Outdoor Locations for Wedding Photos in New York City

Few things are more romantic than a wedding in New York City. Along with finding a venue in the city, you also need to find a spot to take photos. If you’re looking for a gorgeous setting, check out these outdoor locations for wedding photos in New York City.

Central Park

Obviously, no list of outdoor locations for wedding photos in New York City would be complete without Central Park. Central Park is easy to access and suitable for all seasons, and it has a variety of backdrops. Whether you want a nature-filled shoot or architectural background such as the Bethesda Terrace, you can find something that suits your tastes in Central Park. Plus, you won’t have to worry about booking the venue! Central Park is also a hub for wedding ceremonies.

The Conservatory Garden

You should also consider checking out the Conservatory Garden within Central Park. The Conservatory is a public garden that offers a stunning backdrop thanks to its thousands of flowers on display. For a spring wedding and photoshoot, few spots can compare to the beauty of the Conservatory’s garden.
There are many different spots within the Conservatory to shoot, including three distinct gardens: English style, French style, and Italianate.

New York Botanical Garden

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, the New York Botanical Garden is a hot spot for weddings and photoshoots because of the gorgeous landscapes it offers. But it doesn’t get any more beautiful than when the cherry blossoms bloom and fill the garden with soft pink petals in the spring. Numerous walkways, bridges, and rivers make for stunning backdrops for your big day. 

620 Loft & Garden

If you want something outdoors but still want to capture the city’s vibrance, consider the famous 620 Loft & Garden at Rockefeller Center. Even if you don’t know its name, you’ve probably seen this locale in movies, shows, or magazines. The 620 Loft & Garden offers stunning architectural views high above the streets, with St. Patrick’s Cathedral and skyscrapers close by. Don’t wait to book this location, though, as it’s one of the busiest and most sought-after wedding shoot settings.

Pier 17

The iconic Brooklyn Bridge makes for a stunning backdrop in wedding photos, and one of the best spots to capture it is at Pier 17. This seaport makes for a spectacular location thanks to the Brooklyn Bridge in the background and the sparkling water views in summer.

These are some of our favorite outdoor locations for wedding photos in New York City; which one do you think is right for your special day? Now that you’ve got the right spot, you just need to find the right photographer!