6 Fall Packing Hacks You Cannot Do Without (2018)

6 Fall Packing Hacks

Packing, except for a few of us, is the worst part about travel, so we have compiled our 6 fall packing hacks to help you get ready for your next trip! In our latest Packing Hacks YouTube video (below) we discuss some of the best suitcase packing tips for traveling smart this fall season. Keep reading if like us, you’re an avid traveler but compulsive over packer.

1. Fall Packing Hacks: Black Rain Jacket

First packing hack on the list: pack a loose fitting, rain jacket, perfect for all occasions. Loose fitting in fall is KEY as you never know if it’s going to be breezy and chilly, or sunny and warm, so it’s essential that you can layer clothing underneath or take it off and tie it around your waist.

Our personal favorite is this black Burberry Trench Coat. This particular jacket is perfect because it matches everything, it’s waterproof for those unpredictable weather days, and this one comes with a detachable hood!

(Taffeta Trench Coat with Detachable Hood, $795)

2. Fall Packing Hacks: Comfortable Pair of Boots

Second packing hack on the list: comfortable boots. A pair of cute, black, combat boots are perfect for fall travel. We’ve chosen an option that can be paired with dresses, pants, and leggings.

It’s important for your boots to be versatile so that you don’t weigh down your luggage with extra pairs of shoes (space saving tip: wear your boots on the plane.)

We selected some classic Dr. Martens, which are waterproof, comfortable, and durable for long distances, perfect for going out to explore your new destination.

(Women’s 1460 Smooth, $135)


3. Fall Packing Hacks: Layers on Layers

Third packing hack on the list: layers. Layering is the perfect way to ensure comfort. Referring back to tip number one, here is a great option to put directly under your rain jacket, a Mackage Rummer Jacket, from Aritzia. Leather jackets are warm, stylish and fit comfortably under your loose fitting Burberry trench coat.

Another layering tip is to pair your leather jacket with a big comfy scarf. A lot of people pack black because it matches with everything and is slimming, so a perfect pop of color is a big Blanket Scarf from Bedao Boutique, which doubles as a blanket for the plane ride.


4. Mix and match

Fourth packing hack on the list: mix and match. Start with your bottoms, all you really need is a pair of black jeans, blue jeans and a nice pair of leggings. Next move onto your tops, stick with items that match your jeans, are a little big longer to cover the leggings, yet still loose enough to throw a t-shirt under, in case it’s cold in the morning but warmer in the afternoon.

Another essential item to bring is a big comfy sweater, as this can be paired well with jeans and leggings. Again, if it’s bulky, it’s best to wear it on the plane to free up valuable packing space.


5. Skin Care

Fifth packing hack on the list: skin care. Whether you are traveling to Bali or Iceland or somewhere in between, skin care is especially important in the fall/winter months as it’s colder and drier outside. Our preferred travel skin care products are:

  • Joanna Vargas Vitamin C Face Wash, ($40) a non-drying face wash that gently purifies and detoxifies skin for a smooth and luminous complexion. It keeps skin fresh, gives a youthful look and helps with hydration in the morning.
  • Follow with the Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum, ($100) a nourishing anti-aging serum that replenishes skin for improved hydration and tone. Again, keeps skin fresh and glowing, with an SPF lotion underneath!


6. Tights, Leggings and fall dresses

Fourth packing hack on the list: tights, leggings and fall dresses. As I mentioned earlier I bring one or two pairs of jeans and a few pairs of leggings, because of a small suitcase packing technique –they roll up very small so you can just throw them right in your shoes.

Dresses in the winter can also double as a space saver, they roll up nice and small and pair perfectly with tights, a leather jacket, and scarf so you can stay warm yet fashionable. We normally opt for ¾ length or long sleeve. You want to make sure everything is versatile and matches, that way you don’t end up over packing. Rolling your clothes is the best folding hack for ensuring a good fit and having your clothes wrinkle free. Lastly, one of our absolute favorite things for the fall, are jump suits. They’re perfect for packing as they double as both the top and bottom making for fewer items in your suitcase.


