Dog Friendly Vacations

Dog Friendly Vacations

The thought of going on vacation will make anyone giddy with excitement. You start thinking about where you’re going to stay, what restaurants you’re going to eat at, and of course, what activities you’re going to do. Your level of excitement is at an all-time high until you realize that you need to find someone to watch your furry friend during your travels. You think about how your best friend is going to be stuck at home while you’re away experiencing new things and new adventures. But what if your dog could come along? We’re here to give you the inside scoop on some of the best places to go on vacation with your furry friend. We’ll tell you the best cities, hotels, restaurants, and activities that are equally as fun for your dog as they are for you. No more worrying about who is going to watch your dog while you’re away because they will be coming along on your next adventure.


Huntington Dog Beach

California is known for having the nicest weather year round, along with some of the most beautiful beaches in America. Huntington Dog Beach is a great place to take any size pupper and is sure to be an oasis for both you and your pet. Your doggo will love having the freedom to run up and down the 1.5-mile long beach while playing with their new furry friends. If your dog is a water lover and experienced swimmer, they’ll have the freedom to jump in the waves as they please, leash-free. If your pup is new to the beach scene and isn’t used to interacting with other dogs, it’s recommended that they stay leashed on the beach and in the water for their safety and the safety of the other dogs. Is your dog a water lover and a surfer at heart? The Surf City Dog Surf Competition may be just the thing for them to show off their skills and land themselves a spot on the dog mound. For all the corgi lovers out there, you’re about to be in corgi heaven at the So-Cal Corgi Nation Meet up. You and your four-legged loaf can find yourselves amongst other corgi loving friends and maybe even see some corgi sploots along the way.

Huntington Dog Beach

Dog-Friendly Restaurants:

Sapphire Laguna

Once your doggo is tired out and ready for an afternoon nap, head over to Sapphire Laguna to grab a bite to eat. There you can indulge international cuisine made with the freshest ingredients and fish from local markets, all while enjoying a breathtaking view of the beach. Due to the use of freshest ingredients, the menu changes with the season which means you are bound to try something new each time you stop by. The dog-friendly staff will take the time to make sure your dog is comfortable and has a cold bowl of water during your meal. An amazing view, fresh ingredients, and a dog-friendly staff? This restaurant gets two paws up from us!

Wahoo’s Fish Taco

If you’re looking for cheaper, a quicker option that is close to Huntington Dog Beach, take a trip to Wahoo’s Fish Taco to grab a bite to eat. Your pup can sprawl out on the patio while you enjoy your food and maybe even a drink (or two). If you’re feeling really adventurous, try out a tequila tasting! Just for you, not your dog of course. The wait staff will provide your doggo with the best service possible, having an ice cold bowl of water waiting for them when you arrive.

Dog Parks:

Recreation Dog Park

So your dog isn’t the best swimmer. Not a problem! Recreation Dog Park is a great alternative to taking your furry friend to the beach. At this park, you can sit back and relax while your dog runs around the fence enclosed and spacious area until their little legs give out. Your puppy will have the freedom to roam around without a leash while making friends and tiring themselves out along the way. Not to mention, there isn’t any water or sand so you’ll be taking home a cleaner (and better smelling) doggo.

Laguna Beach Dog Park

Between all the activities you have planned for your pup friendly getaway, who has the time to go for daily walks? Rather than constricting your dog on a leash and walking the same humdrum path every day, try taking them to Laguna Beach Dog Park. They’ll be able to smell the freedom when they’re running amongst other dogs without the dreaded leash. One word of advice. If it has been a dry season, we recommend checking the ground to evaluate the roughness before letting your dog run free. The dry, rough ground can potentially scratch their paws and last time you checked, a puppy spa was not on the itinerary. Other than this minor issue, this park is ideal for dogs of all sizes because there are two separate fenced off areas for them to run around in. There is also plenty of shade to sit back, relax, and dog watch.

Other Dog-Friendly Activities:


No trip would be complete without a shopping spree whether it be for you or your furry friend. We all know how important it is to keep your dog up to date with the latest styles, right? If your pup is a fashionista, take a trip to Muttropolis Fashion Island and get your doggo a special treat or even a new collar or leash to add to their collection. They even have breed-specific dog meetups for your pooch, so make sure to check out their website or give them a call to see if there’s one for your dog when you’re in town.


