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Fun Winter Activities | Holiday Special

Fun Winter Activities

Fun Winter Activities | Holiday Special The colder months always bring along so many wonderful winter activities. You and your family can enjoy them in a vast variety of ways. Whether it’s getting out on the slopes for skiing or snowboarding, or staying inside for some spiked hot chocolate and game night, you’re sure to […]

Things to do in Napa

Things to do in Napa | CJE

Drenched in hillside vineyards is the exquisite Napa Valley. In the city of Napa and just north of San Francisco you’ll find some of the finest wine in the world. However, wine isn’t the only thing they offer.  With our guidance, we can plan a one of kind trip customized beyond your every want and […]

Travel Essentials: Skin Care Products

Travel Essentials: Skin Care

Long flights and travel certainly take a toll on the skincare routine you’ve got down to a T. There’s nothing worse than the damage done to your skin by stale, recirculated cabin air. We’ve all been there! So how can you walk down the jet bridge looking fresh and awake on your next trip? No […]