Asia is at the top of so many travelers’ Bucket Lists, and we are no different. During the summer of 2017, our founder, Chloe, had a chance to visit Bali and China, and as with many who traveled before her, she instantly fell in love. Visiting both countries on the same trip was a perfect balance of adventure, nature, luxury, nightlife, shopping and ‘taking it slow’ while enjoying a few intoxicating spa treatments. The textile and food markets, the ancient temples, posh hotels and minimalist, flora and fauna filled private bungalows… all delivered a holistic travel experience that awakened her curiosity to explore even more of Asia. Come away with us to these beautiful and eclectic destinations and enjoy the best of all worlds, both day and night.


From trendy beach clubs and swanky cocktails in Seminyak, world class snorkeling and diving on its three most famous islands, to Ubud’s picturesque countryside and abundance of ricefields and rolling hills, perfect for cycling; to Kuta and Legian’s magical surfing beaches, to volcano treks, exotic cuisine and markets overflowing with produce, textiles, and just as colorful locals; Bali is wonderful for adventurers, honeymooners, health and wellness seekers and anyone who simply loves stunning ocean views. If there is one place where you can truly ‘define your luxury’, it is Bali.

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Rapidly changing and widely diverse, China is a country of contrasts. Urban, rural, luxurious, minimalist, stark, lush, mountains, deserts, modern, ancient, serene, bustling… China is at once cacophonous and melodic, making it one of the most exciting destinations on the planet. Though it would take months to truly experience this vast country’s many moods and landscapes, we can create an itinerary that captures the best, and most unique, aspects and offers a holistic experience for travelers seeking a mix of luxury, adventure, contemporary pleasures, history and local culture.

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