Exceptional Ideas for Your Next Luxury LA Vacation

Though Los Angeles is one of the top luxury vacation destinations, it isn’t one people commonly think of. Here are some exceptional ideas that Chloe Johnston Experiences wanted to share with you for your next luxury LA vacation.

Go Your Own Speed: Book a Private City Tour

Want to see the sights but hate crowds? Book a private tour guide for the day. You will see only the landmarks you and your family want to visit; better yet, you can choose how long to spend at each location.

Eat Like the Elite: Visit Top-Quality Restaurants

LA is home to many incredible restaurants; this is why it’s a favorite destination for foodies! Multiple Michelin star chefs own and operate restaurants here. From steakhouses to sushi to Italian cuisine, there is top-notch food for everyone to enjoy.

Elevate Your Date Night: See LA From the Sky

This is a luxury LA vacation; your sightseeing should be just as exceptional as the rest of your trip. See famous landmarks from a new perspective with a helicopter tour. This makes a fantastic date night for you and your partner. Enjoy dessert and champagne while taking in the lights of the city and the iconic Hollywood sign.

Dress To Impress: Level Up Your Shopping Game

Los Angeles is one of the top shopping cities in the world for a reason. From Rodeo Drive to Melrose Avenue, there are plenty of stunning, high-class places to shop. If merely visiting these streets is too mainstream for you, consider booking a personal shopper or fashion guide to escort you. They’ll show you all the best shops a local would know and give you insight into the latest trends.

Relax and Unwind: Stay in Luxury

LA has many fantastic luxury hotels to choose from, some of which have even housed celebrities or been the filming location of a movie. If a hotel isn’t your thing, consider booking a luxury villa. You’ll have many of the same amenities but much more privacy and quiet to enjoy your getaway.

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