Vacation Prep 101- A Checklist for International Destinations

Traveling abroad is an exciting experience. Unfortunately, you can’t just book a trip, get on a plane, and go. You need to be prepared before you set off on your adventure. This article will provide you with an essential checklist of items you will need to prepare for your trip.


This is the most important thing you will pack while traveling abroad. If you don’t currently have one or yours is about to expire soon, do not wait until the last minute to get one. We recommend that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the period of your return date. Also, check to see if a visa or other documentation such as vaccines are needed to visit your desired destination. Many countries will not allow you to travel without them.

A Good Book or Two

It’s always great to have a good book or two while traveling, especially if your flight is over four hours long. Don’t bring any books that are too heavy to carry, or you can use ebooks. Some book suggestions include Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, Men We Reaped: A Memoir by Jesmyn Ward, and Lead From the Outside by Stacey Abrams. We also recommend works by John Green, Zora Neal Hurston, Suzanne Collins, and James Dashner.

Universal Adaptors

In many countries, the electrical outlets could fry your charger. A universal adapter is highly recommended to bypass the chance of that happening, and it can be used in any country. Great, affordable adapters are available in most supermarkets with multiple ports to connect all electronics.

Health & Safety- Medications

If you are on any medications, you should bring enough to withstand the entire duration of your trip. Refill any prescriptions before departure to stay healthy while traveling. Bring along some over-the-counter medications in case of emergency, like headache/pain relief, allergy, or nausea meds. This will be helpful if you run into any illness. We recommend registering with the United States Embassy before traveling to a foreign country to be completely safe. Travel registration is a free service and allows you to record information about your upcoming trip abroad that the Department of State can use to assist you in case of an emergency.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Traveling abroad involves a lot of walking, and comfort is more important than style. You don’t want to have a beautiful day of touring because your feet hurt too much to continue. Make sure all your outfits are appropriate for weather and activities. We promise while taking in a new country, city, and culture what you’re wearing is not as nearly as important.

Credit/Debit Cards

Of course, with any trip, you will want to go shopping! Using credit or debit cards saves you the hassle of trying to do currency conversions at the airport. However, when using your card overseas, there are often conversion and hidden fees your bank will charge to your account. To avoid these fees, it is recommended that you use money transfer services like “Wise”. You also should talk with your bank to let them know you will be out of the country for a certain amount of time, so they don’t think your cards are stolen.

International Phone Plans

Whether traveling alone or in a group, you may want to contact someone from home in the states. You don’t want to be halfway across the world, and no one can get in contact with you. You should check with your service provider before leaving to see if they have any plans or fees for international calls.

The Infamous Fanny Pack

This trip is all about walking around and touring an exciting new place. The last thing you want is to carry a huge purse or backpack all day. A fanny pack or small backpack is more convenient and safer. Having a big bag can make you a target for pickpockets, and you won’t even notice with the commotion of the city. This is not to scare you but only inform you to keep you and your belongings safe.

Traveling abroad can be incredibly exciting, but you need to be prepared for anything. These items should all be packed, checked, and taken care of before you get on that plane to a brand-new place.