The 6 Best Restaurants in Rome

The 6 Best Restaurants in Rome

After booking a trip to Italy, you might be wondering about some of the best restaurants in Rome, because who doesn’t love a good Italian meal? You can never go wrong with pizza or pasta, but if you want the best experience on your ‘Eataly’ trip than keep reading!

When visiting Rome most people are excited to try the Italian cuisine and we guarantee you the first question that you will be asked when you get home is, “How good was the food?” Trust us, it’s amazing! Many of the places in Rome that we will touch on are located in Trastevere. Trastevere is a beautiful part of the city featuring tight-knit cobblestone roads lined with restaurants and glowing string lights. We have come up with six restaurants that are off the beaten path. The restaurants will definitely exceed your expectations of the wonderful Italian culture and cuisine.

Da Enzo

Da Enzo: Best Restaurants in Rome

Da Enzo is the epitome of a small, hole-in-the-wall, family run Italian restaurant. This gem is tucked away in Trastevere with minimal seating, so make sure to get there earlier rather than later. If you notice a large cluster of people standing outside then you have come to the right place! The wait will be worth it.

Inside, yellow and red plaid tablecloths line the tables and you will most likely be seated at the same table as complete strangers, but it’s all about the experience! This restaurant is most known for the traditional Italian pasta dishes, whether it might be cacio e pepe, carbonara, all’amatriciana or gricia. We highly recommend the gricia. Gricia is similar to carbonara, and includes rigatoni and crispy bacon pieces topped off with a cheese and pepper sauce. Also, make sure to order the burrata as an appetizer, you will not regret it. Not only is the food incredible, but everything is very affordable; a carafe of house wine for only six euros… you can’t beat that!

Bir and Fud

Bir and Fud: Best Restaurants in Rome

If you are looking for something that strays from the norm, you’ll love Bir and Fud. It’s a hip restaurant that only serves Italian microbrews. They have an assortment of food ranging from pizza, fish and even burgers. The pizza is delicious, and possibly the best Neapolitan pizza in Rome. Bir and Fud is very unique because not many places offer a large selection of beer, especially not 36 different types of beer. As good as the wine is in Italy, there is something very refreshing about a cold beer with pizza.

The interior of Bir and Fud is unique and goes along with the restaurant’s casual theme. When you walk in, there is a narrow hallway with a bar that leads to the back of the restaurant. The interior gives off a rustic vibe with wooden tables and other accents throughout the restaurant. The whole room is illuminated by industrial lighting. This is a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy a beer with your meal.

Pimm’s Good

Looking for a place to enjoy some dinner and great music? Pimm’s Good is a very fun place to eat and everything on the menu is to-die-for. There are a variety of dishes on the menu including, gnocchi, bruschetta, risotto and meatball sandwiches. Those are only a few of the options they serve and there MAY be a time on vacation (though if it were us we could live on pizza) where you will need a break from all the pizza, pasta, and wine; and if so, this is the place to come. Pimm’s offers more than just typical Italian cuisine, in addition, they do offer a variety of delicious salads on their menu. They are a refreshing change to add to your diet while traveling. Of course, we are not telling you to stray from your all-pasta diet, but it is a nice option.

As mentioned before, the music here is great; almost every night of the week (around 10 pm) a different cover band plays classic hits you will surely want to sing along to. Don’t be surprised when you hear American music because that’s a lot of what young Italians listen to.

Donkey Punch

Donkey Punch: Best Restaurants in Rome

Donkey Punch, a well-known sandwich shop in Trastevere, opened in 2011 and has become more and more popular since then. This place is inspired by rock and roll bands and features sandwiches named after recognizable groups. When you enter, a variety of rock and roll music is normally playing, creating a fun and welcoming environment. The shop strives to offer a great experience to their customers and the staff is very friendly.

Not only do they offer sandwiches, but they also have a variety of salads. All ingredients are organic and very fresh. Some of these include several types of bread, meat, fish, cheese, and vegetables. In addition to these ingredients they offer many different drinks that include sodas, juices, teas and a selection of beers. It is a very unique spot as you can order a meal from the suggested menu or you can create-your-own with the array of ingredients offered. If you are busy trying to get from one place to the next, Donkey Punch is a perfect stop to grab a panini and go, you will not be disappointed.

Osteria da Fortunata

Osteria da Fortunata: Best Restaurants in Rome

There are few restaurants that you will find in Rome that make the food right in front of you. At Osteria da Fortunata the ladies in the storefront craft homemade pasta for all to see. The pasta is so fresh and cooked perfectly, the way Italians like it: al dente.

This restaurant is in a prime location right in the center of Campo dei Fiori: a square with many shops, bars, and restaurants. It becomes very lively at night and it’s entertaining to be in the thick of it, experiencing the Italian culture and lifestyle.

Pane e Salame

Pane e Salame: Best Restaurants in Rome

If you are shopping up and down Via del Corso or busy sightseeing and need a bite to eat, Pane e Salame is incredible. This restaurant is in a prime location and you can either order at a window for take-out or, since you may have been walking all morning, you can have a seat inside. Not only does Pane e Salame serve paninis, but they offer a selection of drinks, as well as meat and cheese boards, all very reasonably priced. Once you are done eating and ready to digest all of that food, you can take a quick 3-minute walk to check out the Trevi Fountain!

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