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Hi everyone and welcome back to CJ TV. In this video we’ll be talking about some of our favorite packing hacks. The CJ-E team is busy traveling all over the world this summer and we pick some of our favorite travel packing hacks that we think will help you with your packing and traveling accessories. So stay tuned for some super easy hacks and some of our favorite things to remember while traveling. Enjoy.

Welcome everyone. I’m super excited to talk to you today about some of our favorite travel packing hacks.

Packing Hack #1: Make a List

First and foremost I always remember to make a list. I put it right in my phone, it’s easy to pull up and then as I go through and check things off I can just delete them as I go.

Packing Hack #2: Try on All your Outfits BEFORE you Pack them!

Travel hack 1A, as I like to call it because it ties perfectly in with making your list. After you make the list what I like to do is I’m a little crazy but I have to try on all my outfits before I go anywhere. It’s more so to make sure that I feel comfortable in it, it works with the one pair of shoes that I’m going to bring. So after I try everything on I put it all in my bed. Once it’s on my bed then I can go through and narrow down. Okay maybe I don’t need this extra pair of shorts or maybe I don’t need this extra top. It helps me a lot with not over packing and make sure I don’t bring more outfits than I need and this way I know that I’m fully prepared for the trip.

The other thing to remember is the smaller the piece of luggage the easier it is to carry on and then you don’t have to worry about paying to check your bags. One thing I also love about this particular piece of luggage is that it’s bright color. So it’s easy to find as soon as it comes off the plane.

Packing Hack #3: Bring or Purchase an Empty Suitcase

Travel hack number 3 that I always remember is to bring an empty area or an empty suitcase. That way if you buy too many things which we all tend to do you have somewhere to put it. I love this long chunk because ta-da.. It expands. That way if you really buy a lot of items, you have somewhere to put it.

Packing Hack #4: Heavy items on the Bottom

Travel hack number 4 if you’re keeping count, is to put all your heavy items towards the bottom that your suitcase isn’t topple 02:43 over. What I like to do is, as you can see my suitcase has two compartments one that zippers and one that connects. I always put my shoes on the zipper side and I keep them at the bottom so that I can put all the leather stuff on top and saying on this side. For all my clothes that are a little bit heavier in weight I put those on the bottom, so that it evens out.

Packing Hack #5: Roll Your Clothes to Save Room 

Travel hack number 5. Roll your clothes for so much more room in your suitcase and it actually helps us making sure your clothes don’t get wrinkled along the way. Now I’m heading off to Cuba. Hence all the nice bright colors and I’m a big dressed person anyway but I figured it’s going to be 105 degrees. Yes, 105 degrees. Well in there. So most people would say, well how would you pack something like this and not get it wrinkled? You just roll it up like this, nice and tight, and then you can slide it right in the suitcase like that. So it doesn’t take up that much room and you have plenty of space for the rest of your clothes.

Packing Hack #6: Tuck Unmentionables into your Shoes

Travel hack number 6. So people always wonder where is to put my undergarments when I’m traveling so that they stay clean and they don’t take up too much space. One great thing you can do is tuck them into your shoes, can put them in a little plastic bag or a little travel bag and just fit them right in there and actually won’t take up too much space in your suitcase. Now speaking of shoes, something I always tell people if you want to bring one pair of shoes that you can wear every single day that match most of your outfits and they’re super comfortable. Then I normally bring one pair of shoes for the evening and sometimes i’ll bring just an extra just in case something happens to these. You really don’t need more than three pairs of shoes honestly. You can get away with just bringing one but if you do know that you’re going to be going out to dinner and need to get a little bit fancier and that’s why I have these.

Thank you so much for watching we hope you enjoy learning some of our favorite packing hacks. Please remember to subscribe to our channel, like and comment in the sections below. Have a great day!!!