Top Five Non-Beach Vacations for Summer that aren’t Boring

non-beach vacations

With the official start of summer just a few weeks away, we can’t stop daydreaming about the places we would love to go on vacation. However, sandy feet and salt-filled hair isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Here are some of our favorite non-beach vacations for all of the inland adventurers, from all over the globe.

1. Non-Beach Vacations Montreal, Quebec

Non-Beach Vacations Montreal

Photo Courtesy of Curious Tangles

For the Francophile who can’t jump across the pond to France, French Canada is a great place to get your “French” fix. Aside from eating macarons until our hearts content, one of our favorite things to do while in Montreal is to stop and smell the roses at the Montreal Botanical Gardens, the best way to spend an afternoon. Filled with culture, museums, and spetacular food and shopping, Montreal is a great summer escape.

Where to stay? The Ritz-Carlton Montreal, its touch of old-world glamour and contemporary elegance (not to mention the melt-in-your-mouth pancakes) make this our favorite place to stay.

2. Non-Beach Vacations Seattle, Washington

Non-Beach Vacations Seattle

We know that technically Seattle isn’t inland, and that yes, it does have a beach, but, that’s not the only draw to this beautiful Western hub. The perfect choice for those that love the outdoors as well as the hustle and bustle of a city, Seattle is the perfect amalgam of both. From kayaking and whale watching on Puget Sound (Free Willy anyone?) to exploring some of the city’s best museums, you won’t want for anything.

Where to stay? Hotel 1000 is not just your average luxury hotel. On top of its spa and library, the hotel has a Golf Club on site! Well, a virtual golf club, which is almost more intriguing if you’re prone to sunburn. If that’s not enough for you to do in Seattle, the 24-hour concierge service will help you find one of the hundreds of activities for you to do in this metro wonderland.

3. Non-Beach Vacations Cusco, Peru

Non-Beach Vacations Cusco

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Witt

Rich in culture, Cusco is one of the more beautiful places that we’ve been dreaming of, and has much to offer its visitors. For the history buff, there are museums and archaeological attractions for miles detailing the life and culture of the ancient Incans. While we are fans of Incan history, there is one museum you will absolutely find us at, the ChocoMuseo. It shares the obvious cocoa history and facts, but our favorite part belongs to the complete tastings. And if museums aren’t up your alley, the city is located in the heart of the Andes Mountains and not far from the breathtaking wonder of Machu Picchu.

Where to stay? The Hotel Monasterio – with its stunning architecture and sprawling views of the city and mountains – is also known for great food and hospitality, which may make it hard to get out and explore. With on-site culinary and wellness packages, the Hotel Monasterio is the perfect spot to unwind after a hike through the Andes… or perhaps too much chocolate at ChocoMuseo. 

4. Non Beach Vacations Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Non-Beach Vacations in Amersterdam

One of our favorite spots in Europe – second only to Paris – the charm and beauty of Amsterdam is unparalleled. Strolling through the streets and next to the canals is one of our favorite activities while there. Many know that Amsterdam is a great place to party, especially if you opt to stay close to the Red Light district, but don’t forget about the other things the city has to offer! For beer enthusiasts, take a trip the Heineken Brewery and take a deep in a pool of beer during your guided tour, and who could turn down free tastings? Not far from the city are many dairy farms, photo-ops to take in the windmills, visit with the goats and chances to sample goat cheese! And don’t forget to visit the Van Gogh museum for that inner artist of yours that never flowered.

Where to stay? We suggest you stay at the Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam! It is located right inside the city so you can venture outside the hotel to explore any time of day! You may not want to leave the hotel with afternoon teas and butler service, but the hotel offers bike tours, boat tours and horse and carriage tours throughout the city so that you get out see everything that Amsterdam has to offer!

5. Paris, France

Non-Beach Vacations in Paris

We just couldn’t resist. Any opportunity to visit Paris is one we will take, and we love spending summer in Paris. One of our favorite times to visit is mid-July, not just because the weather is beautiful, but also because of the Bastille Day festivities – the street parades and parties are something you won’t want to miss and will absolutely leave you with stories for years to come. 

Where to stay? Hotel Le A – no other hotel in Paris will treat you with such class and comfort. You’ll feel as if you’re staying abroad with luxurious friends, and we would only recommend that for our readers. To boot, you’ll be close enough to the luminous ChampsÉlysées, but nestled away from the hustle of the busy street. 

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