The monumental victory of the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles is still vivid in our minds and for good reason!

The underdogs, newly crowned as the Champions, have finally brought home a  well-deserved and much-awaited victory!

What could top that win? Going to London to see the Eagles play at the famous Wembley stadium. Exploring the city while sampling delicious food, listening to live music, and indulging in the ever talked about London brewpubs. Sounds like the perfect long weekend, doesn’t it?

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Can you think of a better time and excuse to take a vacation to London?

Well, lucky for you, you have come to the right place. We will put together the perfect itinerary customized to your desires, to ensure you have time to explore the city while enabling you to catch the game.

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London has something for everyone: history, art, architecture, culture, delicious food, wine, beer, tea, fashion and enthralling sports!

It’s captivating history and rich antiquity, combined with intriguing innovation crackle in the everyday atmosphere.

The architectural grandeur is dotted with charming pubs juxtaposing ancient remains against the leafy suburbs, historic quarters, and river banks – you will be spoiled with choices.

And the cherry on the top: You get to watch your favorite team deliver yet another glorious victory amidst your travel experience… LIVE!

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