What to Wear in Paris in 2018

What to wear in Paris

Wondering what to wear in Paris in 2018? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Parisian fashion is all about neutral colors and an overall feeling of simplicity, yet it is chic. Confidence is key. We have compiled some great tips and tricks on how to dress like a Parisian effortlessly.

1. remember when deciding what to wear in Paris is that you can never go wrong with black.

Black is a key staple in the Parisian wardrobe and for good reason. As everyone knows, black is slimming and it pairs well with everything. Typically, I aim to bring a pair of black jeans, a black leather jacket or sweater depending on the weather, a black dress, and then a pair of black shoes. This makes mixing and matching easier and allows me to accessorize with my brights, whether that’s a scarf, handbag, jacket or hat.

What to wear in Paris

2. remember when deciding what to wear in Paris is that your Skinny jeans can go from day to night.

Referring back to my previous point, one of my staple items when packing for Paris is a pair of black skinny jeans. They are easy to pair with any top in my suitcase; they work for almost all seasons, and they easily transition from day-time with a pair of flats or booties to evening where you can throw on a pair of heels and be ready to go.

What to wear in Paris 2

3. remember when deciding what to wear in Paris is that Comfortable shoes are a must!

My favorite thing to do in Paris is walk the streets getting lost in the romance of the city. In order to do so, comfortable shoes are key. In the fall/winter I opt for comfortable boots or booties and in the Spring/Summer I live in sneakers. Allbirds have an amazing variety of colors and their shoes are incredibly comfortable, light weight, and water resistant. Steve Madden has some great black slip-ons, and I love my black Giuseppe Zanotti black booties. For a more sporty option Nike and Adidas always have great collaborations.

4. remember when deciding what to wear in Paris is that You can't go wrong with a Brenton Stripe

The Brenton stripe is simply a black and white striped shirt. The striped tee became a part of every Parisians wardrobe when civilians adopted it from the French Navy’s uniform. It’s super versatile and can be paired with most items in your closet. Throw it on with a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers for a comfortable, sporty day look or pair it with a pencil skirt for an evening business dinner or night out on the town.

What to wear in Paris 3

5. remember when deciding what to wear in Paris is the Little Black Dress

I never go on a trip without one. LBDs are perfect for all seasons and all occasions. When it’s colder you can opt for a long sleeve dress and pair it with a jacket and tights, during the warmer months opt for a sleeveless option. I also love taking my LBD from day to night with a simple swap of a scarf or a leather jacket and quick change of shoes.

6. remember when deciding what to wear in Paris: Scarves

Scarves are a staple in most Parisians closets. Adding a scarf to any outfit helps change the look and keeps in line with the Parisian outlook of: less is more. You will see Parisians in scarves all year long. Spring and Summer they opt for a lighter material or tie it around their purse to add a nice pop of color. Fall and Winter you can opt for a thicker scarf to keep warm.

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What to wear in Paris in Winter:

The weather in Paris is very unpredictable in the winter, it can be sunny at one moment and cold and rainy the next. The key to winter fashion in Paris is layering. Make sure to pack items that you can layer such as t-shirts, long sleeve tops, sweaters, vests, jackets and scarves.

What to wear in Paris in Spring:

Much like winter it’s better to be prepared. Maxi dresses are the perfect item to delayer if it’s too warm, and add a jacket if it’s colder. Your skinny jeans are also a perfect option for Spring weather as you can layer or delayer on top as well.

What to wear in Paris in Summer:

The summers in Paris can be very warm so you’ll want to be sure to pack clothing that will keep you cool and comfortable. You can pair your dresses with your comfortable walking shoes during the day and then dress it up with your wedges or heels at night. The mornings and nights can get chilly so make sure to bring a jacket

What to wear in Paris in Fall:

The fall in Paris can be cold and rainy or it can be cool and sunny. Layering again is the perfect way to be prepared.

What not to wear in Paris:

When packing your suitcase for your Trip to Paris you should stay away from your college sweatshirts, athletic wear, flip-flops, shorts, and yoga pants.