To Americans, the allure of our beautiful continent occasionally gets snubbed in favor of more exotic or romantic destinations, something we, too, have been guilty of. But anyone who has traveled to places such as the Grand Tetons, Montreal, Montana, Chicago, Charleston, Austin, Las Vegas, Big Sur, North Carolina, Oregon, New England, Florida and New York City, knows that North America is the ultimate playground for travelers of all ages and interests. The quintessential ‘best of both worlds’ with its abundance of outdoor adventure, legendary highways and breathtaking panoramas juxtaposed with cities that never sleep, some of the finest museums, music venues and theatres in the world, the United States and Canada rivals any trendier destination. Our love affair with the states began with New York City, and has expanded across the country to Napa and Sonoma Valleys, where we’ve befriended several private winery owners.


Undeniably the cultural capital of America, New York City is the quintessential melting pot. Diverse in almost every aspect, from its multi-industry economy and vast representation of ethnicities and races, to its wide-ranging arts and entertainment offerings, along with globally inspired fashion and food, compelling balance of historic and contemporary architecture,
and multi-generational residents, NYC is where the world meets. To never experience its kinetic energy and 24-hour lifestyle is a true loss to curious travelers. Whether you’ve never been or are a frequent visitor, there is always something new to discover.

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From trendy beach clubs and swanky cocktails in Seminyak, world class snorkeling and diving on its three most famous islands, to Ubud’s picturesque countryside and abundance of ricefields and rolling hills, perfect for cycling; to Kuta and Legian’s magical surfing beaches, to volcano treks, exotic cuisine and markets overflowing with produce, textiles, and just as colorful locals; Bali is wonderful for adventurers, honeymooners, health and wellness seekers and anyone who simply loves stunning ocean views. If there is one place where you can truly ‘define your luxury’, it is Bali.

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