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About Iceland

Land of Fire and Ice

There is a reason Iceland has emerged as one of the trendiest destinations for travelers of all ages: It is is simply unforgettable. Romantic and adventurous with its small population leaving so many wide-open spaces and often the road all to yourself, every kilometer will have your jaw dropping. Visitors to this special corner of the world are rewarded with so many unique experiences and unrivaled landscapes, it’s impossible to not be swept off your feet. And while you’ll find plenty of cosmopolitan touches in its capital city of Reykjavik, what will captivate you most is the endless views of nature at its rawest. In every direction, nature lovers and true adventurers will find something wonderful to do or to explore. Iceland’s terrain has it all: glistening rivers, perfect for rafting, fishing, diving and snorkeling; mountains, volcanoes and glaciers for hiking, climbing, dog-sledding, and snowmobiling; snowy hills for skiing and snowboarding; energetic waves for surfing; caves for exploring; and barren highlands for jeep safaris and gastronomic feasts al fresco. And of course, there are the natural thermal pools where you can sip on delicious wine while getting a floating massage. And, if that isn’t enticing enough, the farm-to-table cuisine is far more sophisticated than some expect, as are the local libations and nightlife.

What to do in Iceland

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Aurora Borealis

Sept. to mid-April

Though Iceland promises no guarantees to tourists regarding the chances of catching a glimpse, however, the best season to see the northern lights in Iceland is from September to mid-April, the months when there are full dark nights. In Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital and only city, the northern lights can be seen by taking a walk down to the Grotta lighthouse, where light pollution is at a minimum. The Snaefellsnes peninsula and fishing villages like Akranes and Borgarnes are excellent viewing locations in West Iceland, and of course, lighthouses, favored by photographers, are equally magnificent spots. In Reykjavik, Akranes lighthouse is considered to be the best.

Dining and Shopping


Anyone with even an inkling of lust for tomatoes will fall deeply in love with Friðheimar. Meals are served in a greenhouse amid tomato plants of all shapes and sizes, basking in the artificial light and waiting to be brought to life by its family-run kitchen. The menu is small, but mighty, and don’t even dare to think about skipping the tomato soup. Or, the Bloody Marys.

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Forget everything you know about fresh seafood because here, in Iceland, you are getting the crème de la crème. And, one of the best places to sample a range of seafood prepared in the most pristine manner is at Fiskmarkadurrin (Fish Market). The meat selection and preparation is equally tantalizing, purchased from local farmers and as pure as it gets. Whale, puffin, blue ling… all wonderful specimens just waiting to tease your taste buds. The tasting menu is a fantastic option for dining with family and friends, and for everyone else, there are succulent beef and lamb dishes.

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