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Our Mission

Our ambition is to bring the beauty and uniqueness of Parisian shopping to our customers with a level of attention and customization that are often hard to find. We want our clients to walk away from a tour with great memories, and a shopping experience that is more about learning the story of each piece, and how it draws out your inner beauty, than its label or quantity availability. Of course, it is always about quality—and you. From finding the perfect vintage Chanel, Schapiarelli, Lacroix (or other fashion icons)—pieces that you’ve always wanted—to watching a designer create something just for you, or simply absorbing Paris like never before, we help clients experience memories that will last a lifetime.
Our Tours
We offer an individualized approach to 21st century shopping by thoughtfully weaving together tour options suited to each of our client’s personal style. By matching their personal style to designers and boutiques, and teaching them how to shop like locals, we help them discover what it really means to have the ultimate shopping experience. We know Paris well, and know the absolute best places to shop—places that most tourists are unable to find on their own.
Navigating a foreign city where you don’t speak the language can often be intimidating. This is why for each of our tours—Package, Private and Extended—we match our clients with one of our multilingual, style expert guides to take you to each location, introduce you to designers and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We know that traveling is more than just reaching your destination and the pieces you bring home with you, it’s truly about the experiences you have and the memories you take with you. Via our Extended Tours, clients can enjoy the ultimate in culinary experiences, relaxation, health and wellness, entertainment and culture.
Our Online Boutique
Can’t make it to the City of Light just yet? Shop our online boutique for beautifully unique Parisian and European finds. With items hand picked by us from vintage shops in Paris or new designer wares from around Europe, you can shop for unique items wherever you are. Already have something in mind but don’t know where to find it? We will source products upon request—from Paris and beyond directly to you.