New York, New York

Dogs Parks:

Central Park

Central Park is a must-see destination in New York City and it’s perfect for you and your dog to explore together. Your doggo must be on a leash while walking through the park unless you visit during off-leash hours, which are before 9 am and after 9 pm. Your dog can enjoy 23 acres of designated off-leash land throughout the park with 15 dog fountains along the way. There are plenty of trees to provide a shaded, cool climate for you and your furry friend to take a nice afternoon walk through the park.

Dogs Parks


Madison Square Dog Run

Your dog can run free and make some furry friends along the way while in the center of New York City at the Madison Square Dog Run. This park has plenty of trees and umbrellas to keep you cool while your dog plays, making for the perfect afternoon oasis. If you’re an overprotective doggie mom like some of us, no need to worry. The park is separated for big and small dogs, keeping the pooches playing with furry friends their own size. You can also keep the water bowl at home because this park is full of water stations to keep your dog hydrated and cool even on the hottest summer day.

Dog-Friendly Activities:

McNally Jackson Books

If your version of paradise includes curling up with a good book and reading the day away, McNally Jackson Books will be your go-to retreat. This local bookshop welcomes you to get lost in their stacks and stacks of books, all with your pup by your side. Grab your dog, find a quiet corner, and get lost in a good book to escape reality, even if it’s only for the afternoon.

McNally Jackson Books

Marissa Perry Atelier

Jewelry and dogs? I think so! It might sound a bit unorthodox to let your dogs roam around a jewelry store with you, but the owner of Marissa Perry Atelier doesn’t seem to mind! No trip to New York would be complete with a trip to this iconic jewelry store to grab yourself some new bling. You can take your time to walk around and find the perfect stand out piece, all while your pooch sits back, relaxes, and enjoys some cookies and water. However, we do recommend stopping at the dog park to get out some of that energy before entering the store. You know, precautionary measures.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants:


Located on 1st Ave, d.b.a is a great place to take a break with your two-legged friends as well as your four-legged one. You can enjoy a selection from their changing list of imported craft beers and even scotch. The back patio is a cool, shaded space in the summer that is then converted to a heated room in the winter, making it the ideal destination no matter the weather. Didn’t think it could get much better than that, huh? Well, it does! The dog-loving staff provided top of the art service, even carrying around dog treats to spoil your pup as much as you do.

Barking Dog Luncheonette

The name of this restaurant just screams “dogs welcome”. At this pup friendly restaurant, dogs are always encouraged to relax and sniff the fresh air while you enjoy a delicious meal. The staff will bring your dog a bowl of water and some treats to keep them comfy during your time at the restaurant. Barking Dog Luncheonette is known for their brunch and with good reason! Their indulgent selection will leave both you and your dog begging for more. Just make sure you get there early enough so your dog can pop a squat at a table instead of in line.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dog Parks:

Red Wing Metro Dog Park

What better way to vacation with your dog than an acre of fenced in the land at Virginia Beach?

The Red Wing Metro Dog Park is a must-see when traveling with your pooch. Your pupper will have the opportunity to play with other four-legged friends until they’re pooped and ready to go home. However, be aware that this park is not separated by size so if this is a concern for you, you might want to bring the leash along! When your dog is all tired out and ready for some much-needed water, they can hydrate at one of the many fountains around the park. Happy pet, happy life, right?

Bayville Farms Park

For those who prefer to have dogs separated by size when playing, this is the park for you. Bayville Farms Park has three separate, fenced dog parks that allow big and small dogs to play together. The best part about this dog park is that you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your pup. To all, you overprotective dog moms, go ahead and take a big sigh of relief. While there are three parks, they are not all occupied at the same time. Only two parks are open at a time while the third is worked on in order to keep the turf safe for the dogs. The park provides water for your dogs in large Gatorade coolers which are filled daily. It also has an abundance of trees to provide shade for your pup on those hot summer days.

Dog Beaches:

First Landing State Park Beach

You can’t say Virginia Beach without (dog) beach, right? First Landing State Park Beach is the perfect place to take your furry friend in Virginia Beach. Your doggo is allowed to run up and down the 1 ½ miles of the sandy Chesapeake Bay beach at all times of the day. If you and your pup are more of the exploring type, take a stroll on the 20 miles worth of trails that zigzag throughout the state park. Although you’ll have to pay a fee to get into the state park, you, your furry friend, and 4 other companies can enter for just $7. All dogs on this beach should be leashed as per the rules, but some rule breakers do let their pups free to play in the water. Just try not to get caught!

