of good fortune.
  • When in doubt, go conservative! Showing too much skin is frowned upon so hang up the mini skirt and opt for a chic pair of pants.
  • Bikinis are rare in China, so bring along your favorite one-piece to show off your swimwear without getting uncomfortable stares.
  • You can’t go wrong with a stylish leather bag to add to any day or night outfit.
  • Try to avoid flip flops they are seen as cheap in China and certainly will do nothing for your comfort or your pedi!

Phone plan?

  • Depending on which phone you have, you may need to purchase a Chinese SIM card, otherwise, you can call your service provider for international plans.
  • For Verizon users, call Verizon to activate your travel pass. It’s $10/day and your phone functions the same way abroad as it does at home. Most phone services now have similar options but be sure to call your service to be sure.
  • China has different laws in regards to your internet and social media. Some areas your social media will not work on your phone, if you download a VPN you will be able to access it.

Exchanging money?

  • We suggest going to your bank before you leave to exchange your money. Exchanging money at the airport can be more expensive than doing so with your bank. The other option would be to use your ATM card and taking out money directly once in your destination. Please note that Chinese banks will not accept foreign cards, however larger international banks such as HSBC will be available if you are a customer. International ATMs are available in all major cities but may be harder to find in less tourist-friendly areas. You will need to call your bank ahead of time to let them know you will be traveling and find out any withdraw maximums to avoid freezing your bank cards.

Do my credit cards work there?

  • It depends on where you are. Some large hotel chains and restaurants will accept Visa and MasterCard, however, most places will only accept UnionPay. You will want to make sure you have cash on you at all times.
  • China and Hong Kong have different currencies, please note China will not accept anything other than the yuan.
  • Make sure you call your credit cards before you leave to let them know you will be traveling.
  • Find out from your credit card if there are any international fees

Should I tip?

  • The Chinese do not tip, and you aren’t expected to either

I heard I can haggle in China, is this true?

  • Outside of chain stores and boutiques, it’s totally possible to practice your haggling skills. Never accept the marked price or first price offered. With shrewd negotiation, it’s possible to get souvenirs and such for a fraction of the quoted price.

Do I need a visa?

  • Yes! This must be done in advance of your trip. A detailed itinerary must be provided including flights and hotel reservations.
  • You can apply for your Chinese visa within 90 days from entry date. The best time to apply for your Chinese visa is30-60 days before your departure. A single entry Chinese visa is valid for 10 years from issuance for US passport. The best time to apply for a Chinese VISA is between two months and fifteen days before your departure. You can’t apply for your VISA too early because if you don’t use it, the VISA will expire after 90 days (or 180 days, in some cases), starting from the day you obtained it. You must also have two blank pages on your passport and it must have at least six months validity.

How much do Visa’s cost?

  • The price varies from 30 to 140 USD depending on your nationality, the type of VISA, the country where you apply and the number of entries.
  • Usually, it’s cheaper for European people, whereas American people are usually required to pay the full fee of 140 USD.

Where do I apply for a Visa?

  • In many countries, including the UK, Australia, Canada, and EU countries, you must apply through the CVASC (Chinese VISA Application Service Center).
  • However, if in your country there is no CVASC (click on the link above to see the complete list), you shall still apply at the Chinese Consular Office that serves your province. This is also the case of people living in the USA (you can click here to see where you shall apply if you are a US resident).
  • If for some reason you don’t want to, or you can’t show up personally, you can use an agency to get your Chinese VISA. This will have a supplementary cost, but it may still be cheaper than the cost of the trip to the nearest CVASC or Chinese Consulate).
  • In this case, you’ll have to send your passport (and other necessary documents) to the agency and they will handle everything.


Do I need trip insurance?

  • Chloe Johnston Experiences STRONGLY recommends all participants purchase trip cancellation insurance for protection against trip cancellation, modification, unforeseen circumstances, delayed flights, additional costs incurred due to events which may happen as part of travel, medical or family emergencies, lost baggage situations, full medical coverage abroad, and more. Chloe Johnston Experiences is NOT an insurance provider.                                                            
  • Chloe Johnston Experiences is not responsible for costs incurred by participants preparing for a trip that is altered or canceled. We are not responsible for airfare purchased for a trip that is altered or canceled. These are items that should be covered by the insurance policy. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to determine the extent to which the chosen policy covers any event.

