7 Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas You Should Consider

Throughout our lives, we send and receive a lot of gifts. Whether it’s for holidays, special occasions, or just because, gifts show gratitude and love towards other people. However, if you’re a frequent gift giver, you understand how certain repetitive gifts can get. Clothes, electronics, and jewelry make great gifts, but they’re common. Check these seven out-of-the-box gift ideas you should consider.

A Custom Fragrance

We all have a friend who loves fragrances and probably has a dresser full of perfume bottles. However, they may not have their own scent. You can gift your friend a custom fragrance by visiting your local perfumery and collaborating on a scent they would love. You can name the fragrance after your friend for another personal touch.

Concert Tickets

Who doesn’t love a good concert? They’re fun, and you get to see your favorite musician! Concert tickets make a great gift for the music lover in your life. However, concert tickets sell out fast so grab them as early as you can.

Gourmet Food Kits

Gourmet food delivered on your doorstep makes for a wonderful gift. Purchase a gourmet food kit online and your favorite foodie will have lots of great meals to create. You can gift them with a food kit filled with things they’d enjoy. That’s why you should gift gourmet meat online and have it delivered to the recipient’s home—it’s the perfect gift for a food-lover!

Wine Tasting Tour

A wine tasting tour is a gift that you can participate in yourself. Schedule a tour around different vineyards or stay in one location. You and your friend will have an enjoyable afternoon sampling various wines. At the end of the tour, you could purchase their favorite bottle of wine for a nice finishing touch.

A Plane Ride or Airline Gift Card

A plane ride is a fantastic gift for those who love to travel. Paying for their next flight can remove stress, so they can focus on the joy of the flight. Or, you could give them an airline gift card so they can put their money towards other travel expenses.

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are popular gifts for people with different tastes. You can purchase everything from monthly wine subscriptions to beauty product samplers. Pick something your friend likes, and then check the web for a subscription box.

A Vacation Activity

If you have a trip lined up and want to give your travel buddies a cool gift, treat them to a vacation activity so you can all experience something new. This could be a sailboat ride across a river, ziplining in the forest, or tickets to the latest play. The possibilities are endless.
Gift-giving is always fun, but sometimes we need to think outside the box for unique presents. Common gifts such as apparel and electronics are fine—but giving someone a unique, personal gift is far more memorable. If you need suggestions, always refer to these seven out-of-the-box gift ideas you should consider.