Best Chocolate in the World

Best Chocolate

Are you a chocoholic?

To all of you, chocolate-addicts, in the world, listen up! We’ve created a guide to help you hit all the best sweet spots (pun intended) while traveling the world! It’s a ubiquitous misconception that the best chocolate in the world comes only from specific destinations.

However, we’re here to bring you some remarkable chocolate havens, inspired by culture, farming, design, landscape, and simple techniques that make them worth trying on your next adventure.

These deliciously sweet, versatile concoctions are hard to resist and for good reasons!

It’s got everything that features in a dieticians nightmare. Carbs,

sugar, dairy, caramel, nuts, nougats and more! What’s not to love!

It pulled you through the midnight cravings on study-nights, served as comfort food through several heartbreaks, and as a token of appreciation for your loved ones when words fall short.  Sure, the calories haven’t always burned off and the extra hours at the gym have been brutal.

However, vacations are for us to indulge guiltlessly and we have the sweetest escape for our fellow travelers.

These 5 chocolate brands/shops are some of the best chocolate around the world from taste, experience, health, and roots of inspiration.

Switzerland is a world leader in the chocolate industry; Teuscher,  headquartered in Zurich, is one spot that is a must.

Don’t fret if you can’t go to Switzerland; you can catch a taste of Switzerland in North America, Asia, and the Middle East as well, thanks to the amazing reach of the Teuscher.

Known for the most delectable dark champagne truffles in the world, they have had 70 successful years of creating the most delicious champagne truffles.

Truffles are not all they have though! Their chocolate bars, pralines, and cakes (especially for weddings) are some of the world’s finest. Fantasy boxes, gift ideas, and holiday packages are available at your nearest location for shipping if you are not physically going to the store. A gentleman discovered the company about 70 years ago when he located the finest cocoa, nuts, and any other ingredient needed to finesse his skill of being a chocolatier. Today these Teuscher kitchens make over one hundred varieties of chocolate using the original recipes with no added preservatives. Who would have thought chocolate could be this natural?

Teuscher’s is ranked in the top 11 of the Swiss Chocolate Brands!

You might have to travel to Amsterdam to taste the best chocolate in the world.

Puccini Bomboni provides the most amazing chocolate experience with every single offering handmade. Learn everything about chocolate and make a difference in the world while you are at it! Puccini Bomboni prides on being a sustainable chocolate provider where they support an initiative that benefits over 25,000 cocoa farmers in West Africa every day.

How could you not support this business dynamic?  

Puccini Bomboni provides gift boxes that range from small to luxurious, as the higher priced items contain a gift box set with a bottle of wine to add more value. They are more so famous for their bonbons and other treats that include cranberry. Their location is in the heart of Amsterdam. In which, they want to provide customers with a special way to end a meal or spend time with family/friends. Locals and tourists know them to have many different options in their store location for a fun experience for all.

Puccini Bomboni

Canadian chocolate? Crystal structured chocolate? What even is that? Beta5 is a contemporary and innovative chocolate shop in Vancouver that provides artisan chocolates. The pastries are designed to incorporate the nature and landscape that are viewed from the workshop. This artful approach of their chocolate bars is formed by controlled melting and subsequent cooling of liquid chocolates that create a textured design in the treat. This idea is what makes Beta5 relevant, trendy with food, and fun to buy.  

They are known for polygon bars, astrology-inspired bars, pebbles (pecans, nuts), caramel products and cream puffs. The fillings of their chocolates are different in taste and texture, but even more unique in looks. With products ranging from matcha cream puffs to a variation of chocolate bars, this shop is a great visit and experience while traveling. You can expect to see more contemporary chocolatier’s hitting the market as this brand becomes more popular.

One doesn’t mention Belgium without talking about the delicious chocolate it offers.

Bustling with the world-renowned chocolatiers, but one stands out specifically for the craft and products.

Established in 1919, Mary’s, first shop-now-Tea-Salon, is located on the rue Royale in Brussels.

Traditions blend with modernity that allowed her to create pieces that not only are supreme in taste, but are also aromatic and full of beguiling textures, and appearances.  

The artisanal chocolate comes in vintage decorative boxes, and it’s easy to see why the Belgian royalty love it.

The company fills all boxes with a variation of their favorites, including gluten-free options. Options for gifting online are labeled as the icons, small pleasures, and mini boxes, which each range at a different price point. Whereas in stores, fresh baked items like cookie truffles, fudge, and tarts are all freshly made that day and are a must try.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is key in most healthy diets. It’s almost fortuitous to stumble upon amazing dark chocolate shops, especially when traveling on one such diet.

Pascha Organic is a chocolate brand that has gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and soy-free organic chocolate bars. They created their business to provide a chocolate that had no added ingredients. Furthermore, they provide chocolate in its purest form composed of blended cocoa beans from Peru with a hint of organic vanilla at affordable prices. Their wide variety of dark chocolate is available with food distributors and many online retailers as well.  The company took off in 2013. Since then, they have provided chocolate bars all over the United States and Canada, and will soon be hitting Europe.

While eating chocolates requires no external motivation than the chocolate itself, whatever your motivations may be – health or fun – these spots are a must for a true chocolate fan.

Want to go on a chocolate trail but don’t know where to start? Contact us for customized itineraries tailored to your desired experience! Let us provide you with the best chocolate you can imagine.