Virginia Beach Public Beaches

If you’re not a morning person, it’s time to rise and shine and head over to one of the Virginia Beach Public Beaches. What better way to experience the sunrise than a walk on the beach with your pup? Dogs are allowed on all public beaches before 10 am and after 6 pm during the peak season between Memorial Day and Labor Day. However, if you want to grab a slice of pizza on the boardwalk, unfortunately, your dog is going to have to stay behind (we don’t support this rule either). A stroll on any Virginia beach would be one for the books, but if your dog prefers running through the waves we suggest heading over to First Landing State Park Beach. The link below will give you a list of the rules to follow when taking your dog to a Virginia Public Beach.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants:

HK on the Bay

You’ve had a long day on the beach and it’s time for a much-needed meal and bone. HK on the Bay is a dog-friendly American restaurant with one of the best menus around. The back patio is covered to keep you and your furry friend cool after playing under the sun all day. Your pup will be treated like V.I.P, receiving a cold bowl of water upon arrival and tons of attention from the dog-loving staff. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy an amazing meal with views of the bay, all while your dog relaxes in the shade.

Sage Kitchen

Are restaurants really dog-friendly if you can’t enjoy a meal inside? Most restaurants that are dog-friendly only allow you and your dog to sit at the tables located outside the restaurant. That’s all fine and good until it starts raining and the smell of wet dog overpowers your food. Lucky for you, Sage Kitchen is the exception to this rule because they allow dogs in their greenhouse dining area at all times. You’ll no longer be stuck on the back patio on a rainy day, adding more stress than the weather already brought on. Sage Kitchen has a seasonal menu made completely from scratch with fresh, local ingredients. A healthy meal and shelter from mother nature, what more could you ask for?

Back Bay Brewing

If you’re looking to grab a quick beer with your friends and furry companion, Back Bay Brewing is the place to go. With a selection of craft beers and a cold bowl of water for your dog, this brewery makes for the ultimate destination to relax after a long day on the beach. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, this probably isn’t the place for you because this establishment is strictly beer only. However, it is a BYO…F? Yup, you heard right! Any food you bring is allowed inside, whether you’re craving pizza, sushi, or even tacos from the local taco shop.

Charleston, South Carolina

Dog Parks:

Bees Landing Recreation Area

If you’re looking for a safe haven for your dog to roam free while you enjoy some time in the southern sun, Bees Landing Recreation Area is the place for you. This dog park is equipped with three large fenced-off areas that will give your pup the freedom to play till they drop. One of the fenced off oases is in full exposure of the sun, so you and your doggo can get your tan on. The other two areas are shaded by the trees surrounding the park, so no umbrellas are necessary to protect yourself from the sun. If you have a dog that loves to get their feet wet, you can bring them to the third fenced off area that butts up against the swamp. There are park benches scattered throughout the park so you can sit back, relax, and watch your pup make some new furry friends.

Dog Parks

James Island County Park

Do you prefer the park or the beach? Well lucky for you, James Island County Park gives you the best of both worlds. This park offers beachfront access along with four acres of grassland that will allow your dog to run free and then cool off with a swim. If safety is on your mind, the park does contain a small fenced off area for small dogs to roam around with other pups their own size. You probably didn’t think this park could get any better, right? Wrong! It’s also equipped with a cleaning station and waste station so you can clean up your pup after a long day of playing in the water. Because the last things you need is muddy paw prints and the smell of wet dog in your car.

Dog Beaches:

Morris Island

If you have a mini (or not so mini) Olympic swimmer on your hands, good luck dragging them away from this place! Morris Island is the ultimate beach for dogs to run around, leash free, and jump in the waves as much as their heart desires. This beach haven is actually an underdeveloped island that is only accessible via boat. If you’re up for the adventure, you and your furry friend can explore the island all day long and cool off in the water. Not only is this island known for its dog beach, but it’s also a popular dolphin watching spot among locals. What better way to spend the day than frolicking free with your pup and spotting some sea creatures along the way?

