The Best Tips for Choosing Your Next Formal Dress

Choosing a dress for your next event can be a refreshing and glamourous time. It can also be overwhelming when you realize how many options are available. Are you looking for something fun and flirty? Do you want to live out your dream of being Cinderella for an evening? Let’s dive into the different aspects and tips for choosing your next formal dress.

Follow the Invitation

Carefully reading the invitation to understand the formality and location of the event is your first step in deciding what to wear. If you’re attending a black-tie event or an upscale wedding at a country club, you may be required to wear a formal evening gown with some level of sophistication and elegance.

Take note of the climate of the venue as well. If you’re someplace air-conditioned and cool, sleeves or a shawl will make a classy statement. An off-the-shoulder or sleeveless evening gown would be appropriate if you’re attending an outdoor event during warmer weather.

Figure Out Your Style

There are plenty of flattering styles to choose from for your next formal affair. Pick a style that will best match your personal aesthetic and make you feel like a million bucks. An A-line gown is ideal for almost every body type and has a forgiving silhouette. Providing any event with elegance, an empire-waisted gown with a chiffon skirt is fabulous for someone curvier. Bring out your inner princess with a floor-length ballgown. These dresses have layers of tulle to make you feel regal no matter what.

Pick a Color

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which color to don for your formal event. It would be best if you remembered your skin tone and the season in which the event occurs. We’re quickly approaching autumn, where deep rich blues and burgundy are perfect to pair with the autumnal backdrop—a soft color palette pairs better with the new beginnings of spring.

Think About the Details

You want to stand out amongst the crowd, and to do that, you need to focus on the details. Dresses can range from a slight, subtle sparkle to embroidery-rich lace and beadwork. Illusion lace adds the perfect amount of romanticism to formal gowns. The details of the dress all come down to your taste and style.

If you choose a dress flowing with embellishments, stick with simple, sophisticated jewelry. Think of diamond studs and a subtle diamond bracelet. You’ll have more room to play around with jewelry if you decide to go with a toned-down dress. Pair this style with large statement earrings and a gorgeous pearl ring.

Select Flattering Fabrics

The last tip for choosing your next formal dress is to consider the fabric. Lace is Victorian, charming, and classic, while tulle is playful and whimsical. Satin is gorgeous and provides a level of refinement to its wearer. Velvet delivers a luxurious soft ambiance perfect for any formal event you have to attend. Think about whether you want to boogie the night away on the dance floor or enjoy people watching from your table. What level of comfort do you want the dress to achieve? It’s all up to your preference.