The Different Vineyards in the South You Must Visit

If you’re looking to get out of town and sip some wine as you gaze out at sunset, these wineries are for you. Many locations around the South offer all things relaxing, delicious, and luxurious on top of Southern hospitality and the best food.

Here is a list of the different vineyards in the South you must visit!

Wolf Mountain Vineyards, Georgia

Wolf Mountain Vineyards in Georgia is comparable to Napa in California. It’s an excellent location for a weekend with the girls in the South. The estate is nearly 30 acres and is located 60 miles outside of Atlanta, which provides ample adventure opportunities. The winery features a veranda overlooking the vineyards, a restaurant, and a bar with Southern charm.

An Enchanting Evening, Arkansas

Of all the different vineyards in the South you must visit, An Enchanting Evening is a place. It’s much more than a winery and offers so much to its guests, including a wedding venue, tasting yurts, and a possible honeymoon destination as it is the most romantic place in Arkansas. This is an excellent place for an extended stay with decadent wines, incredible views, and romance in the air.

Victoria Valley, South Carolina

Victoria Valley offers a taste of French luxury as it sits on a 47-acre plot of land with a French Chateau aesthetic. It’s home of the Vinifera Wines, and the chateau features tastings, a deli, and a gift shop. The vineyard’s most significant attribute is its notable European wines and attitude. While you sit on the terrace and sip your wine, it’s easy to picture yourself in France.

Arrington Vineyards, Tennessee

Arrington Vineyards is about 25 miles outside of popular tourist attraction Nashville. The vineyards consist of 95 acres with five different tasting rooms, shaded picnic locations, live music, and breathtaking views. Of the 95 acres, 16 are specific to the vineyard’s award-winning grapes. There are many lands to cover at this destination, so privacy is a great benefit.
When we think of a winery, we envision a serene location with flourishing vines and a great experience. The South has a variety of places to offer that give just that!