Can I drink the water in China?

  • No, tap water is not drinkable. You can purchase bottled water from restaurants and hotels.

Should I be worried about air pollution?

  • Larger cities in China have serious problems with air pollution, particularly in Beijing. Many locals swear by masks on days with hazardous air pollution, but it is safer to avoid exertion on days with particularly bad pollution.

Bathrooms in China?

  • We highly suggest bringing your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Most Chinese bathrooms do not have either.

Flights within China?

  • Expect delays, be prepared to arrive early in the case of a flight change.

Cultural differences?

  • As is the case when traveling, you will encounter cultural differences. The Chinese DO spit, personal space is much closer than in the West, and be prepared for people to stop you for a photo. Embrace your surroundings!

Do I need to buy an adaptor?

  • Yes, you will need to buy an adaptor. If you forget an adaptor, airports will definitely have one. Below you will find a link to an option that can be used in multiple countries.

Will my hair dryer or straightener work?

  • Most of the hotels or Airbnb’s will have hair dryers. If you bring your own straightener they will not work. You can either buy a cheap one while you are there, or go with natural hair during your stay.

References: https://www.ytravelblog.com/things-to-know-before-you-visit-china/

Physical Demands

  • Dress comfortable chic, in shoes that you can walk in.

Before You Go

  • Call credit cards
  • Stop mail
  • Create a new music playlist
  • Talk to your neighbors/local friends and family to inform them that you’ll be away
  • Call phone company and set up an international plan
  • Check that your passport is up to date (must not expire within 6 months of travel) and take a copy with you
  • Check to see if you need a visa
  • Wash your clothes/laundry  and bring a bag for dirty clothes
  • Check outlet compatibility
  • Charge your electronics
  • Pick out a favorite book, movie
  • Download a favorite show, movie, book or game
  • Organize pet sitters if needed
  • Prepare a carry on according to airline demands considering size, weight and liquids
  • Arrange transportation to the airport
  • Check map of transportation in China
  • Confirm hotel or lodging arrangements, if not booked with CJE
  • Check in on your flight 24 hours in advance
  • Confirm transportation after arriving in destination; print details, if not booked with CJE
  • Buy tickets ahead of time to travel to neighboring cities, if not booked with CJE
  • Pack medicine and vitamins you made need
  • Pack chargers
  • Learn basic Chinese (or maybe learn the basics of the language—like hello, goodbye, thank you)

Things to do

Chinese Spring Festival: China Tours 2018

Feb. 15 – Feb. 17, 2018

All throughout China, Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is the most important and looked forward to the festival of the year. This coming winter brings on the year of the Earth Dog, which is associated with the action. (Hint, hint.) Those who’ve been before recommended celebrating in Hong Kong and Beijing for grander experiences such as the International Chinese New Year Night Parade and the daily Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbor. If you’re touring smaller towns, visit the traditional temple fairs for celebrations with hyper-local flair and interesting, locally made tchotchke and snacks.

For Gin Lovers (& wannabes) Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour: China Tours 2018

Shop B31A

First Basement Floor, Landmark Atrium

15 Queen’s Road, Central

Hong Kong

+852 2111 9449

This gin-focused bar has more than 250 varieties on the menu, handpicked by its owner, who is gifted in botany and concocting flavorful and healthy gin cocktails made with fresh, local herbs and botanicals. We can’t beat the website’s description…

China Tours 2018 Green Common

Nonmeat eaters will love this plant-based grocery shop and cafe, home of the first ‘Beyond Burger'(outside of the U.S.), the plant-based burger that “bleeds.” Its innovative cuisine and emphasis on healthy, sustainable—and socially responsible—living has been fully embraced by a city once known for its mass consumption of meat. Don’t worry, just because it sounds uber healthy, doesn’t mean it won’t knock your socks off flavorwise. Its fast-casual vibe makes it a perfect stop for sightseeing and partying.

Weather In China


Tour: China Tour 2017

” China is too vast and too different to experience on your own. Chloe helped us navigate this most wonderful land. She even set up an interpreter! We cannot say enough good things about Chloe and this outstanding vacation! “
– Frank and Susan, Windermere, FL

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