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chloe johnston experiences: wellness

There’s no right way to do a mental health break. There is, however, the perfect combination of experiences to satisfy both your hunger for exhilaration and for relaxation. Some find hard-core, focused activities such as climbing a challenging peak, scuba diving or surfing relaxing. Others, kayaking or fly-fishing on a quiet body of water, far away from technology. Still others might crave pampering by way of therapeutic massages, warm soaks in a tub or natural spring, acupuncture, aromatherapy, meditation or even a simple mani-pedi. Our wellness itineraries will fulfill both desires as well as your wanderlust by transporting you to incredible destinations where you can enjoy all of the above served alongside plush accommodations and to-die-for cuisine. Just wait till you see all the¬†luxurious and rejuvenating moments we’ve created for Spring/Summer 2017.