Folly Beach

Folly beach is the place to go with your doggo during the off season. From October 1st to April 30th, you and your dog can roam the beach all day long and explore all the area has to offer. However, during peak season your pup’s play time is restricted to before 10am and after 6pm. Although a leash is required when playing on this beach, some owners channel their inner rule breaker and let their pup run free. However, we suggest if you are willing to risk the fine, you first make sure all of the other dogs on the beach are well behaved to avoid mishap. Oh, and just so you know the fines for breaking any rules on the beach can reach up to $500, so be sneaky. We recommend if your doggo really wants to be off leash you take them to Morris Island where they can run free in a fenced off area.

Dog Beaches

Dog-Friendly Restaurants:

Lost Dog Cafe

If you and your dog worked up an appetite from a long day on the beach, head over to the Lost Dog Cafe where you’ll be welcomed by the amazing dog-friendly staff. At this cafe, you can sit back and relax on the patio while your pup enjoys an ice cold bowl of water in the shade. The serving size is as big as the reputation, with enough food to bring home for dinner. If your doggo likes eggs, you can even ask the staff to scramble one for them and they can enjoy a breakfast of their own. Make sure you take a stroll inside to check out the walls covered in dog pictures on your way out. Who knows, maybe your pup will get featured!

Brown Dog Deli

It’s hard enough to find restaurants that allow you to bring your furry friend, but finding vegan and gluten-free options? Not possible. Well actually, Brown Dog Deli is just the place to get your vegan fix while spending quality time with the pup. This restaurant has a back patio that makes for the perfect oasis to enjoy a meal with your dog by your side. This restaurant is a popular spot and seats fill up fast, so we suggest calling ahead to make sure you and your pup have a place to sit!

Dog-Friendly Activities:


If your dog isn’t much of a beach goer, but still enjoys playing in the water, take a trip to Wag-n-Splash. This dog oasis is a 9,000 gallon, indoor heated pool just for pups! You and your dog will have the pool to yourselves for a private swim unless you book with a group of your dog-owning friends. Don’t worry if you don’t have a life jacket for your doggo because they provide them and tons of water toys too.

Austin, Texas

Dog-Friendly Restaurants:

Spider House

Spider House is everything you (and your dog) could want and need in a cafe. You can eat, drink, relax, and even enjoy films all with your furry friend by your side. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a cup of coffee or even an ice cold beer, Spider House has got you covered with a menu of gourmet coffee and a large selection of craft beer on tap. Travel bloggers all around can’t stop raving about the Christmas light covered patio with one-of-a-kind antiques, art installation pieces, and a novelty collection of garden statues. You will have all kinds of seating to choose from, even swing booths! You and your pup can enjoy a film and a bite to eat while relaxing outside in this Austin oasis.

Kerbey Lane Cafe

Queso lovers unite! Kerbey Lane customers can’t stop raving about the amazing queso that this restaurant serves. Kerbey Lane isn’t only known for their queso, but their pancakes too! Every week, Kerbey Lane provides three special pancake flavors that change every Tuesday, so you have plenty of time to try every flavor each week, If you’re a vegan or require gluten-free options, we can feel your disappointment through the screen. But wait! Your day just got a whole lot brighter because they actually offer both the queso and pancakes with vegan and gluten-free variations! With you’re enjoying all of this amazing food, your dog can relax next to you on the patio with a treat of their own. Maybe you can even slip them some queso!

Dog Parks:

Metropolitan Park at Walnut Creek

If your version of luxury includes hiking with your pup by your side, do we have the place for you1 Metropolitan Park at Walnut Creek is the perfect destination to explore nature with a variety of hiking trails and a one-acre dog park. Your pup will have the opportunity to play with both big and small dogs off the leash for as long as their heart desires. When you’re ready to get back on the leash, you can take a hike through one of the many trails scattered throughout the park. Just be aware that cyclists are allowed on the trails too, and some aren’t particularly cautious, so keep an eye on your dog. Some of the trails allow your doggo to roam leash-free, just watch out for some of the steep cliffs that you could encounter along the way.

Dog Parks

Dog-Friendly Activities:

The Domain

Vacations are supposed to be a time to relax and treat yourself, but sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in your busy itinerary. Take a break from your jam-packed schedule and indulge in some much-needed shopping at The Domain. This shopping center has a park life feel and most retailers will welcome you and your well-behaved dog into their store to browse around. Most retailers have bowls of water outside of their stores and even carry dog treats behind the counter. What better way to keep your pooch occupied while you get some well deserved retail therapy?

