How To: Solo Travel

Traveling is an amazing, fun, and rewarding activity. Whether it be with friends, family, work, or even solo travel, it always opens the mind to new experiences. Some of you may love to travel alone, whereas others are simply terrified. Hey we get it! However, we are here to assure you it’s nothing to be afraid of. We at CJE have gathered some tips to help ease all that worry. 


Know Your Budget and Save Up

Be sure to plan ahead. Create a budget for your trip and always account for extra in case of emergencies. Even if the country you are visiting accepts your card, always have some cash on you, as you never know when you’ll need it. Be sure to know reputable places to convert your money before you leave. Do your research! Do they have ATMs where you can take money out? If not, research the next best option in case you run out of cash. 


Choose A Location, To Start, That Speaks Your Language

At CJE, we encourage adventure, but sometimes it’s better to ease your way into it. If you’re not ready to tackle a language barrier, it’s okay! Start out with a country that speaks your language, or is accepting of your language. That way you’ll be more comfortable when making conversation. 


A few examples of countries with English as an official language: New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Belgium, Scotland, Fiji and Jamaica

Please note, MANY countries do speak english as well, including quite a few throughout Europe, as long as you research ahead of time, you will be fine!

A few examples of countries with Spanish as an official language: Mexico, Peru, Honduras, Cuba, Spain, and Argentina


Tell Someone Where You’re Going As Well As The Time Difference

Being social is a natural human need and even though we don’t always say it, nothing’s better than the comfort of your friends and family. It’s important to let loved ones know where you will be traveling, just in case something were to happen. It’s fun to share pictures and stories from your trip along the way, so why not check in with them regularly to give them insight into your amazing travels.


Eating Alone

Bring reading material. If you’re just itching to have your eyes and mind doing something other than people-watching, reading is the best solo activity for that. Pop open a book, a magazine, or pull something up on your phone. If you want to be more social, chat with the waitstaff or someone at a nearby table! No one is more interesting and knowledgeable than a bonafide local. Whether you are looking to mingle at the bar, sit outside and people watch, or prefer your privacy in a booth, be sure to choose your spot wisely. 


Know How to Be Safe

Everyone should brush up on their safety knowledge before traveling alone. As much as we love vacations, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Be on alert at night-time or stay in well lit and crowded areas. Keep your belongings close to you and educate yourself about the common pick-pocketing areas. Have a plan to get out of uncomfortable situations and especially know your transportation route. Most of all, know the emergency contact numbers in the country you’re going to. Do be reminded that English representatives might not be available so always have a backup plan.


Here are a few 911 equivalents for you: 

China: 120 Ambulance / 110 Police

England: 999

France: 112

Italy: 118 Ambulance / 113 Police

Jamaica: 110 Ambulance / 119 Police

Japan: 119 Ambulance / 110 Police

Mexico: 065 Ambulance / 060 Police

Morocco: 15 Ambulance / 19 Police

New Zealand: 111

Thailand: 191


Take a Tour

Tours are one of the most solo-friendly activities you can do. Not only are you learning about the place where you are, but if you choose a group tour, there’s more opportunity to meet new people, while learning about your destination from a local. Whether you are interested in: food tours, art tours, sightseeing tours, hiking tours, shopping tours, etc, there’s something for everyone.


Breathe and Have Fun!

Let’s try to keep that anxiety at bay. Take deep breaths in the morning, on the bus, or any time you feel a bit nervous. You got this! As long as you keep your wits about you, you’re sure to have an amazing trip. Just try to stay relax and enjoy yourself. After all, you’re on vacation!


To plan out your solo trip to be the best, safest, and most fun it can be, contact us at!