Austin Doga

Dog parks and beaches are no doubt a great time to relax with your dog, but if you want to take it a step further, we recommend trying out doga. Yup, you heard right. Doga is just as it sounds, yoga for your pups! You and your dog will have the opportunity to connect while doing yoga together. You’ll get a great workout and your doggo will be in their prime, enjoying gentle massages from you. You can either book a class for a group of 3 to 5 dogs for you and your friends, or you can opt for a private class with just you and your pup. No matter what size class you take, you and your furry friend will leave feeling zen and more connected than ever.

Chicago, Illinois

Dog Parks:

Jackson Bark

This isn’t your typical dog park. Jackson Bark is a unique park equipped with its very own agility course for you and your furry friend to learn some new tricks. This park makes for the ultimate destination to train your pups for future competitions, or maybe just to have some fun. Most dogs parks rely on the company of other dogs to guarantee a good time, but this park is sure to keep you entertained for hours, whether you’re alone or with a group. The course includes hoops, tires, a tunnel, and even a teeter-totter. It’s basically the Six Flags of dog parks!

Puptown at Margate Park

Puptown at Margate Parks is 16,230 square feet of fully enclosed land for your pup to run free and get out all of their energy. You can make friends with the other puparents and your dog can make some new furry friends too. The park is kept clean by the Puptown Dog Owners Group, who cleans the park every other weekend in the spring, summer, and fall. They always welcome new pups and puparents to help with cleanups or to just play in the park. As if this park wasn’t great enough, they also have a Howl-O-Ween costume party every year which is their biggest fundraiser. So if you’re in town, hit them up to see if you can participate and give a little donation as well.

Dog Beaches:

Montrose Dog Beach

This is the dog beach of you and your pup’s dreams. Montrose Dog Beach is Chicago’s first legal off-leash beach. Your dog can run free, jumping in and out of the waves and rolling in the sand as they please. You’ll never have to worry about your doggo not having a friend to play with because this popular dog beach is always full of friendly pups. They provide doggie bags as well as a dog-wash area to clean off your sandy, tired pup when the day is over. The park is double fenced so you won’t have to worry about your furry friend escaping with another dog and their owner. Because this beach is so popular and almost always busy, you need to make sure to keep an eye on your dog to ensure they’re behaving. This is definitely a must stop place when traveling with your favorite travel partner!

Dog Beaches

Belmont Harbor Beach

If you’re looking for a dog beach for beginners, this is the place for you. Belmont Harbor Beach is much smaller than Montrose, making for the perfect playpen for smaller dogs. The beach is sloped which makes it the ideal starter beach for new pups to get used to splashing around in the water. This beach can get crowded depending on the time that you go so be cautious of this factor if your dog is new to this type of environment. Belmont Harbor offers limited seating so we suggest bringing along your favorite beach blanket so that you and your pup can sunbathe in the sand. Another dog beach that’s getting two paws up!

Dog-Friendly Restaurants:

Big Star

Tacos, whiskey, and dogs all under one roof? Sign me up! Big Star has a menu full of fancy tacos and many different types of whiskey, bourbon, beer, tequila, cocktails and house barrels. You can order whatever your heart desires from the take-out window and then grab a seat for you and your furry friend on the large patio out front. You can enjoy your tacos and some conversation with friends while your dog enjoys the sun and some fresh air. If you happen to have a late night taco craving, Big Star is open until 2:30 am on Saturday and 1:30 am on Sunday’s.


If you’re looking to rock and roll with your pup, head over to Reggie’s for some of the best wings in town. You’ll be able to chow down on a world-class menu, all while jamming out to some rock music with your dog by your side. In the summer, this rocking restaurant has a sidewalk patio and rooftop bar where dogs are welcome to accompany you for dinner. The rooftop bar has plenty of umbrellas to provide shade for your furry friend while lounging in the summer heat. The staff is pet-friendly and will do everything to meet you are your puppers needs.

Next time you want to take a trip but don’t want to leave your doggo behind, bring them along for the ride! There are tons of places throughout the United States that are dog-friendly and will allow you to experience a new city with your favorite travel partner. Need help planning your puppy’s first vacation? Contact us at and we’ll create a personalized itinerary that will be sure to help you and your dog discover your own version of luxury!